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Girls using speculums! Is there fans of gaping vagina and gynecological porn? Have you ever fantasized about seeing a girl with her pussy spread wide open with a speculum? Don’t miss these InTheCrack speculum scenes! You might see the deepest pussy regions in this clip. The guys from InTheCrack really know how to make a good video with a speculum. These scenes have very nicely lit inside views including cervix views, vagina muscles, pussy lips, clitoris, pee holes views. You can see a spread vagina so close as never before. InTheCrack show the usual positions on the back, then they also show the speculum placed in a vagina sideways. Also the girls turn around to pose in a bend over position with their gaping vaginas high in the air. The close up inside views are especially interesting when the girls show some motion as they flex vaginal muscles. The girls manipulate with the speculum squeezing their vaginal muscles and pushing the speculum out using only their pussy muscles and no hands. These naked girls are certainly not shy about showing off every inch of their body in the most revealing positions. With excellent light you are reaching the deepest regions of their vaginas most of the time. The horizontal speculum position is probably the more interesting with the pussy lips bulging around the speculum and pee holes visible. Some of the girls also stick one finger up their asses and wiggle it around and rub their clits while everything is still gaping open. Some girls masturbate with one hand while their pussy is still spread wide open with a speculum. Some girls even masturbate using their speculum. The inside pussy views with the speculum are really awesome exposing vagina walls and pee hole areas beautifully and showing all the way down to a cervix with everything nice and moist and glistening. These girls spread their pussies lying on the bed, on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, outdoors. There’s a scene with a girl peeing through a speculum. In general, this video is a special interest to the “amateur gynecologist”. Enjoy naked girls spreading their pussy & ass in your face for your inspection. Thanks to ITC for these speculum scenes, don’t miss these videos in full length and 1080p!!! These guys use special camera techniques and lenses bring you the stunning videos.



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