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Two naked girls give me the VIP creampie treatment at the strip club

I run a local business, bag a lot of cash, and I love to spent it on sexy ladies! I just love the VIP treatment I get at the local strip club. Tonight’s special includes two brunettes – Melissa and Hime. I know Hime from before. She’s tall, slender, and ready to take a private show to the next level. In other words, I fucked her the last time I was here, and it was amazing. She promised she’d give me her sweet friend and coworker, Melissa. The minute I see the girl, I am hard! The girl is wearing a pink bra and thong. The thong is intentionally two sizes too small. When the girl dances, I can see her labia and asshole. As her thighs bounce, it peaks its puckered head out. I like what I see, so I take a big wad of cash out. Hima takes the initiative and leads us to a secluded room. She takes the cash from me and puts it into Melissa’s mouth. This way, she made her mine. That’s when she strips Melissa for my eyes only. She oils her up, and pretty soon, she has her naughty tongue deep inside that pussy. The naked girls do their best to seduce me and to tell you the truth – it’s working. The two of them get on their knees and suck me off like the pros they are. Melissa’s blue eyes look amazing as my cock disappears behind them. I then make the naked girls lie on the bed and spread their legs as wide as they can. They have only their stripper shoes on. Their wet pussies look amazing! I enter Hime and then Melissa.



I switch between the girl’s pussies with no opposition from the babes. These submissive sluts let me stack them one on top of the other. Hima is smaller, so she lies on Melissa’s stomach. Their pussies look and feel amazing. Their throbbing cunts make me cum so fast, right in them, filling their vaginas to the brim! The view of two cum leaking pussies is amazing! Then the naked girls ride me, making me cum in their pussies one more time. When this blue-eyed angel rides me, I fill her pussy. The girl looks so proud of herself as my cum drips down her thighs. Hima tastes her friend’s pussy and gets on top of herself. She shows me her back because she knows how much I love a woman’s back. As I fuck her in reverse cowgirl, I shoot some more cum but stop short of filling her all the way. Melissa is looking at the action and touching the cum with her fingers. Next, I take Melissa in reverse cowgirl and then in doggy. “This girl will be the death of me,” I think to myself as I cum again. The girls are so lucky because I rarely cum inside my strip girls’ pussies more than once an evening. You can see that they like it. At the end of the VIP strip dance, the both naked girls are covered in cum from head to toe, lying on the floor in a huge puddle of sticky sperm, laughing, kissing and fingering their cum filled pussies!

Teaching a dancer how to satisfy her customers at the strip club

Working at a strip club was the best thing that’s happened to me since I got to play with the naughty strippers that worked alongside me. Today I’m even more excited since I found out that Emma was looking for a job as a stripper. After letting her get dressed in a slutty outfit, I lead her to the podium, where I observe her audition. Her skills on the pole are phenomenal, but I’m not quite sure, yet she has what it takes to make a lot of money. In order to prove to me that she’ll do anything to please the customer, I pull out a wad of cash and tell her to keep my attention. Although I thought she wouldn’t accept the offer, the sexy teen shyly slid away her panties and exposed her perfectly trimmed pussy to me! Without even having to ask her to continue, she starts rubbing her wet labia and her little clit sensually as she stares into my eyes. Her moans slowly fill the club, but since we’re alone, I assure her she can moan as loud as she wants. Only when she gets dripping wet do I get closer and tease her snatch with my tongue. Instead of pushing me away, Emma runs her fingers across my head as I eat her out vigorously. She starts grinding her wet pussy against my mouth, literally fucking my mouth with her teen cunt. It doesn’t take long for her vagina to begin quivering as she has her first orgasm of the day. Despite being out of breath, the naked girl drops to her knees and stares in awe as I pull out my throbbing cock.



Within seconds of touching it, her lips start wrapping around my meat, and I feel her tongue running up and down my shaft. Without breaking eye contact, she pushes her head all the way into me until every inch of my dick is in her mouth. Needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed, so I lie down to see what she’ll do next to me. I kick back and enjoy watching the cute blonde climb onto me to start the intense reverse cowgirl session. The moment she feels the tip thrust into her, she starts riding me at an incredibly high speed. At this point, her moans have turned into screams of joy, but she’s not focused on anything other than me stretching her out. Although her riding technique is amazing, I want more control over her erotic body so I bend her ass over and rush behind. As soon as I do, she arches her back and spreads her cheeks for me to begin pounding her doggy style. I have seen a lot of perfect asses but her ass is just flawless! The deeper I thrust, the tighter she gets, and within minutes of pummeling and squeezing her buns, she experiences her second shivering orgasm. Even though she’s exhausted and covered in sweat, she still manages to turn around and spread her thighs wide. I push her skinny little legs to the side and shove myself deep into her with joy. Our fun in missionary lasts until I’m ready to reward Emma’s beautiful face with a thick facial.

Strippers, collusions, crime, cheating, British mafia bosses, this strip club really does have it all

It all starts when this boyfriend finds out that his girlfriend is a stripper in a strip club. He couldn’t believe it and he confronted her in the alleyway. He started throwing the slut against the wall and getting angry with her when her boss came along and saved her from him. The bitch has to repay the dude somehow, so she ended up performing a little lap dance for him. The lap dance ended up becoming a fuck session though as the dancer stripped off a little bit more than she expected to. While she is dancing for him, he plays with her beautiful round breasts and rubs her wet pussy. Sexy brunette got completely naked and she stroked against his lap until he got hard and that’s when he couldn’t take it anymore. He is on his knees as he fingers her pussy and licks it, preparing it for wild fucking. Her hands are already on his pulsating cock that is getting bigger every second. There is no need for a blowjob, so he sticks it deep in her snatch while she sits on the table. She needs it hard, so he shows no mercy, nailing her balls deep as she plays with her cunt while moaning like crazy. This is something different for her, as fucking her boss is the thing she has never done before. Now it’s time for her to demonstrate her cock sucking skills. She is a player, so she takes it slow, tasting just the tip of it for now, before it goes back in her meat hole. This time she is on top of him, as he tries to fit his whole dick inside of her. She encourages him to do so, as she is more than able to take it well. Even though her boyfriend was jealous, she never cheated on him. But since they are done now, she feels so liberated. The only problem is that the dude is married but that’s not something that he wanted to think about right there. He just wanted to fuck her balls deep and cull over her gorgeous body, spraying cum on her face and tits. Things got complicated as his blonde wife saw everything while his load was covering hot brunette. She couldn’t stand him for a while now, and this was the last drop. She plans to seduce a fellow gangster, and together with him murder her husband, take his money and his stripping business. The way she made his loyal worker collude against his boss is with her body. She has some of the most amazing tits that you’ll ever see, and her amazing blonde hair and sweet ass would make any dude give anything to fuck her. What she wanted right then was for him to kill her husband and she ended up seducing him into saying yes. She kissed him and then stripped down and showed him her pussy. British bloke had no choice but to fuck the hot blonde bombshell. It’s not every day that a hot bitch such as her strips for you and lets you fuck her. He knew that it wasn’t right that he was fucking his boss’s wife, but he couldn’t think about that at the moment. He got his cock sucked and then he fucked her as well.



Nasty blonde is only encouraging him to destroy her tight pussy until he can’t take it anymore and comes in her mouth and all over her pretty face. By the time they were done, and he came, he decided to change his mind. After all, all dudes are able to think clearly once they cum. He decided not to do it but she pulled out a gun and threatened him with it. But that’s just the beginning! Things are starting to get interesting now. The wife took it to the stage in order to make some quick cash. Her stripping skills are second to none and the moment she hit the stage, dudes just started throwing money at her. It seems now that she is very friendly with a brunette as the girls dance naked. The boss made them all leave so that it was only him and his crazy bitches. He decided to have the girls both to himself and so the two whores started sucking him off right there from the stripper stage while lying face down on it. The man can’t resist the blonde’s silicone tits and her fat ass as he fucks her deep. As the blonde has her pussy impaled, she licks her brunette friend’s wet pussy and slaps her massive ass. Now the roles are reversed as the brunette is the one taking the pounding. But the busty blonde is here for another purpose – as she distracts the guy and brunette, the gangster arrives with coming to kill him!

Filthiest whore pops his cherry at a strip club on his 18yo birthday

Jordi’s friends brought him to a strip club on his 18yo birthday and found the filthiest whore for this little dude so she could pop his cherry. That’s what friends are for! It doesn’t take them long to find her, a stunning pigtailed blonde with a hot body covered in tattoos dancing on the strip pole. The strip club whore crawls towards them and takes the birthday boy’s head, burying it between her big tits. She drags him onstage, squatting over him and dancing while peeling off her thong. She rubs it just inches from his mouth, pushing his face against it so he can eat her out. He’s pretty good with his tongue for a virgin and she rewards him by squirting into his open mouth. Hope you guys are into golden showers! The crazy slut grabs his hard virgin cock, stroking it with both hands and starts sucking it while his friends watch, cheering him on and capturing the loss of his virginity at the hands of this filthy stripper on video. She takes him to a private booth where she continues sucking on his rock hard cock. The whore likes giving him sloppy head, swallowing his dick all the way down to the balls. She spits on it, making loud slurping sounds as she devours it whole. She rubs her cunt while Jordi fucks her mouth, pushing his cock down her throat, making her choke and gag on it. He even slaps her face as she comes again, gushing squirt juices all over the place. The crazy squirting bitch straddles herself on top and sits on his lap, impaling her pussy on his big dick and riding the birthday boy in cowgirl position, pressing her big tits against his face and suck on her perky nipples while they fuck. His friends rejoin them and make it rain all over the slutty stripper and leave for drinks while she squirts form having his dick up her asshole. This chic scares the shit outta me! He pins her shoulders to the floor and stretches her anus out with his big dick and the sexy stripper continues cumming and squirting all over him as they anal fuck until he’s ready to blow his creamy load all over her face and tits. Best birthday ever!

Petite naked girl gives the club owner a lap dance to get the job

Being new in town leaves girls with very few options unless they already have a job. They either work as baristas, waitresses, and the sort and for the braver ones, there’s always stripping. With a taste for the finer things, this fluffy haired babe found a club looking for new girls. With a killer body like hers, the owner had to give her a chance. She practiced a routine, but he wanted a more “personal” show. Getting naked was part of the job, after all. She took off her top, leaving her only in a colorful bikini. Next came off the panties, revealing her pink pussy. And finally, the bra, hiding her cute, perky tits. Her young 18 year old pussy looked amazing, so pink and smooth and fucking perfect. But he wasn’t done yet and wanted a closer inspection. Her cute little ass was sure to draw in guys, and she was flexible too. It was hard to resist a pussy like that, so the owner went to get a taste. She didn’t mind while he licked and sucked on her clit. Passing the flavor test, it was time to examine her oral skills. She had no issues taking his hefty cock, staring up with her pretty blue eyes. Some of the regulars can get rough, so she needed to be able to take a good face fucking. Like a natural, the curly cutie barely gagged while deepthroating the fat dick.



Finally, he has to mark each girl as his property. Her pussy was already wet when he put it inside of her. The naked girl put her legs behind her head, letting him go deeper inside her. Moaning slowly, she enjoyed every inch of it. He didn’t mind. Customers love it when the girls are vocal. Not wanting to do all of the work himself, he laid back and got the stripper to get on top. A dancer needs to have lots of stamina to work all night. She moved her hips expertly, taking his whole dick while making her butt shake. Older men made her horny, so her young cunt lubricated itself, allowing the owner to stretch her out without problems. She was light as a feather, so he could lift and position her as he pleased. Not wanting to anger her potential boss, she let him have his way with her. She was enjoying it anyway. This treatment would be available to the VIPs only, so he had to make sure she would meet their standards. The naked girl got on her knees and stuck her ass out, awaiting more pounding. At this point, she stopped bothering to hide her pleasure, letting out yelps and screams as he smashed her pussy. Her butt cheeks clapped every time the man went balls deep into her. After a fuck like this, she wouldn’t be mad even if she didn’t get the job. He was ready to burst, and she had only one more exam left to pass. Like a trained whore, the naked girl got on her knees, awaiting her reward. He came in her mouth, and she swallowed, landing the position.

My girlfriend paid a busty stripper to join us for a wild threesome

My girlfriend was really excited to take me to a strip club. When she took me to a VIP room, I was both confused and aroused. The brunette stripper had the perfect body, and her juicy booty made my cock hard instantly. Seeing my GF stuff, her thongs with money felt so wrong and so good at the same time. The stripper’s boobs were much bigger than my girlfriend’s, and when the two girls started flirting with each other, I wanted to fuck them both so much. After getting a lap dance from the bootylicious brunette, I was ready to pop. I think the girls noticed that, so they both got on their knees and pulled my monster cock out of my pants. My girlfriend paid the stripper to suck my dick! Sitting next to her she watched her lick my dick, and she even wanted to find out if the stripper could deep-throat my huge cock. As hard as she tried, there was no way she would swallow the whole thing, but my girlfriend was there to show her how she does it. The girls both got their tits out. My girlfriend got her nipples licked as the stripper was jerking my cock with her giant cans. They both wanted to go even further, so my girl got on top of my cock and started riding it. This was her first threesome, and she was so excited that she began to cum all over my cock almost instantly. As I was banging her hardcore, she leaned back and started eating the stripper’s pussy. She never gave a cunnilingus before, but judging by the stripper’s reaction, she was really good. Then we switched places. My Asian bae told me it was ok to bend them both over and then fuck them both doggy style. Both naked girls moaned hard as I fucked them from behind. My girlfriend told me she wanted to see me cumming in another woman and said go ahead and fill the stripper’s twat! She gave her more cash and started to lick my cum out of her cunt.

Chastity club gets sinful as the stepsiblings get freaky with each other

A group of young devout Christians is gathered up at home for their chastity club to discuss the Bible and the importance of maintaining innocence until marriage. But the teen girls are a little more curious about sex. Instead of the Bible these two little sinners hold a guide for the best possible sex! As the women open up a sexual book that they’ve found, they look at all the different positions before excusing themselves and going upstairs to try some of them. The girls want to practice before getting married, but their stepbrothers quickly catch them. As they walk up, they see the girls trying out missionary as they jolt back and hide the book, but it’s too late. The girls beg not to be thrown out of the club, and the guys act as puritans while the teens masturbate their sins away. Both girls spread their legs and start rubbing their pussies in front of the boys. Instantly getting erections from seeing their sisters in such a state, the girls notice and point it out. They’ve thought of a plan to improve everything, including grinding them with their clothes on. With every graze of their bodies on their boners, they get harder. Feeling like it’s unfair that they’re the only ones naked, the girls demand they get stripped. With each moment passing, the naked girls can’t control their lust, and they eventually start sucking their cocks. They care about sins no more as they let them ride their cocks. Wanting more touching, two naked girls get on top of one another and start eating each other out while the boys ram them in doggy. Losing the rhythm, their dicks fall out, but their stepsisters are there to help with their mouths. Without hesitation, they switch partners and begin hammering their own stepsisters. Both naked girls moan and have their very first orgasm. The boys feel their shafts throb with each shove before pulling out and spraying their loads.

Helping nerdy schoolgirl to get out of the virgin club – PART 1

The first episode in a series of four! Dakota landed herself in a bit of trouble at school and was sentenced to a one-week suspension. The poor teen had no idea how to hide it from her strict stepdad, so she tried to forge his signature on her own. And then her stepbrother got into her room. He immediately realized his nerdy schoolgirl was in trouble and got a chance to trade his help for some of that young twat. He copied his daddy’s signature, but he wouldn’t do it for free. So her pervy stepbrother got her to open up the legs for him. She had never showed her pussy to anyone, but she agreed to lift up her plaid skirt, move her black panties aside and show him her delicious pussy. Her pussy was bald except for a thin strip on her mound. He made her stretch her pink labia and slide her fingers all around it. It was not enough, as his dick needed the gentle touch, too. It was growing out of his pants and he got his sister to grab it. At first, she hesitated, but then she began stroking his sausage. She had never touched a cock before and her stepbrother wanted her to enjoy the experience! But, somebody was coming so she couldn’t manage to finish it off. Later that day she sneaked into his room to find her school discipline referral form. She was caught and in order to get what she came for, the bro asked for a blowjob! She checked the door and then got to her knees, watching his sweet cock pulsing in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his throbbing member. She couldn’t believe the sensation! She opened her mouth and sucked the head of his pecker into her watering mouth. His sister asked him if it was alright because this was her first blowjob. He placed his hands on her head and helped show the rhythm he liked, turning his nerdy sister into a cocksucker. Before he even warned her, he filled her mouth with a hotshot.



The shot took her by surprise and she gagged slightly. The stuff began leaking out of her mouth onto her palm. What those two hadn’t noticed was their father who entered the room and saw them! There was just another step to take for this hottie to get out of the virgin club. Her pussy had never been soaked like that, and when he got his tongue down there, it started pulsating. The teen was ready to have that firm thing inside her. So the bro opened her legs wide and slowly entered the sacred hole. She screamed a bit at the first push but soon, it became a pure pleasure. As it was her first time, he was gentle at the beginning. He didn’t want to hurt her, but the young horny girl wanted it rough. And she had heard all about that doggy stuff, so she turned around and lifted her booty so the boy could dive deep. It was clear to hear why everyone loved it, his cock was penetrating her to the bottom, while her pulsating twat was causing her legs to shake and an intense vibe shook her up. Shortly after, the boy left her a massive creampie. After her stepdad caught her sucking her stepbrother’s cock, he wanted in on the fun himself. The sexcapade continued with the old pervert fucking his stepdaughter in his marital bed. He became obsessed with the teen girl fucking her in secret from his wife. Now, he wanted his wife out of the picture and sent her away on vacation, together with his son. As a way of consoling his weeping stepmom, the dude gave her a good dicking. Soon she learned about what had been going on between her daughter and her husband. Everyone was out for revenge, which came to its pinnacle in a family orgy!

My crazy wife took me to a swinger club

Ever since I married this girl, I started learning new things about her. First of all, I never knew she was so slutty. In fact, she was a swinger, and I had no idea. Our sex life is great. We would fuck all day long and most of the time we would spice it up with some games. Yesterday we decided to play stripping poker and I was nailing her. I had her naked so quickly, and she promised to let me do anything I wanted if I won. So I did my best to undress her and have her bald twat in front of me. It was wet and warm, and I dipped the tip of my finger in it to feel it. But she knew how to tease me. She left me and went to the bedroom. Soon she came back in her new lingerie, went straight for my pants and took my thing out. Then she licked it and put it in her mouth. She told me we were invited to a party, but before we left she wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. So I did. Wifey jumped on top of me, and I pushed my cock inside her snatch. The girl rode me until she was pleased. Then she finished me off and let my cum inside her mouth. It was time to go to the club, and I was not really interested in going that much. But when we arrived there, I realized this was not just a regular club. There was music, but all the people were hot and flirty. I saw so many bitches that I imagined riding on top of me. After a few drinks, half the club was naked and everyone was going wild. I lost my wife somewhere, so I went to look for her.



She was nowhere to be found, so I went to the ladies’ room. And there she was, passionately kissing a smoking hot blonde! I was amazed and shocked at the same time. She just looked at me in a devious way and continued playing with her new catch. It was arousing me so much as it was so hot watching my sexy wife get it on with another vixen. She pushed the girl against the wall and got her hands down her panties. Soon she got on her knees and dipped her tongue down that shaved pussy. The girl was moaning and it was time for me to leave as the naked girls sure as hell didn’t need my assistance. But when I got out, two voluptuous blonde girls grabbed me. Before I knew it, they threw me in a chair and unzipped my pants. My cock was out and I had two naked babes blowing me together. And they loved it deep, so they would push each other’s head to choke on my thing. One by one, each blonde took turns riding my cock. My wife had finished with the lesbian and came to watch me have fun with the girls. It was strange but so hot, watching my cock disappear into a new pussy, and seeing my wife watch me fuck another woman. Damn, she was masturbating, watching me fucking the sluts. Two naked blondes rode me until I was left with no juice at all. What a night! What a perfect weekend with my wife.

Successful hunk goes to a private striptease show and fucks the sexiest stripper

When you’re as rich and successful as this dude, you don’t have to go to those shitty strip clubs in barren alleyways where you had a good chance of getting stabbed. Instead, you can go to private striptease shows which are held in apartment complexes where you are introduced to the most beautiful women ever. You get to be the only one watching her and she will even show you a lot more than you bargained for if you let her. This guy decided to see the stripper called Autumn. If you’re wondering why he picked her, you’re going to realize when she comes down from the staircase. She is a beautiful young woman with a flawless body, a perfect ass and amazing all natural tits. Her lingerie has a very exclusive look to it and the babe just knows that she is eye candy when she wears that shit. She dances for him and moves her hips, but soon enough she’s taking out her tits and playing with them in front of him. One more thing that you need to know about these private sessions is that the dancers and strippers have the ability to ask the clients whether they want to take things upstairs. He pays extra and goes up to the bedroom with her. Slowly, the sexy babe begins to shift and gyrate, rubbing her gorgeous ass across his lap and deep into his groin. She bounces up and down gently. He moves his hands to her boobs and starts squeezing them. Immediately, he attaches his lips to her tits and sucks them, marveling at how large and full they are! She slowly crawls to the middle of the bed on all fours and sticks her ass up in the air for him. The man starts licking her pussy and getting her ass all up in his face. She instantly starts to buck, grinding her pussy onto his mouth. GOD! It tastes soooooo fuckin’ good! He is sucking and licking faster on her pussy, driving his mouth harder into her vagina, sucking heavily on her clit and pussy lips. Now it’s time to show her dick sucking skills and they are outstanding. Sexy babe sucks him off so well that he wants to cum right then and there. Instead, he keeps his composure. He sticks it in her and starts fucking her hard from behind. The babe can’t seem to stop moaning and begging for more. At this point, she doesn’t even care about the money, she just wants this successful bearded hunk inside of her, fucking her like a little common whore.



The dude doesn’t hold back and he gives her everything he’s got. The babe seems to really know how to make the fuck fest better by constantly switching the different positions. They go at it from behind, from the front, and even from below as she rides him like a slutty little cowgirl. Her massive tits are now sliding against his chest as she rides him hard. He places his hands on her meaty huge tits, he fondles them, feeling her hard nipples while her pussy continues to slide up and down his throbbing shaft. Harder, faster, hot girl moves her hips up and down on him, allowing his cock to move it’s full length, in and out of her! Hot naked girl wraps her soft boobs around his rock hard prick and massages him with them. It is pure Heaven! Her body shivers and spasms as her sweet pussy gushing! Her massive tits keep bouncing in every direction, it’s an incredible sight. The harder he fucks her, the more she enjoys it. After you see the treatment this dude gets, you’re going to be wondering where the heck you could get something similar. Maybe it’s better that you just stick to watching this dude destroying the babe’s pussy rather than searching for a needle in a haystack trying to find and fuck suck a perfect stripper babe.

Blonde stripper in red lingerie with massive tits rides a fat dick anally

This blonde is a liberal girlfriend, so for his birthday, she surprised her boyfriend by taking him to a strip club. What she did was to hire a stripper to dance for him. Dude looked over at his girlfriend and she just laughed and said, “Go ahead, it’ll be fun.” He couldn’t believe there was a sexy naked woman on his lap with his girlfriend watching. His cock was painfully stiff and only became stiffer as the blonde stipper leaned over and asked if his dick liked her grinding her pussy on it? The dancer’s tits bounced as she moved and it was real torment not to keep from touching them. Sexy babe again leaned over and asked if she could make him cum. When his girlfriend went for a drink, this stunning blonde in red lingerie didn’t waste any time so she got on her knees and started sucking his shaft like crazy. But that was only the beginning, as she was fascinated by his massive boner. She had so many dicks inside her mouth, but this one is not only long but also so fat that she can barely take it. It’s a challenge for her to deepthroat it, but she won’t give up so easily. Only occasionally, she makes a break to lick his balls before continuing her blowjob and handjob action. Luckily, her customer knows how to return the favor by licking her pussy before wildly going inside of her. Blonde’s massive fake tits are bouncing as he impales her missionary style, and judging by her smile, he is excellent at it. Taking the initiative, she decides to ride him cowgirl style, as they don’t even care anymore what would his girlfriend thinks about it. It’s his birthday, and since this is a gift, he needs to enjoy it. Blonde loves his dick so much that she decides to open up her asshole for him. At first, he is going gently inside of her before speeding things up, since she could handle it. This incredible woman is doing it much better than his girlfriend, who is always moaning about him going too rough inside of her. This blonde is the type of whore he needed in his life, and that is all he can think about while penetrating her ass doggy style. He really wants to see her squat down on his big dick doing reverse cowgirl with her sexy athletic legs. She keeps satisfying his cock with her mouth and vagina before making him cover her tits with fountains of cum.

Hot babe lets me to fuck her for getting her boyfriend into the club

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