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My stepsister messing up my No Nut challenge on the last day of November!

The sibling rivalry between my petite stepsister and me has always been a major part of our relationship. She did everything to make me look like a fool, and this November was no exception from the rule. Guys do the No Nut challenge, refraining from watching porn and wanking off for a month, and my stepsister was oddly interested in the story behind it. The moment she began stripping, I knew she was up for something wild and kinky. In a couple of moments, her small boobs were fully naked in front of me, kneaded by the blondie’s small hands. It looked like she was on a mission to blow my challenge, and a blowjob seemed like a great idea to ruin my plan. She was on the kitchen floor, working my shaft with her puffy lips, making bubbles out of the spit. Although petite, she was able to perform a deepthroat on me. I could feel I was gonna cum, so I pulled away and stopped the horny session. I was determined to stick with the No Nut thing, but she kept teasing me every day. The next thing I knew, my skinny stepsister was in my room, wearing nothing under her summer dress. I was in for a solo show, watching my stepsister masturbate right in front of me! Working her clit with her fingers was a sight to see, and I couldn’t help but touch the velvety twat.



Her legs were all the way behind her neck while I stroked her meaty pussy and her cute asshole. She wanted me to fuck her and cum in her! I gave up, I whipped my stiff dick out and inserted it inside, fucking her missionary style. The slutty teen gave me a naughty look and caressed her clit, hoping to make me cum, but I kept going, filling her cunt with my man meat. I was still winning, which made her angry as fuck. She stormed out of the room, now even more focused on the pervy goal. Soon enough, my stepsister became weird again, walking around the house in pink pumps and tiny pink panties. She was relaxing on a sofa, trying to seduce me again. I was up for round three, willing to give her the last shot to mess up my challenge. This time, she showed me that she loved anal too, fingering her asshole while dipping two fingers inside her tight snatch. She grabbed my fully erect cock right away and spat all over it, lubricating it for another pounding session. I guessed she chose missionary again because she could boast her incredible flexibility and watch me straight into the eyes. Since she failed to milk my dick again, she pulled the big guns out, taking me for a ride. I watched my naked stepsis impale on my pecker with such a force that I barely contained myself. Wild as a tigress, she rode me, using the tight pussy lips to milk me. I wanted to pull out, but my sis seemed to tighten her vagina around me, not wanting to let me go, making me cum in her! Finally, I failed my No Nut November task, but the feeling of emptying my balls inside my stepsister’s cunt was worth it!

Girlfriend bends over her bike to get fucked in an open field

It looks like he didn’t even want to win his bike race with his girlfriend when second place gave him such a great view of her big bouncy booty! The pretty brunette put on her tight booty shorts, and a snug sports bra. Thinking about him, drooling after her, made her panties soaked with her juices, so she decided to take a short break in the middle of the wheat field, and tease her partner. He stopped a minute after her, and he let his eyes trail over her perfect body, as she took her water bottles, and spilled most of it down her cleavage. She grabbed his cock and got down on her knees to suck his dick right there by the side of the trail. She swallowed his shaft, inch by inch, until his while dick was slamming against her mouth. His horny girlfriend licked his balls, slapping her tongue against his balls and it turned him on so much. He couldn’t resist her anymore, and he quickly turned her over and pulled down her shorts. His hot throbbing cock tracing the crack of her bubble ass. She pushed back, yearning for it to enter her. She grabbed onto her bike, as he drilled her hole from behind, not bothering to stop and hide from other bikers passing by. He gripped her hair in a fist as he fucked her hard from behind. His hot naked girlfriend was on all fours with her gorgeous ass up in the air waiting to be used by him. He was fucking her fiercely doggy style! He thrust into her so hard, she almost screamed in pleasure. Then he pulled her down on the ground, letting her ride him and take control of his and her orgasm. After multiple orgasms she stopped caring about other people, and she focused on making her horny man cum for her! “Oh yes, shoot all your yummy cum in me,” she moaned, always loving the feeling of cum filling her cunt. They collapsed on the ground and after a while, they got dressed. On the way home she felt his cum leaking into her shorts.

Fooling around with my teacher after class

After class, Ms. Reed asked me to stay after class. I figured she wanted to tell me to study a bit harder considering what I just got on my last test. She closed the door as the last student left. Then she sat down on the edge of her desk, right in front of me. She was young, she had a great body and she always looked very sexy unlike the other women in our school. Her slender body was good enough to be a model. She started to say that if I put my mind and effort to doing well, I could raise my grades. Soon I realized that the talking had stopped and we were both intently looking at one another. She suddenly spread her legs in front of me! Goodness me, there was no panties and her pussy was clean shaved!!! Ms. Reed grabbed a magic wand and started stroking her soaked clit and moaned at my face while an orgasm made her squirt all over her teacher’s papers. Now glistening with juice, her pussy was ready for more. She held the vibrating toy and shook when I felt the urge to taste the sweet fluid. I held her butt as my tongue swirled around her swollen button. With the desire to reciprocate, she turned her attention to my dick and gave it a long and sloppy blowjob. While my eyes were fixed on her cunt, she slurped on my manhood, combining sucking with a handjob. Soon my cock found its way inside her cunt and I fucked her hard missionary style. With my hands around her neck, I pumped without mercy, making Ms. Reed moan loudly. My sexy naked teacher was desperate to cum, so she caressed her clit to add more pleasure. Now on the desk, she kept receiving the railing of a lifetime, begging for more with her naughty gaze. With the need to be pounded from behind, she bent over the desk and enjoyed the doggy-style session, feeling my cock even deeper inside her pussy. My balls slapping against her clit helped her reach new heights, and another orgasm overwhelmed her, making her shake uncontrollably. Aching for more, I kept going, treating my teacher like a slut. Then she let me rest while she did all the work. She rode my pecker while I slapped her tight booty.

Horny librarian helped a couple make up with her cum dripping pussy

The library was empty, except the new librarian stacking books, nothing else made any noise in the whole section. She was finishing up a section, when a young couple walked in, and she caught a glimpse of the boyfriend looking at her big ass. She ignored their loud voices and went on with her job. But as she was stacking books, the couple continued to argue. The petite brunette girlfriend was trying to study, while her horny boyfriend was desperate to play with all of her holes. He got under the table and tried to remove her panties but his hard working girlfriend was focused on the final exam tomorrow! ‘If you get good grades, I promise I will suck four generations of cum out of your balls!’ Since her charms didn’t work on him, she simply took off her panties and gave them to him to jerk off. He wrapped the soft satin pair of her panties around his cock, and slowly began to work up and down. He tried to get lucky again, he stood up and shoved his cock in her face. This time his girlfriend just shut the book and nailed the tip of his cock! But the curvy librarian crept up on him, and decided to lend him a hand, and her mouth to make him cum. When the dude went to a dusty part of the library to rub one out, he met the frisky librarian. The curvy babe grabbed his cock, got on her knees and began sucking the head of his cock, looking up at him! His girlfriend’s white panties were still around his cock. The crazy slut didn’t stop sucking his cock even when his girlfriend came up, looking for the librarian. She didn’t catch them, at least this time. Horny librarian sucked him off, but both of them needed more. So she pulled her panties down, and massaged his haft with her slit.



Essentially, he was fucking her between the thighs! He soon came all over her panties. The almost got caught by the girlfriend, and if it weren’t for his semen dripping out of her, the girlfriend would’ve never suspected anything. Yes you heard right, his sperm leaked out of the librarian’s cunt and dripped on his girlfriend’s forehead! When she tasted it she recognized the taste of her boyfriend’s cum! Their voices grew louder and louder until the librarian had enough and she led both of them to their desk. She pulled her cum soaked panties and made his girlfriend lick it clean. When his girlfriend was busy licking cum off the panties, he was kissing with the librarian. Then the girls both started sucking his cock. One by one swallowing his cock, licking and kissing his cock, and sucking on his balls. Horny librarian made the collage girl jump on her boyfriend’s cock, while she played with her nipples. He wrapped his hands around her waist to guide her hips, while looking at the busty librarian and wshing to fuck her too. As if both of them read her mind, the girls switched, and let him pound the librarian from behind. The loud sound of his hips slapping against her big ass echoed in the library. He fucked her from behind while she had her tongue stuck in his girlfriend’s pussy. Watching the naked girls tease each other made him cum faster than usual. His cum spread in her tunnel, and when he pulled his cock out, his cum was once again dripping out of the sexy librarian. His girlfriend dove right in, greedily lapping his cum out of her cunt.

Naughty nurse and doctor help a married couple cum

Her husband couldn’t produce cum, and when she was researching his condition, most of the online posts suggested fertility clinics. So she went ahead and booked the best one she could find. The nurse called their name and both of them walked into the doctor’s examination office. When the doctor asked them what the problem was, the busty wife took a deep breath and admitted that her husband can’t produce cum! Booth the doctor and the nurse were intrigued with this case, and as the nurse helped the husband with his sample, the wife was left alone with the doctor to continue her exam. In the room next door, her husband had his cock out, and he started stroking it, while the cute nurse sat on the hospital bed, watching his movements closely. She pulled up her shirt, to encourage him with her beautiful big tits, but as much as she helped him, he couldn’t cum. Both disappointed, they went back into the office. The doctor took this time to explain the female anatomy to the husband, and the nurse had a better idea of exploring. She climbed on the bed with the curvy wife, and she slid her fingers inside of her slit. She suppressed all of her moans, and it wasn’t long before the girls were scissoring behind her husband’s back. They moved their hips in sync, rubbing their swollen clits together, and making each other cum quickly before the husband noticed their doings. The girls fixed their clothes, just in time. The doctor instructed the nurse to once again accompany the husband to give his sample. The wife was yet again alone with the doctor, and he wasted any time! He pulled out his penis, making her eyes widen in shock! Then he just pushed his tool inside of her! He was going to give her the dickdown she badly needed! His cock stretched out her tight walls, and all of their moans attracted the attention of their nurse. She walked back into the office, and she immediately joined them on the bed. The doctor laid down on the bed, and the wife took a seat on his face, while the naked nurse started riding his huge dick. While the trio was busy with making each other cum, her husband had to do that to himself, all on his own. But luckily for him, the slutty nurse came back into his room, with a hungry mouth that was ready to make him jizz. She sucked him off until his load shot through her mouth.

Slutty live-in nanny milks boss’ cock in the living room

This is the part-3 of Naughty Nannies! Sammie moved in with her friend, to a new nanny job. She was lucky enough that her friend Courtney let her move in with her, and put in a good word with her boss. More precisely, she seduced the older man, making him fuck her so good that I don’t think she will be able to walk straight for the rest of the week. Her friend Sammie wasn’t know for being a good girl as well, so when she was left alone with the man and her friend Courtney wasn’t home, she took advantage of a rare opportunity to fuck his brains out. While the little slut was getting out of the shower, she heard voices downstairs, and decided to go check what the fuss was about. She saw her old boss down there. She remembered how she got fired because she fucked him, and his wife found out about them. But she didn’t regret doing it, it was fun for her to toy with his huge cock, and sneak around. It didn’t take her long before she said that she would gladly fuck her new boss too. She had let her bath robe fall open showing that she was fully naked underneath the robe. She looked like pure sex, with her perky tits, a cute little triangle of pubic hair on her pussy mound and her firm butt and her eyes glazed with lust! Her boss wrapped his hands around her throat and lead her to the couch. He spread open her legs, and started licking her slit getting her ready for his cock. The nanny was impatient, so she pushed him off of her, and started sucking on his dick. He let her have her fun for a few minutes before placing her on the couch, on all fours and slamming his rod inside of her! He wrapped his hand around her leg, pulling it up to rest on his knee, while he pushed himself even deer inside of her, making her scream out with pleasure. Her young pussy felt so tight and amazing that he was hard pressed not to come instantly as he pressed into her until his balls were touching her wet pussy lips. He fucked the naughty nanny until her legs were shaking and until she was begging him to let her cum.

Young naked girl lives out her fantasy of taking huge loads on her face

A lucky blonde is in a car with two horny studs. Her petite body is squeezed in between two hunks, with her perky boobs at their disposal. She is smiling while they grope her titties and hard nipples, and widespread legs invite guys’ hands inside the moist pussy. The ash-blonde boasts a neat bush above her clit, and an insatiable desire for banging. Little by little, her lovers undress her and take her out of the car, walking towards the house. Once in a bedroom, it becomes clear that the vixen is a flexible slut who can give a blowjob while upside down. While one man holds her slender body, the young naked girl gorges on another stiff pecker and enjoys a long pussy licking session. In a matter of seconds, the doll is on her knees, giving the same sloppy attention to both shafts, taking them down her throat. The divine combination of hand stroking and blowing makes the rigid rods rock hard and ready for hardcore invading. The cocks slap the tart’s juicy lips and slowly guide her to a large bed. While riding one dong reverse cowgirl style, another one fucks her throat without mercy. Strong, tattooed arms of one fellow hold her small head while another mighty spear drills her twat with brute force. Once a guy reaches for her clit, the petite knockout sticks her rosy pink tongue out, now screaming instead of moaning, being on the brink of an orgasm.



The moment the young belle turns to face one of her lovers, she reveals a cute, heart-shaped tattoo on her firm ass that encourages the guys to keep going, faster and deeper. Still blowing another pecker, the girl savors a long and intense rodeo on top of a sturdy rod. Now on her back, the blondie prepares her cunt for more railing by spanking and caressing her pink pearl. While one of the cocks fucks her box missionary style, another manhood fills her slutty mouth with fuck flesh. With the urge to be treated like an obedient slut, the naked girl gets on all fours and rolls her pretty eyes while a tool pounds her snatch doggy style. Her arms are pulled back by her strong lover while a stream of jizz hits her pretty face, covering her ashy bangs with sticky fluid. The inked man now pounds the bimbo from behind, and the cutie gets another facial, now with a face fully covered with white semen. She sticks her tongue out and tastes the jizz, while her skinny body still endures raw screwing. The salty taste is now mixed with the sweetness of her pussy juices while she blows the cocks with gusto. The shower of sperm keeps hitting the sweetheart’s lovely face, and she swallows every drop she can pick from her lips. Hot blonde teen lives out her fantasy of being double teamed and takes huge loads on her face! She slowly turns into a cumslut that craves long dongs inside her twat, and the intensity of banging sends waves of pleasure through her slim body, down her neatly trimmed cooch.

Sinful teacher seduced and took schoolgirl’s virginity after classes

Before she could exit the classroom, a teacher of her religious private school called out her name asking her to stay behind because he had something important to discuss with her. He led this sweet and petite brunette to the back room of the school, where he made sure that no one would hear them. He had been eyeing this petite beauty all year, and finally she was going to be his. He explained to her how people in the world would be throwing themselves to her knees, trying to take her virginity. Which is why he came up with an excuse, that God wanted HIM to take her virginity! As a very religious girl, she did not want to disobey God. So she agreed, and her teacher guided her hands to her pantes, letting her feel the pleasure of toying with herself. She had never touched herself down there before. He picked the schoolgirl up and placed her on the desk. He opened her legs, her pussy lips spread aside, showing him a gaping and very wet hole. The young, virgin, innocent pussy that never had been touched before. Her teacher smiled reassuringly and said that as her spiritual mentor, he felt an obligation to protect her, by taking her virginity instead of all those bad people outside. He began licking her, savoring the taste of her virgin pussy on his lips. Then he ordered the schoolgirl to stroke his cock. She couldn’t help staring at the size of it, she had never seen a cock or ever felt one. She saw the pleasure her hand gave as her teacher closed his eyes and moaned. She looked at his throbbing cock, leaned in closer and parted her lips slightly. The schoolgirl held the tip of his cock between her lips then began sucking it. He placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy, pushed himself inside of her, finally taking what was his. He spread her legs wider, and slammed his cock inside of her, deeper. He waited for a moment until she adjusted to his size, before moving his hips again. Her tight and never-been-touched-before pussy massaged his shaft, making it harder for him to contain his building orgasm. He let her ride him, slamming her ass in his lap, milking his cock and taking his cum.

Two teen lesbians rubbing their young wet pussies against each other

Nothing better than two naked girls rubbing their young wet pussies against each other! Sitting on the bed, and looking into her eyes, she felt something come over her. A strange feeling washed over her body, and she couldn’t control her body anymore. She felt her body lean closer to her blonde friend sitting next to her on the bed. She cupped her face with one hand and gently pressed her lips against hers. Her mind was racing, and she was expecting to be rejected, but all she felt was her lips kissing her back. Both girls opened their eyes at the same moment, and what was a sweet and gentle kiss, now turned into a more hungrily and filled with lust make-out session. The brunette reached the hem of her shirt, pulling it down to free blondie’s tits. She leaned over, and teased her nipples with her wet tongue, while her other hand found its way to her soaking panties. She smiled to herself, feeling her wetness on her fingers. She pushed her back on the bed and in one swift motion took off the rest of her clothes. She positioned herself between her legs, running her tongue across her thigh, lovingly kissing her pussy mound, smelling the musky aroma of her pussy, touching her clit with her tongue. The girl looked up, still half unbelieving that she was there, lying between the legs, her lips kissing with her pussy lips, her tongue slipping inside her, her nose grazing her little clitoris. She kept licking her slit until she was shaking above her. She only stopped to catch her breath, and the blondie took the opportunity to flip them over, and give her a taste of her own medicine. But she didn’t get to enjoy it for too long, because the brunette had a better idea. She positioned herself between her legs and pressed her pussy against hers. The naked girls started moving their hips, making their slits slam hard into each other, and mixing their juices together. The teen lesbians could feel their clits burning with pleasure, and they were hungry for more. So the girls kept tongue fucking their pussies and licked each other’s assholes until either of them couldn’t stop shaking.

Petite blonde needs cock behavioral correction from daddy’s employee

He was hoping for a quiet day off, but when he saw his boss’ name displayed on the phone, he knew that he would get anything but rest. He took a deep breath before answering. His boss spoke loudly and quickly, asking him to take care of his daughter. Maybe it won’t be too bad playing the babysitter for an afternoon. He put the phone down, and sat on the couch, waiting for the teenage menace to arrive. His doorbell rang soon enough, and when the door swung open, he was face to face with a petite and pouting blonde. He knew her pretty well, and he knew that she was going to make this day harder for him. Every time he saw her in the office, wreaking havoc all over the place, reminded him how annoying she was. After she walked inside, he tried going back to his nap, letting her relax in the living room. She nodded at his instructions, and after waiting a few minutes, she sneaked into his room. The little slut hovered above his bed, fixing her eyesight on the bulge in his pants. The girl couldn’t resist touching it, but that woke him up. She ran out of the room, playing hide-and-seek with him. The tiny girl knew that spending his time trying to find her would make him crazy. She was barely 5 feet tall! Then she proposed a game of hide-the-sausage, and if he declined, she would tell her dad that he had touched her. He swiftly took off her shorts, and grabbed her by the wait, holding the tiny girl upside down, so that her mouth would be closer to his cock, and her pink pussy directly in his face. She sucked him off while he teased her slit with his tongue.



He started walking back to his room, throwing her on the duvet. Young naked girl looked up to him, with lust in her eyes, and he bent her over the bed. Her tiny body barely took up any space, and he positioned himself behind her. His throbbing cock pummeled into her, making her scream with pleasure. As I watched her little pussy to take that huge cock I thought that there was no way she was going to fit all of that. Life is full of surprises! He thrust deep inside of her, brushing against her clitty, and giving her the hard pounding she deserved. But she wanted more, so she begged and begged until he let her turn around. The tiny naked girl smirked at him, pulling her legs up, and hiding her feet behind her head. She was flexible, and she wanted to feel him deeper, without her legs getting in the way. He drilled her pussy hard and fast, making both of them moan loudly. He grabbed her hair, pounding so hard into her petite body, the whole bad was rocking back and forth. Her orgasm seemed to continue endlessly. While his orgasm was approaching, he felt her walls grip his shaft tighter. Her tightness made him spill his cum inside of her, filling her little body with his sticky essence.

Curvaceous babe needs help with her tight jeans and her round, juicy booty

This curvy babe was looking for a new pair of pants to fit over her round, juicy booty! They entered the store, and she was on her marry way looking through the racks. Jordi, a clerk, was following them around, and she let him hold all of her stuff that she wanted to try out. He was patient with her, unlike her boyfriend, who couldn’t get out of there fast enough. To get back at him, she flirted with the clerk, and even flashed him her naked ass. Her ass was so thick, finding the perfect jeans to hug her otherworldly curves was a challenge. He was shocked that this curvy brunette lady got out of her house without any underwear. So when she got into a changing room, Jordi was quick to sneak into the next one and spy on her as she was changing. She stood there, naked, with her jeans barely covering her huge ass, and the little pervert took the chance to touch her tight slit through a big hole in the wall. She smiled when she felt his fingers toy with her cunt, and she turned around to grab his cock and suck him off. But they were soon interrupted by another customer. The thick babe was not about to let go of her new lover, so she pulled him into her own booth, and let him pound her tight ass. She laid down on the big chair, bringing her legs up to her torso, while he slammed his young cock inside of her. As his cock was sliding in and out of her asshole, his hands found their way to her big tits. He toyed with her nipples, making her moan louder. Her moans spread through the store, making her boyfriend come get her. But she quickly told him off and continued to ride her horny clerky, not realizing that the girl next door was closely watching as he spilled his jizz all over her huge ass.

Sweet blonde nanny seduced her married boss

Don’t miss the first part of this story PART 1! It has been a few months since Courtney started working as a nanny for the Pierce family. From day one he has had a crush on her boss, the husband. He has been gentle with her, and the more time she spent with him she realized how badly his wife treats him. But since Mr. Pierce was away a lot, the blonde hottie spent a lot more time with the kids, and the wife. Lately, she has been spying on the wife, and with good reason. Mrs. Pierce was cheating with the pool boy. She told Sammie, her best friend and roommate, everything, and when she finished her story about the cheating, Courtney mentioned how they asked her to move in with them. Her best friend begged her not to do it, her crush on her boss was too severe, and she was bound to get in between the couple. But the next day, without hesitating, her boss offered to move in her friend and roommate as well, and when the blonde hottie expressed her worries about her being a drama maker, he took her hand and assured her that the only person who could get between him and his wife was her. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Pushing her on the bed and wrapping his hands around her perfect body. She let him roam her curves, until his hands reached her panties. She let go of all the self control she had left, and he took off her clothes, along with his own. The beautiful young naked girl laid on the bed, wth him between her legs, waiting for him to stop teasing her pussy and finally have sex with her. He read her mind, and thrusted inside of her, pounding her in every position. Greedily sucking his cock into her mouth, the naughty nanny looked up at him and smiled as she caressed his rod with her tongue. Her buttocks were bouncing up and down when he pushed into her with deep hard thrusts. They fucked each other’s brains out until she couldn’t cum anymore, and he was out of juice.

Thanksgiving turned into a competitive threesome!

My friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you! Mouthwatering MILF was so excited to see her stepson at Thanksgiving. Before he had left for college they fucked all summer. She had never been brought to such amazing orgasms by anyone but her stepson. She was at her sexual peak and needed to feel a hard cock inside, her husband couldn’t give it to her. And now she was eager to bang her stepson again. She really wanted that Thanksgiving to be special. So she was crushed when he arrived with his hot new girlfriend Kimmy! She was a total bitch to her, which made the mommy want to fuck him even more! So when they were left alone in the kitchen after the Thanksgiving dinner the hot MILF pushed her big tits in his face. He began slobbering all over her big tits, getting his mouth on every inch of her beautiful soft tit flesh. They went upstairs, and breathlessly sneaked into his bedroom. By now, she was soaking wet with the anticipation of things to come. MILF began sucking on his cock like it was the last source of sustenance on earth. He in turn, grabbed the back of her head and rammed her onto his manhood. Then she laid his young hard cock between her beautiful big tits. His horny stepmom seduced him behind his girlfriend’s back, but it didn’t take long for the little bitch to catch them! THAT’S MY DICK, BITCH! GET THE FUCK OFF! She pushed his naked stepmom off her boyfriend, jumped on him, grabbed his cock and slammed herself on it. I GONNA SHOW HOW I FUCK MY BOYFRIEND!



She began riding him reverse cowgirl, going balls deep, grinding her pelvis in circles on his cock, twerking and smiling! Within a minute I was cumming all over his cock again and screaming as my body convulsed with pleasures. The MILF was jealous as hell. She quickly sat on his face, smothering him with her pussy. She fucked herself until she orgasmed in his mouth. Both hot naked girls were cumming all over him. His girlfriend’s orgasm was intense, it looked like it was never going to stop. Her whole body was quivering as she bounced on him faster and faster. Both girls turned their attention to his cock. Each was licking one side of it unable to hide their delight at the size of his manhood. He was lying with his hands behind his head and looking down on his unit as it received this attention. From mouth to mouth, the both sucked his cock and his balls. It was now the mom’s turn for an orgasm. When his girlfriend went to rubbing her pussy in his face, the MILF straddled him and mounted his cock. Beautiful naked woman immediately started bouncing her plump booty up and down, working her ass like her life depended on it. All the time she was letting out moans of delight. She was enjoying every minute of the precious gift he had given her. She kept looking over at his face; he was enjoying it too. Both hot naked girls took turns riding and cumming all over his cock in a sloppy, competitive threesome. The dude was so turned on at this point, he could feel his orgasm building up inside. When he had emptied his balls on them, the girls kissed passionately as they swapped his cum. Their lips and tongues were slick with his batter and they licked every drop off of their faces.

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