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Sure, lesbian sex is always fun, but what happens when your girlfriend is in the army and invites her hot friends over for a little party and lets one of the girls film them as they get all hot, bothered, naked and lezzie on each other? This guy could not believe it when he saw this amateur video. He has his sexy girlfriend and three of her hot military friends getting naked in front of a camcorder and he wants to make sure he doesn’t miss a single second of raw homemade army lesbo footage! The girls are still wearing their gray army tees but their panties are already off and things are getting very sexy! Half naked girls pull their tees up and flash their boobs, feel each other and soon the girls are pairing up and taking position on the bunk bed so they can make out and eat some wet army snatch! Naked girls swap tongue, rub muff, eat pussy, snack on each other’s tits and puffy nipples; I mean, it’s the hottest lesbian foursome ever caught on tape, man! As the girls have incredible lesbian sex together the boyfriend finally understands why his girlfriend enjoys life in the army so damn much! What do you say guys? Would you like to serve in the army after watching this video?



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  1. Anonymous | 09 February 2018, 14:24

    Guys it’s porn… obviously they aren’t really in the army smh.

  2. Anonymous | 29 January 2018, 02:40

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  6. Anonymous | 15 November 2017, 11:47

    I’m an army girl and I had my pussy eaten out almost daily .

  7. Ana | 03 November 2017, 06:19

    She’s My sister

  8. Anonymous | 20 August 2017, 20:34

    i love the video its hot as shit, butttt dont real PT shirts have an emblem on the back?

  9. Anonymous | 03 April 2017, 21:32


  10. Whooop | 23 March 2017, 04:18

    Neeed the name of first song!

  11. Captain Kirks nipples | 15 March 2017, 19:19

    You people are way over analysing this. Who the fuck cares if they are or are not military woman. Just enjoy it!
    Kirk out!

  12. A whole bunch of nope | 12 March 2017, 13:13

    This shit isn’t real I was in the Army a 91 bravo at FT Lee and these females have blond dyed hair….not aloud in the Army they also have long painted finger nails wether they are real or not they are not permitted in the Army and also they are blasting the fuck out of the music….if it was real they would have an NCO at their door in a heart beat. And also, they have gas masks hanging from their bunk the only time that would ever be the cases is in Basic training when it is issued to you. But I assume they are supposed to be in AIT because they still all have their electronics but this was a clearly faked video close to a good job….they don’t even have dog tags on lmao

  13. Anonymous | 07 March 2017, 08:57

    No belly button piercing and nipple piercings do not disqualify you I knew a lot of female soldiers with piercings. And the guy who said he was at FT.Lee when these girls got kicked out for this video wasn’t fucking with you I was at FT.Lee when this came out too (probably with him it spread through the Marine Corps Detachment like wildfire but the Army didnt like it as much as we did lol)

  14. Yourgirlerin | 10 January 2017, 22:29

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  17. The best in the world | 01 January 2017, 09:26

    Her names is Brynn Jay, Shelly Starr, Jenna Ross, Adona Bella, Cameron Dee.

  18. Someone | 28 December 2016, 23:48

    At first I thought these girls might be cadets or something.. well anyways it’s fake there’s a porn star in it. If it were real I’d give a good knife hand to the girls disrespecting the PT uniform.

  19. Anonymous | 27 November 2016, 22:21

    So sexy

  20. Mikey | 13 November 2016, 10:04

    I would love to know the name of the girl with her legs up around her head getting eaten. She is so hot. Let me know.

  21. Anonymous | 05 November 2016, 17:36

    I’m militany and have had the pleasure of “knowing ” several Army, Navy and Air Force girls with piercings in their tits and or clots. So to the poster who said they’re not mil bc of the piercings I call bs. Hot clip and there are plenty of mil girls that would do this…

  22. Anonymous | 24 October 2016, 23:02

    These girls can’t be military. the piercings on the belly buttons and nipples disqualify them. Unless they were fake for the video. Still tho

  23. Anonymous | 15 October 2016, 17:39

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  24. Cat | 28 September 2016, 19:50

    What are the blondes names

  25. Annonymous | 22 September 2016, 10:10

    The brunnette is Brynn Jay. This is not Ft Lee and this is not real Army barracks.

  26. Anonymous | 03 August 2016, 01:30

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  29. Anonymous | 12 July 2016, 23:54

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  30. jeff1987 | 05 July 2016, 06:14

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  31. Anonymous | 28 April 2016, 06:33

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  32. Anonymous | 18 April 2016, 00:24

    I hate it when a moron recorders a porn. It could have been so much better. Stupid bitch.

  33. trima | 27 January 2016, 18:17

    Honestly idc if they’re fake or not, they’re still hot and having fun. Awesome

  34. trima | 27 January 2016, 18:17

    Pretty hot. Wanna join

  35. Anonymous | 27 January 2016, 18:16

    Who cares if its real or not! It looks real to me but anyway these are girls having fun and they’re still pretty hot. The girl who gets eaten out with her shoes on was probably the drunkest and the hottest. Would have joined them gladly.

  36. Anonymous | 16 January 2016, 10:43

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  37. Poopie | 09 December 2015, 19:26

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  38. IHeezy | 02 December 2015, 11:47

    How are my fellow soldiers going to say this is not real when they are in real military barracks? Those are Fort Lee barracks wtf

  39. Anonymous | 02 December 2015, 11:45

    For those who is not in the military, shut the fuck up. They shot this at Fort Lee, those are the same fucking barracks at Fort Lee, anyone who has been at Fort Lee will know that bug brown windowless walll and white cylinder block walls. This shit is real

  40. Anonymous | 20 November 2015, 14:51

    Military Occupation Schooling? You’re full of shit lol.

  41. Anonymous | 16 November 2015, 14:38

    I believe it was 3 of them that were in the service. I know this because I was going through my Military Occupation Schooling at Fort Lee when they were kicked out of the army for this video.

  42. Anonymous | 08 November 2015, 01:00

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  43. Anonymous | 31 October 2015, 20:21

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  48. Mike hunt | 21 May 2015, 10:20

    Don’t give a duck about if the video is real or not, I have one question tho, how many of you post “send me nude pic’s” get an email of a dick or something lol but yes the pfu is still ok, I wore mine all the time, it just has to be with shorts not pants, and you can have any piercing you want just not in while on duty

  49. BobaFett | 20 May 2015, 19:59

    Whoever made the video needs to be properly trained how to fucking handle it…can’t see shit all close up and shaking violently can’t see actions where the tits, pussy, hands caressing, and etc. Just shooting the faces close up is the worst porn…. Go back to school of filming and learn to do better!

  50. Anonymous | 16 April 2015, 23:16

    Wwe is fake but it is so cool and the Bella twins are so Hot

  51. T bone | 11 April 2015, 23:44

    Saying this video is fake is like saying WWE is fake. Everone knows that it’s fake, and accepts it as entertainment. Anyone who doesn’t know its fake is likely a tard, and isn’t worth waisting time arguing with.

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  54. Casca | 07 March 2015, 23:00

    There is no fucking way these girls are in the Army, or in the US Military! What a chicken shit fake! Fuck you assholes for trying to smear and discredit the Army. None of you faggoty-ass pussies could make it for 1 week down range. Keep hiding behind your mommy’s skirt and us real warriors will be home soon to fuck your wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. Right after we add your skull to our slain list.

  55. John | 01 March 2015, 14:09

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  56. Pussy lover | 28 February 2015, 03:36

    This is soo damn fake for example one of the girls has a nose and a lip persing and from my experiance from the army you are not allowed and persing other than ear

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  58. All stupid guys here! | 14 February 2015, 16:21

    One of the brunettes is the pornstar Brynn Jay! This video is more fake than the Piltdown Man!!

  59. Anonymous | 27 January 2015, 17:21

    I attended advanced individual trading with these pits. I will not release the name but the video is very real and did take place at fort lee va. Fucking sexy. Right

  60. Anonymous | 27 January 2015, 17:20

    I went to AIT with these girls. This is real and took place Fort Lee. They were not actually drinking alcohol but more privileges are allowed at AIT such as cameras and whatever underwear you wanna wear under your pts or acus. Piercings are allowed to be kept but not in. They simply put them in before the video

  61. StormnMormn | 20 December 2014, 23:32

    Black nails, fake nails, piercings, red solo cup. So much here is not even close to being in army regs. Still sexy though…

  62. Alpha redneccc | 09 November 2014, 11:51

    My wife is ex army and she is bi and she had screwed some lesbians in bt this video is fake first they are wearing jewelry second they have drinks and also have a camera it’s fake but hot as he’ll cuz that does happen

  63. Anonymous | 10 May 2014, 19:54

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  64. Anonymous | 07 May 2014, 00:25

    you guys all seemed to miss the belly button ring, so explain again how this could be real?

  65. Anonymous | 03 May 2014, 13:54

    So fake, so hot

  66. John | 19 April 2014, 08:16

    The brunettes are the hottest. The blondes are ugly. Proabably not actually in the United States Armed Forces. Camera holder is a girl. Still fucking hot.

  67. Anonymous | 16 April 2014, 13:45

    lol its role play…anyone who has been in basic ot the army knows this doesnt happen in real life. specially with them drinking haha get real. So everyone trying to say this and that just enjoy the role play thats going on..stop being so dramatic lol

  68. blank | 13 April 2014, 04:01

    I wentto AIT with one of these girls, this doesn’t surprise me.

  69. aubrey | 26 February 2014, 17:59

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  70. Ale canto | 31 January 2014, 05:26

    4 girls doing each other and some of you guys are talking about uniform regs and ARs WTF

  71. Anonymous | 13 January 2014, 07:15

    What are the names of the two brunette girls?

  72. Anonymous | 23 December 2013, 02:11

    Dumbass sayin Pfu shirts haven’t been authorized In forever I wear one every morning

  73. Anonymous | 23 December 2013, 02:10

    Btw guy on authorization of wear lol I doubt these girls give a fuck about what’s authorized lol and the blankets on their bunks are army standard issue to army in tradoc privates as well as the barracks room

  74. Anonymous | 20 December 2013, 19:30

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  75. Anonymous | 12 December 2013, 11:04

    I think it’s real cuz we all got in fuckin trouble when the shot went out

  76. Anonymous | 10 December 2013, 12:15

    Actually the PFU is authorized wear when not conducting PT. You can no longer get in trouble for wear it. It has been that way for almost two years now. Secondly no one that serves follows AR 670-1 to the letter women wear whatever panties they want just like I never wore boxers or tidywhities. Thirdly if you are saying their hair is out of reg’s think again all they as females have to do is put it up in a bun so yeah there you go.

    But no I don’t think this is real.

  77. dick | 19 November 2013, 20:59

    Obvious civilians are obvious. Even if those are actual PFU shirts and not knock-offs, they haven’t been authorized issue or permitted wear for over a decade for fuck sake.

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    1) the Hair regulation is for while on duty, not at all times
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    3) Piercings are allowed, also while not in uniform.
    4) The bunk beds and the linen appear to be Army standard issue
    5). Their shirts are the older style, with no reflective surface on their backs
    6) not all Army standards are followed, some are not well known and therefore not enforced (esp. with attractive females)
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