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I had finals coming up, and I figured that the best place to study would be the library. When I checked in, I noticed that the whole place was empty. But I still went to the second floor to find a nice and quiet spot to study. After a while, a petite and curly-haired girl walked in, in a short skirt, a sweater, and a huge stack of books. She took a seat next to me, not noticing me at first. But when she placed the books on the table and started to get comfortable, her eyes met my gaze. The girl was startled, not expecting anyone to be by her side. But by the redness on her cheeks, I realized that she was thinking the same thing as me. I forgot all about my books, and I started charming her. The girl was shy at first, but after a while, she started to get more and more comfortable. She was a shy bookworm but she was so beautiful and sexy at the same time! Since we were alone in the whole library, except the librarian, we got to talk about all the naughty topics. I slid my hands between her legs. She shivered. It was warm in there. My hands were caressing her inner thighs. I lifted her shirt up and rubbed her nipples, making her moan a little. Then I pulled her white panties to the side and started running my finger up and down her wet little slit. I asked if any boy had ever touched her there. She shook her head. The shy virgin girl noticed my boner, and I asked her if she wanted to see my cock. I pulled my hard cock out and she said she never seen a real cock before.



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College libraries probably sound like the last place on Campus you’d wanna hang out at, filled with boring book and geeky library nerds and shit like that. Everybody has their faces buried into their books and there is hardly any social interaction. Well, this kinky college couple figured out this is the best place for them to have hot public sex! There are so many nooks and crannies where they can fuck, surrounded by bookshelves and books that conceal them from wandering eyes! He strips his girl half naked and bends her over one of the bookshelves, right over the Self Help section, and starts banging her tight pussy from behind in standing position, so fucking hot! She’s wearing a baseball cap turned backwards and thick white glasses that make her look like a sexy library geek! Her big tits are hanging over her tank top, which is rolled down her midriff, and her panties dangle around her knees. He cups her jugs in his hands and holds her by her neck and shoulders as he bangs her cunt from behind. He turns her over and straddles her feet over the library shelves and bangs her as she holds on to the shelves with her arms, her ass and legs up in the air. She wants some more backdoor action, so she bends over and gets pumped with dick meat from behind some more before returning to their second position. They imagine how many sexless geeks and virgin nerds are checking them out, hidden behind the bookshelves and masturbating to them as he pulls out of her pussy and strokes his meat, unloading a creamy wad of hot cum all over her big tits! Don’t miss more crazy college girls doing incredible things on camera.

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