Sexy girl in leg warmers uses a banana

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Shyla is a gorgeous babe, 21 year old, supercute with sexy body. It is such a treat to know that the world is full of such beautiful girls as Shyla. This girl is beyond perfect, her butt, her pink sweet pussy, her slim legs, so beautiful! Also I love her pink leg warmers and hair in ponytail. Sexy half naked girl poses lying flat on her back on top of the table, with her knees open, where her excellent posture beautifully displays her shapely form. Shyla starts dabbling with a banana, giving you a great view up her sweet pussy. Babe eventually starts rubbing her clit at the same time as she dabbles a banana in her pussy. She shoves a banana deep into her moist vagina, sometimes slowly pulling it out to give you to enjoy the sight of her pussy. Wish I were there to help her with a banana. Sometimes she rubs her anus with a banana, then plunges it all the way inside her vagina and pushes it out again.


FTV Shyla

You just have to watch this entire movie with Shyla at FTV Girls. Shyla flew in from Texas, to do a two day adventure shoot with the guys from FTV. We see her wearing a very hot dress and heels, flashing her private parts at a mall, at a golf course, playing half naked with her pussy in a park area. She’s looking so sexy, giving us nice upskirt views. Then Shyla takes off her dress and panties, and starts running around completely naked in a public park. Back home, babe fingers herself anally, masturbates with a banana, and with a vibrator to orgasm.



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