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I was looking for a pace to stay and replied to an ad from a girl who was renting out a room in her apartment. The price was fair, the area was good, I just hoped she wasn’t some ugly chick or something like that. I was surprised when she answered the door, this girl was hot! A tiny brunette with a fabulous huge ass! Big fuckin booty! He started showing me around her apartment, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her butt! I was picturing my cock sliding between her big tits and in and out of her slippery pussy… Super fat ass love it and everything else about her too, just great. 100x hotter than Kim Hoedashian. She was renting out a room in her apartment so she could pick up some extra cash for her boyfriend’s birthday and I was determined to see what else she would do for the right price. We hit it off pretty good and by the time the tour ended in the bathroom she was using the shower massager, drenching her clothes, her white tank top sticking to her big tits! This was the kind of roommate I was looking for! I told her I wanted to see more, and she was more than happy to show me her naked ass! She stripped fully naked, lathering up her delicious tits and ass under the shower and using the shower massager to masturbate herself. I whipped out my huge cock and started jerking off as she invited me to get naked and join her in the shower. The babe got down on her knees, taking my throbbing erection in her soft, wet hands and stuffing her mouth with it, licking and sucking my cock and balls. I could watch her sucking my cock all day but I wanted to feel my cock slide between her huge buttocks. We had just met and she was already the best roommate I ever had, LOL! This girl was delecious. What an ass my friends! She bent down and spread her big ass cheeks until her pussy was completely bare to me. She had a fairly large ass but her pussy was tiny. I placed the head of my cock against her pussy, and pushed. It was the sexiest girl and the sexiest ass in the world! I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could. “Urrrggggghhh! Shit, your cock fills me up. It’s so big! Fuck!” I slammed my cock balls-deep into her wet pussy. We got out of the shower and went to her bedroom. I lied on her bed and she straddled herself on top, planting that meaty bubble butt on my lap and pushing my hard cock inside her gushing pussy, riding me in cowgirl position. Her hot ass was jutting up as she pressed those big tits against my chest and I squeezed her hot naked body against my own. I fucked her relentlessly, pumping faster and harder, making the couch move with his power. The naked girl flipped over, squatting over my cock, ready to ride me in reverse cowgirl so her big bubble butt would be facing my way and I could enjoy the view of it bouncing up and down my lap.



She pumped up her booty into the magnificent award-winning ass. She rubbed her pussy while straddling me and I put her sideways, reaching over to grope her big melons while pounding her tight cunt from behind. I put her on her back, spreading her legs wide open, drilling her twat in missionary position. She spread her pussy lips wide open with her fingers, urging me to fuck her deeper, harder and faster. I put her down on her hands and knees, penetrating and fucking her doggie style from behind. I stood still and she pushed that beautiful round ass back against my cock. I was in love, not with her, but with her ass! I pushed her against the bed and nailed her from behind while lying on top of her and we stayed fucking in her bedroom until I blew my load all over her ass. She was happy to have a roommate that could appreciate that beautiful ass of hers!



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    Bitch looks like a midget with a horribly fake ass, fake tits, fake face….her lips, just…eugh. Overall, could not watch more than 2 minutes out of laughter and how bad she looked.

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