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Sister and brother masturbate together and then she asks him to fuck the shit out of her

Mom is away on a business trip for the whole weekend. Ebony teen Michelle and her kinky stepbrother are home alone, bored beyond imagination. Both of them being stubborn teenagers, they struggle to get along. The lockdown has made them even more nervous since neither of them can go out or do anything outside the house. They’ve tried it all, watching movies, browsing the web, but everything got too damn boring very quickly. The teen siblings can’t stand each other. The stepbrother is a bit weird, walking around the house half-naked, using every opportunity to watch porn and wank off. Michelle hates hearing his moans all the time, but she is bored as well. She rubs her pussy too, stroking her big ass, pleasuring herself every now and then, but she has the decency of being quiet while masturbating. Once he storms the bathroom while she is peeing, his sister gets furious. He had always behaved like a brat, needing everything right away. He couldn’t wait for her to leave the bathroom so that he could take a shower. This is the first time she sees his big dick. They start fighting, and Michelle calls her mom. After the conversation, the teens decide to let the fighting go and find a way to entertain each other. After all, they don’t have much choice. Both of them get naked and start masturbating in front of each other. He takes a look at her slender, tanned body and her wet pussy while jerking off. She doesn’t let him come close to her at first but soon feels her pussy aching his dick. His cock is massive, as straight as an arrow, inviting her to try it. As both of them get hot, someone walks in, and they have to quit the sexy session.



Once they are home alone again, his sexy sister walks into the living room with no panties, only a tiny pink top on. His hands move all over her round ass cheeks, rubbing and caressing them. What a perfectly-formed bubble ass! He gets to his knees right away, sliding his cock inside her pussy, fucking her doggystyle. With one hand pulling her hair and his other hand wrapped around her neck he starts doing what he has seen in porn flicks before. He is hammering her hard, bumping into her ass cheeks with each thrust. Her ass is big, shaky, and juicy, with a small tattoo on one of the butt cheeks. His naked stepsister starts begging him to fuck her, screaming in wild passion. He grabs her small tits and offers her his big cock. She happily puts it in her mouth, playing with her stepbrother’s balls while giving him a blowjob. She spits on the cock, making it all wet and slippery, jerking it off while gorging on it. After she is done with the balls sucking, she starts riding her stepbrother’s dick, riding it wild and fast, making her juicy ass shake in the rhythm. He can see and grab her small, perky titties and spank her ebony booty. She begins screaming with pleasure, telling how much she likes feeling his balls slapping against her backside. The couple now fucks sideways, his dick making the slut scream and reach an incredible, intense orgasm.

My horny stepsister seduces me every time the mom is away

He is in his room when his horny stepsister comes in, wearing pink undies and a cute pink bra. She wants his dick – that is obvious. This is not the first time this teen babe teases and fucks her stepbrother, and he won’t resist her charms once again. She sneaks into his bedroom, telling him her room is too cold. She wants him to spoon her and promises never to step into his room half-naked again. She is a cockteasing slut who starts rubbing her cute little ass against her stepbrother’s shaft, making it rock hard. Now I ask you… how can you except a guy to resist such a temptation? He takes her cute panties off and instantly puts his shaft up her pussy. He fucks her from behind, and the pounding intensifies with him picking up the speed. Her ass and perky tits shake in the rhythm while she caresses his balls with one hand. She needs more – her pussy is still aching for his dick. His step sister starts riding the shaft reverse cowgirl style, moaning loudly, bringing herself to the verge of an orgasm. Her pussy is so wet the juices flow down the dick’s length. This has always been her favorite position – she pushes her hips close to his dick, rubbing her clit on the lower part of his tummy while impaling hard on his shaft. She cums fast, just like every time she gets to fuck her kinky stepbrother. He is now on her back, legs apart and up, squeezing her small tits while the stud keeps ramming her love hole fast and hard. He can’t control himself anymore, filling his stepsister’s pussy with his spunk. She is horrified by him cumming inside since she is not on birth control but soon feels wet again. Believe it or not, she wants more. A couple of hours later, he is in for more pussy pounding. The mom is back from the store with some takeout. The kids are so loud and horny they can’t control the loudness of their moans. Will the horny stepsiblings be able to keep it a secret from their mother?

My sexy stepsister begs me to cum inside her!

Being slightly older, the parents get Blake in charge of the house while they are away. They told her to keep close attention to her naughty stepbrother. She must not blow this opportunity to show her parents she has come to her senses, acting like a grown-up. He is giving her a hard time – always late for school in the morning, but the worst thing about her brother is he keeps jerking off everywhere, whenever he gets the chance, hooked on the naked girls. Blake walks in on him masturbating and finally realizes it is time to address the issue. She advises him to start talking with real girls, but he admits he has been secretly admiring her fit body, firm boobs, and a nice, well-shaped ass. He claims that if she shows him her boobs and he resists then he’s making progress! Blake gets tricked into showing her stepbrother her tits, but he somehow manages not to touch them. The blonde keeps teasing her stepbrother, now showing him her pussy. He resists once again. Her pussy is the ultimate test – he fails. Who could resist such a beautiful babe? He puts the tip of his dick in, teasing the babe. If he can stand just the tip, then he has passed! Of course, he lets the the whole length up her velvety slit! His stepsister is now dripping wet, determined to make him fuck her long, fast, and deep until she cums all over his shaft. The blonde now straddles the guy, impaling her snatch on the shaft, letting him grope her gorgeous big all natural tits. She is a wild, kinky cowgirl, enjoying fucking her stepbrother’s big dick. Soon enough, his sexy naked sister is on all fours, him now thrusting his dick deep inside her cunt from behind. He is teasing her with the tip, testing himself if he is able to stop fucking her – resisting is futile. He can’t stop and won’t stop. Now, he finally has a chance to put his cock between her tits, leading his penis from the tits to her tongue, titty fucking and face fucking her at the same time. She is slurping on the cock, her spit dripping down, all the way to the balls. Blake is in control now, wildly riding his dick, speeding up. She is begging him to cum inside her. The little brother obeys and fills his stepsister’s horny cunt with his creamy spunk, letting it drip out of her pussy.

I accidentally fucked my girlfriend’s twin sister!

I am a lucky man. I have the most beautiful and sexiest girlfriend ever, Kristina, who’s always horny, whenever she’s around me. My day had started with my girlfriend sucking my morning wood, as usual. I was already going to cum in her little mouth but her taxi arrived and she had to run. Kristina had to go on a business trip that week, and she left me in the caring hands of her twin sister. Her cute twin sister, Karla, coming to visit us every now and then. She looks like a nerd, smart clothes, flats, boring hair, but I could see she hid a banging body underneath. I had been wondering if she was a firecracker in bed, just like her sister. Karla was there for the whole weekend, helping me with the house chores. She was busy in the kitchen when I entered and grabbed her ass, thinking it was Kristina. I accidentally made her spill the water all over her shirt. I knew Karla as a shy, innocent looking, cute geek girl, almost the opposite of her twin. Although spending some time with her opened me eyes! After a naughty conversation, she took her wet shirt off and took me to the bedroom. Karla took her ordinary, white lingerie off and hopped into her sister’s black thong and pink thing that looked like a bra – it actually hoisted up her boobs, making them look even bigger instead of covering them. Oh boy, I felt my dick tenting the shorts. Once she turned around and gave me a naughty stare, I knew I was in for some fucking. She might look innocent but she bears the same level of sex drive as Kristina. She looked just like my girlfriend, so I felt comfortable with her naked in the bedroom. It almost felt normal, like every time Kristina and I had sex.



My dick was already stiff once she undressed me, taking the shaft in her hands, slowly putting it in her mouth. Yep, she was as good at blowjobs as her sister. I loved the nerdy look now, the glasses adding a bit of excitement, making her look like a naughty teacher aching for some pussy pounding. Soon enough, she started riding my dick, leaving the kinky bra on, gasping and moaning while impaling on the shaft. I loved the view – her firm boobs were beyond this world. The clit rubbing made her moans even louder, feeling her pussy pulsating from the pounding. Karla gave me a sloppy blowjob, spitting on the shaft. I couldn’t wait to fuck her again. She became a little bitch, on all fours, me pulling her hair while drilling her snatch doggystyle. I took my time, loving the way my shaft slowly entered her slit. Karla turned around, taking my dick in her mouth again, making me spray my jizz all over her glasses. As I was dozing off, a message woke me up. It was Kristina, coming back early. One of her meetings got canceled. Karla managed to get dressed and run away to her room. Kristina walked in wearing a tight leather skirt. As soon as she entered the house, she lifted the skirt up, revealing her naked ass and pussy. What a day – Kristina was now slurping on my dick and climbed my dick. It was obvious she was horny, wildly riding my dick, until she came all over me. Enjoy this ultimate twin sisters fuck fantasy to the max, and make sure to cover both twin sisters with your cum like a good boy!

Cumming on my sister’s face was so good I even forgot that she had crashed dad’s car

My stepsis called me outside to show me that she managed to crash my dad’s car. I called a mechanic and, based on the damage and on the cost of the car, he told me the repairs would take a couple of thousand dollars. My cute little stepsis was devastated and, desperate, asked me to borrow some money. Looking at her all petite and adorable, I decided to take advantage of the situation and have some fun. She is this skinny blonde teen with a slim, petite body and, considering I am her stepbrother, I decided to see what hides underneath her hood, so I asked her to lift her shirt up. At first, she was reluctant, but she eventually caved in. Just like that, my stepsis took her shirt off and showed me a pair of magnificent, perky tits with tiny, pink nipples. That was more than enough to get me going so I asked her to take her shorts as well. Of course, the moment this cutie dropped those down I told her to continue by taking her pink panties off as well. A couple of moments later, my stepsister was completely naked in front of me and I was staring at her tight, bald pussy. That’s when I knew I was going all in. It took a bit more persuasion, but she ended up dropping down on her knees and pulling my throbbing boner out. Her soft hand wrapped around the shaft and she started stroking it. I couldn’t help but tease her, seeing how the whole situation got her all hot and horny as well. It didn’t take long before my naked sister placed her wet lips on my dick and started sucking me off. She was so good and I was so horny that I quickly exploded with jizz deep down her throat, making her choke while swallowing my sticky cum. We wrapped it up there, but I wasn’t done with this petite blonde yet. I found her in the bedroom later to tell her that the damage was bigger than expected. Naturally, that meant she owed me more for repairs. She wasn’t as reluctant any more, and that’s how I ended up inside her little cunt. I could barely fit half my cock but, one position after the other, I stretched her completely, making her scream in multiple orgasms. Cumming on her cute face, watching my cum fly out and land on her nose, chin and cheeks, was so good I even forgot that she had crashed dad’s car. From there on out, I ravaged her multiple times, covering her in messy loads.

Elder sister teaches her younger sister to squirt just like her

Maybe not everyone dreams of teaching their younger, ditsy stepsister how to squirt. This tall, skinny blonde surely didn’t. But when her younger sis sneaked into her room and found her sluttiest lingerie and all of her sex toys, she really had no choice. This young, curvy blonde woke up that day and chose to be snoopy. Her older stepsister was always a mystery to her. She had guys lining up to take her out and taste her pussy. She just wanted to see what the whole fuss was about. It couldn’t hurt to look. So she did, and she walked into her room like she owned the place. She was so confident when she found the sluttiest pair of hot pink lingerie. They looked so cute, and she couldn’t stop herself from trying them on. But then the one thing she never expected to see while she saw snooping happened. Her older stepsister walked in. She explained that she just wanted to know more about sex from her elder sister. She was young, but not that young, and that question was only natural. But her stepsis was not ready to explain all of the works of orgasm with her words. So she showed her. She grabbed her big dildo and showed her the thing she was most proud of, her squirting skills. The younger blonde was so stunned and amazed when she saw her sister having a squrting orgasm. Her lucky that she has her big sis to show her all the INS AND OUTS of squirting! So her sexy older sister pushed her on her back, took off her underwear, and began licking her tight teen pussy, preparing her to her first orgasm. She has never felt such please before. She was horny, and she needed more. The naked sisters licked and fingered each other so much. Then the girls rolled on top of each other in a traditional 69 position, lapping at each other’s wet pussies. Her elder sister sat on her face and began grinding her pussy on her face. One of the things she loves more than anything is being tongue fucked, so in a few minutes she had another squirting orgasm right in her younger’s sister’s open mouth. She came all over her face and the girls kept fingered their little pussies, deep and fast. They lost count of their orgasms.

Big-dicked hunk pounding his stepsister’s pussy on a treadmill

The petite young brunette has always kept her body in a tip-top shape. This morning, she gets into her skimpy clothes and runs on a treadmill, unsuspecting of her kinky stepbrother watching her nice ass. Her brunette hair is long, and the face is pretty with luscious pouty lips. Her small natural boobs are covered with a small white cropped tank top, and small running shorts is stretched so tightly across her juicy ass that her stepbrother can make out her ass crack. He is standing right behind her, enjoying the view, while his tool is tenting the front of his pants. He can’t resist her and takes his massive erect cock out, gently stroking it. Then he comes up with a good idea: to replace a relay baton with his erect cock! The babe turns around and gets startled at first. It didn’t take him long to convince her to reveal her naughty wild side. After all, she is addicted to hard pussy pounding. His sister gets down on her knees, mischievously smiling at the horny dude, taking his stiff manhood in her mouth. One long stroke of her tongue makes him mad with desire, and he starts begging her not to stop. He fucks her slutty mouth, gagging her with his huge shaft. After she makes his dick rock-hard, she turns around and starts shaking her juicy ass, teasing him to get a taste of her pussy. He takes some time savoring the scent of her beautiful slit and puts his two fingers inside. She gives him a naughty gaze straight to the eyes, the look telling him she loves every minute of their kinky private get-together. The babe’s ass is naked, but her long sexy legs are still in white knee-high socks. He feels her throbbing wet pussy tightening around his shaft while he pounds her from behind. He keeps fucking her while slapping her bouncy round ass, making her butt cheeks hot red. Soon enough, she is facing her new lover, getting the shaft deep inside her twat. The hardcore action intensifies. He grabs her small perky titties and rams her cunt while she rubs her wet clit, feeling an orgasm building up. Once he grabs her by the neck, she loses it and cums all over her stepbrother’s delicious cock. They are back to fucking from behind when the guy suddenly pulls out and tells her to get down on her knees. She welcomes a shower of his warm spunk all over her slutty face.

How I got addicted to fucking my hot blonde stepsister

Ever since my dad remarried, I have fantasies about fucking my gorgeous stepsister. I know it’s wrong, but technically, she is my stepsister, so we are not related, and nothing bad could happen if we fuck. One time, she wanted to go to a concert, but she didn’t have any money, so she asked me to lend her some. She asked me that at the moment when I was incredibly horny, so I decided to take a risk and told her that I would give her money if she sucks my dick. She called me a pervert, but once I explained to her that we are not a real brother and sister, she agreed to give me a blowjob. She kneeled in front of me and pulled down my pants, and my hard cock just fell out and almost punched her in the face. She said that I have a big dick, and then she showed me how slutty and nasty she could be. She was jerking me hard and her tongue was flicking the head of my dick. She ran her tongue on my balls, over and over again, painting them liberally with her saliva. She gave me a fabulous blowjob that didn’t last long because I was so horny that I came with my dick in her mouth. I held her head and pushed it on my dick while I was cumming, feeling her mouth with my hot jizz. She didn’t object to it at all and swallowed it like it was ice cream. The next day, I saw my stepsister sitting on a couch. She was disappointed because her friend canceled their mall plans for this afternoon. After all, she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend.



She asked me if I could give her a ride to the mall, and I said that I could, but only if she gives me a ride too. She asked me what I mean by that, although I think that she already knew. Anyway, a few minutes later, I was lying naked on the couch, and my stepsister was riding my dick with gorgeous pussy while her big tits were bouncing up and down. What a wonderful feeling and a beautiful sight that was! I also fucked her in the doggy style and spanked her stunning ass. However, that was nothing in comparison to what happened the following day. My stepsister thought I was at college, so when I walked inside the living room, I saw her barefoot, masturbating and watching something on her cell phone. She told me that she is watching porn but thinking of me. Now it wasn’t just me who was persuaded to have sex. She wanted me to fuck her and said it loud and clear. Of course, I didn’t have to be persuaded much, so a few seconds later, she was already on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She made it wet and hard, just how she likes it. She was so filthy and messy, and I let her ride my dick with her pussy on the floor. Spreading her bubble ass wide open with both hands she was jumping on my cock with full force. Her ass cheeks were slamming against my belly. I was in heaven, beneath her lusty body! At the end I came all over her pretty face.

His sister fucked her way to the passing grade

This teen girl was studying for her math test, but it was not going well. Her stepbrother arrived home and she asked him to help her pass. He was eager to help her, but he wanted something in return for the favor. He was really horny after a day in school and asked her stepsis to help him bust a nut. Just thinking about it made him go crazy. The girl was reluctant, but she accepted his help because she was desperate to pass this class. She agreed to help him cum, on one condition that she would not touch his cock. She told him she would let him rub his dick against her pussy and nothing more than that. When he saw his sister naked, his dick went crazy. He placed his hands on her tits and stood behind her. His dick was between her legs and he started rubbing it. It felt so good and soon he came with his dick against her pussy. It was really messy, but he wanted more. His sis was in her room, trying to pass her test. He wanted to play with her juicy ass, so he jumped behind her and started grabbing it. She was wearing a mini skirt and he couldn’t resist fucking her. He shoved his dick inside her young pussy and started penetrating it. The test was aced and he kept fucking her. This time she was totally up for it. Her pussy was wet and there was a hard dick by her side. She let him nail her, pull her hair as his dick was getting deep inside her sweet cunt. He knew she was slutty and that she wanted it rough. So he went full hardcore and damaged her pussy. She made his sister take his cock in her mouth and suck it like a whore. It tasted sweet and she enjoyed blowing it. Her pussy was ready for another hot round of fucking. Only this time the girl got on top of him. His dick was so hard and it went straight into her shaved pussy. He grabbed her ass, hitting her hard, pounding into her fast and hard. She was moaning from all that pleasure. It was going so deep inside her and she was getting close to cumming. Soon, her pussy exploded and she squirted with a shower splashing her bro. He took his dick out and kept jerking it until he gave her a warm facial after the sweaty family session.

Girlfriend introduces the boyfriend to her busty sister

When this girl brought a boyfriend home, she wasn’t expecting her sister to jump right on him. The first time she introduced the two, her sister was cleaning in the kitchen and she was paying little attention to her huge breasts falling out of a loose dress. The guy couldn’t keep his eyes off of that pair of jugs and pointlessly tried to hide it when his girlfriend caught him doing it. The sister made her advances obvious when his girlfriend left, stating how she’d love to go down and dirty with the man. Not long after that, he went into a minor fight with his girlfriend and, when she left the room, the boyfriend went on the hunt for her busty sister. She was still cleaning the kitchen when he approached her from behind with his cock out. Without wasting a second, the man lifted her dress and shoved his member inside her already wet cunt. The busty blonde gasped in surprise and took that schlong balls deep with a look of pleasure on her face. Just like that, her sister’s boyfriend was hammering her doggy style in the kitchen, and even helping out with cleaning meanwhile. The blonde’s huge knockers were bouncing back and forth while she was being dicked down. These massive all natural pendulous tits are amazing! However, just as he started pounding and making the girl scream, his girlfriend strolled by. Fortunately, she was too busy talking on the phone to see her boyfriend drilling her sister right nearby. Then, they started getting really rough. First, the hottie lifted one of her legs up for him to hold, giving the guy an even better angle at her hairy snatch. He was holding her neck firmly and ramming her vigorously, making her big all natural boobs flop around. The couple ended up on the floor where his girlfriend’s sister rode him in a reverse cowgirl. Her big tits were bouncing up and down. Impaling herself all the way on his man meat, her screams of pleasure were only getting louder. One after the other, they were trying out every position imaginable. The busty girl would jump on his dick at one moment, only to climb the counter and get railed from the front the next. She even used her huge boobs to stroke him off and tease every time they’d take a break or try something different. There’s no telling how many times she came before he unloaded.

My sister offered me to lick her pussy if I agreed to wash the dishes

It has been a long year. All this quarantine thing was so tough for me and I was under a lot of stress. Luckily, I have a hot stepsis and I like spending time with her. She is really attractive and sometimes it is very easy to get lost in the dirtiest fantasies where she does some naughty things to me. I have noticed her flirting with me sometimes, but I am not sure how to respond to it. She isn’t shy about walking around the house in just panties and bra, wiggling her booty seductively at me. One day I went to the bathroom and she was already in it. So I saw her with only a towel on her and it really fired up my imagination. She had her back to me, but I could see her naked ass when she bent over. It was perfectly round and was very perky. Then she saw me and called me a pervert. Later I found her at the kitchen, she was wearing only a top and cute panties. I couldn’t look away from her ass. The mess in the kitchen was horrible and we started arguing about it. Eventually, she offered to clean it all up if I did something for her. She wanted me to lick her pussy! Due to quarantine her boyfriend hadn’t licked her pussy for so long. I was so surprised and amazed at the same time. I couldn’t reject her invitation when she pulled her panties to the side exposing her freshly shaved pussy! It was bald as I could see her tight crack. It didn’t take me long to be on my knees. She was all playful and raised one leg up so that her beautiful young cunt was right in my face. I was on my knees licking her pussy all over. It was so sweet and wet at the same time.



Man I remember sucking on her clit until I was out of fuckin breath. I sucked her clit until she came but I didn’t stop I just kept sucking and sucking and sucking. She enjoyed it so much and we decided to continue in the bedroom so the parents would catch us. We got there and she removed her panties. I grabbed her perfect ass and I loved it so much. It was the perfect example of a big bubble butt. The fact that my sister was thin with a small waist made her butt look that much bigger. Her thick pussy lips dripped swollen between her ass cheeks. She got on her knees and took my dick out. It was hard as a rock and she was impressed with its size. The sis started kissing it before putting it inside her mouth. She was so good at it and I couldn’t wait to shove it inside her cunt. We got on the bed and she sat on top of me. She started riding my cock slowly at first, but soon she got herself a wild ride. She was moaning as I was banging her hard. Her tits were nice to look at, but when she turned around, I could watch her ass shake as she was jumping up and down my cock. It was a magnificent view. I could look at her ass all day long. As I was fucking her in the doggy style, I was thinking about how next time I wanted to hit that ass as well. But I made sure to fuck her so well that she would beg me to fuck her again. And it worked, as I gave her the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

My sister wants me to empty my balls into her pussy before the mom comes back home

This dude is sitting on the couch and he is surprised when his stepsister in her bikini comes to ask for a massage. She is hot, so he just can’t say no. His stepsister gets on the bed and asks him to oil her body. When his hands are on her back she tells him to remove her top. She turns over on her back and she doesn’t care that her tits are on display to her brother. This redhead babe has a couple of amazing tits, they are as big and plump as two melons. He puts his hands on her juicy boobs and starts massaging them while his half naked sister looks up at him. She decides to have some fun with him before the mom gets back home. She takes off the panties to reveal a sweet pussy! It is freshly shaved and he goes crazy. He wants to kiss it and feel it with his tongue. He buries his face between her legs, driving his tongue up deeply inside her, twisting and licking her. His dick is getting really hard and he needs to shove it into this girl’s pussy. He jumps to the table nestling his hard cock between her wet pussy lips. He sticks his hard cock into her wet hole and starts fucking her. He grabs her oily tits and touches her body as he starts going deeper inside that cunt. Her boobs are so exciting and he wants a titjob round before it goes into her mouth. She loves sucking and her brother’s dick has a nice taste. She needs it back inside her cunt, so she sits on top of it to get another ride. Her gorgeous breasts are bouncing as she rides the cock hard. They have little time before the mom comes back so they go for a hard fuck on the couch. His balls are ready to get empty, so he fills her pussy with warm cream.

Slutty stepsister sucks her bro while her mom is in the kitchen

She was in the kitchen looking for some food as she was hungry. Her stepbrother was keeping her company as she looked in the fridge. It quickly becomes clear that they have a bit of an adversarial relationship – he seems to always be teasing or pranking his sister all the time. This time he told her he dropped his lenses and asked her to look for them. The girl got on the floor and he was staring at her perfect ass. When she was kneeling on the floor looking, he rudely pranked her, whipping out his cock! As she was searching the floor, she saw it right in front of her face! His stepsis was reluctant at first, but she asked if she could touch it. It was rather tempting for both of them. He put it in her mouth and she started blowing it. It wasn’t long before she admitted she had a crush on him, working the knob with her lips and tongue. He was so excited and even though her mom was in the kitchen, she kept blowing his dick. It was a miracle he got a sneaky blowjob without the mom noticing! Hiding it from mom only made it more fun. And his sister was a great sucker with magical blowing skills. They wanted to keep playing, so they went to the living room. His sister got on the couch with her legs spread, exposing her pussy and the triangle of ginger pubic hair above it. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the lips of her pussy and then pushed it inside her little cunt. Now he was fucking her properly, hammering into her pussy with long hard thrusts. He wanted to look at her ass, so she turned around and he kept fucking her from behind, feeling her tighten bubble ass cheeks against his hips. He was grabbing that nice ass as she was enjoying a nice cock inside her pussy. The guy was so happy to finally realize his long-time fantasy of lovemaking to his stepsister. He could fuck her all day long, even if their parents caught them. Her pussy was a perfect spot for his dick. He kept going harder and her moans became louder. This slutty babe enjoyed a rough dick ride and she was making sexy noises. She wanted him to fuck her in every corner of the house and she was ready to blow him any time. The whole idea of being close to being busted thrilled them both and they were so aroused. They were fucking the whole day and somehow, the parent didn’t see them. The girl had multiple orgasms and she wanted her bro to cum inside her. So he did, a few times. Every time she was hungry for more and she asked him to get her pussy destroyed. Her ass could turn him on instantly and he had the energy to go forever. After that day, the couple started fucking regularly, never minding their parents.



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