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I was taking a hot shower in the morning, soaping myself up and lathering my rock hard morning wood and after rinsing off and shutting down the shower, I looked for my towel, but instead found my sexy blonde stepsister watching me! She had been spying on me this whole time and though I took the towel and wrapped around my waist, I still had a huge erection and having her there just made it worse! With a dirty look on her face and a naughty smile she told me she could help me out with that boner, dropping to her knees and taking it in her hands. I was trying to resist the temptation, but obviously I had no chance. Her lips touched my cock and she began to give a circle of soft little kisses around my tip, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. When her mouth engulfed the head of my cock, I felt a warmness wash over me as her lips clamped tightly around the ridge. She grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and began fucking my cock with her head! She held my balls with the other hand, massaging them. Looking into my eyes she pushed it deeper and deeper, I couldn’t help but moan it felt so good. That is when I realized I was going to cum and my stepsister made me blow my load in her mouth with her cock sucking prowess. I felt my cum spurting in her mouth and her tongue lapping it, drinking my cream. She opened her mouth so I could see my white cum on her tongue. I watched in awe as she stuck out her tongue. She tasted my cum on her tongue and in her mouth and then swallowed it! What a SLUT! I felt so guilty and troubled that I called my reverend over, confessing to him what had happened with my stepsister. It was important that she sit with us as we prayed, for me to prove how repented I felt for my sins. Unfortunately, my stepsister had something else in mind. The little slut started by rubbing my dick with her feet under the table, then she flashed me her naked tits! All this in front of the reverend, who had his eyes closed in prayer! She stripped down to her sexy black lace panties and rubbed her tits all over my face! She rubbed her nipples against my face and I couldn’t help but took her tit in my mouth and suck her juicy nipple. Her boobies were so sensitive and they loved to be kissed and nibbled. While the reverend held my hand, I was holding her tits! I was kissing, sucking and biting her nipples, gently squeezing her big tits. The horny little slut crawled under the table and started sucking my dick again! It was rather difficult to pray with my dick and my horny stepsister’s mouth! I was supposed to be atoning; instead I was enjoying yet another blowjob from my very own stepsister! The reverend opened his eyes, and thought my stepsister had left at some point. She probably was not ready yet to forgive me, he said. Quite the contrary, she was sucking my dick under the table! He left and I said fuck it, if I was going to sin with my stepsister, I was going to really sin! I spread her legs wide open and pushed my dick between her sweet pussy lips. I grabbed her leg and began pounding into her harder and faster, harder and faster.



I was going to fuck her dripping wet pussy in every single position! I was fucking her, licking her clit, making her scream from pleasure. My naked step sister sat down on my lap, guiding the head of my dick to her sweet cunt. She began bouncing harder and faster on my cock. I felt her pussy clench around my cock and as she started wildly bucking her hips into me. Her boobies were bouncing up and down in front of my face. She was literally flying up and down the length of my shaft. Her tits were incredible, large and upright with bright red nipples and big areolas. With nothing to stop me I grabbed both her tits and sucked her nipples. I couldn’t stop cumming, and for several minutes I just lost myself, cumming buckets. She swallowed it all, not missing a drop. I came all over her! I felt so much better!



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