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A romantic date between two thick lesbians ends in a threesome

Nothing fills the gorgeous lesbian girlfriends Sapphire and Sofia with love more than having a romantic dinner date. As the girls sit down and order their food, they can’t help but be flirty with each other. This quickly grabs the attention of their waiter, who can’t stop himself from staring at their beautiful thick booties and juicy tits. After accidentally spilling water on the girls from being distracted, the two brunettes decide to have some much more kinkier fun. Since the restaurant’s empty, the lesbians lay him on their table and pull out his cock, which is already huge and throbbing. The half naked girls kiss passionately while simultaneously sucking him off and stroking his shaft with joy. It doesn’t take long before they get an urge for penetration, so one by one, they spread their legs wide and let him pound their tight twats relentlessly. Although they adore missionary, they spice things up by shaking their fat asses and arching their backs until he can’t control himself and goes in for hardcore doggy style. While pummeling both naked girls from behind, he makes sure to squeeze and spank their thick booty cheeks since their pussies get wetter, and their moans become louder whenever he does so. Unfortunately, he’s quickly pushed over the edge, so instead of cumming he pulls out in hopes of catching his breath. Rather than wait for him to calm down, the naked girls lay him on the table and start taking turns riding his giant dick. He tries his hardest not to bust, and soon enough, the two brunettes have a strong shivering orgasm from having their insides railed whilst kissing and eating pussy. As a reward for helping them cum hard, the girls let him use their bodies until he’s ready to blow his load all over their stunning faces and wide-open mouths.

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Sadie and Valerica are two girls who just love boxing. However, there has been some sexual tension between them for a while now. During today’s sparing, Sadie punched Valerica’s boob. This infuriated the girl. She dropped her gloves and went off to the locker room. As soon as Sadie walks in she sees how angry Valerica is, and oddly, this turns her on. Valerica discovers and confronts her. One thing leads to another, and before the teenage girls know it, the two start groping and kissing. It seems that Sadie wants to kiss Valerica’s boo-boo. The girl doesn’t deny her this opportunity, grabs her by the head, and shoves it on her pussy. Sadie is more than willing. She eats Valerica’s sweaty pussy. Things move fast, and a minute later, Sadie is on the bench, spread-eagle and taking Valerica’s fingers and tongue. Her clit throbs. This is what she wanted all along, not to fight Valerica but to lick her pussy dry. Valerica takes over completely and rides her face, smearing her young wet cunt hard all over her face, rubbing her wet labia and her throbbing clitoris back and forth against her mouth, her nose, her forehead. Later, the little lesbian returns the favor. The two naked girls scissors while expertly avoiding their coach. The old dude hears the noise and understands that something is up but doesn’t want to intervene. It’s his policy that the girls should settle their differences amongst themselves. What would he do if he knew what they were really up to? Sadie is the first to cum. She does so very loudly as Valerica pushes her hand onto this little sluts face. Then, she cums. The pair never stops scissoring. The naked girls hump like crazy. Valerica then makes Sadie taste her cum. She sucks that swollen pussy and apologizes for punching Valerica’s tit. After a few more orgasms, there’s a lull in the sex. The pair promise to play nice from now on and fuck every now and then.

A sweaty day at the gym with two hot naked lesbians

Our teenage redhead is cute but is flat as a board. Guys never seem to flirt with her, so she asked her Mom’s friend to help train her. A professional gym instructor with big tits and a round juicy ass! Despite her being a beginner, the sporty MILF showed no mercy to her friend’s daughter. She made the little ginger lift weights, do push-ups, and cardio. The enthusiasm she showed at the start was gone, so the older woman broke out her secret weapon. She pinned the skinny girl down and told her to try and turn things around. Even with her best effort, there was no way she could overpower the muscular MILF on top of her. To goad her on, she lifted the girl’s shirt up and started to play with her nipples. But, rather than being embarrassed and getting a surge of power, she enjoyed it. Things turned out even better. She now had a horny lesbian beneath her. The fit lady slipped down her pants and had the flattie eat her out. It seems that she had worked out her tongue before. It was definitely her strongest muscle. At this point, the naked girls had forgotten all about the training and got into a 69 position. The two hungry lesbians sucked on each other’s clits, with the most experienced one taking control. The redhead managed to make her orgasm quickly, but instead of flipping her over, she waited to be brought to an orgasm as well. She deserved a reward for such a job well done. If she ate pussy like this, she would always be welcome at her gym. Two naked girls then started to scissor. The lesbains rubbed their clits together, their wet labia, moaning in pleasure. Their pussies squirted all over each other! The girls came at the same time and kept going.

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Molly and Kylie are enjoying a nice summer afternoon. They’re lesbians and they just like to make out all day long. There is nothing better than get naked and lick wet pussies by the pool. Little did the naked girls know, their neighbor was ready to spy on them. Please don’t blame him, it’s just impossible not to peek when your neighbors are hot lesbians who walk around the backyard fully naked and lick each other’s pussies all day long. Today, the guy goes even further. Stunned by the scene of a sweet 69 between the naked girls he climbs over the fence and starts filming everything on his phone. This will be a wonderful video to watch and jerk off to later! The naked girls notice him and make a fuss. They make him sit next to them and, as punishment, make him lick their pussies! The lesbians push their wet cunts into his face, rubbing their clits all over his face, smearing his face with their juices and driving his tongue deep inside their vaginas. The girl’s asshole and pussy look amazing from this point of view. He slobbers all over their labia and pushes his tongue as deep as he can into the lesbian cunts. After both girls cum, they return the favor to him. The three kiss together as the naked girls grab his cock. The naked girls suck his cock like it’s their last. Yes, they are lesbians and they are girlfriends but a hard hot throbbing penis is much better than a plastic substitute. Not a minute goes by, and his dick is deep inside Kylie’s pussy in doggy. He pulls on her hair as he pounds her sweet ass. The guy gets confident. He switches between pussies. Next, he puts his dick into Molly’s pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. This makes her pussy wide open for Kylie to rub her until she cums again. Soon enough, the other sexy naked girl rides him in the same position while her girlfriend returns the favor. The girls are cock-drunk now. They’re taking turns on his dick, fucking him in missionary, and sitting on each other’s faces. After a few minutes of these horny scenes, he feels he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and asks the girls to lie down on their backs with their faces upside down. He jerks that cum out of his dick right on their pretty faces. The naked girls kiss while covered in cum and promise to invite him the next time they fool around by the pool.

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Jayden and Haley have been lovers for quite some time now. These high-society bitches really like eating each other out in strange places. Today, Haley expressed her desire to take Jayden to a country club, dress fine and eat her girl in the pool room. It took only a little convincing to get Jayden to go along with this lewd act. That’s why Haley likes her girl – she’s a pervert just like her. As soon as the pair is alone in the pool room, the lesbians stop pretending to play. Haley walks over to Jayden and strips her bare. The pair of sexy girls kiss and Jayden gets to lift up Haley’s skirt too, but that’s as far as she goes. Haley has the initiative. She makes her lesbian girlfriend lift one of her legs on the pool table and immediately starts licking her tight little asshole and fingering her pink pussy. Jayden’t red hair waives about as she moans and presses her holes against Haley’s face. Her big ass quivers with excitement as her girlfriend presses her tongue as deep as she can inside her girl’s holes. She loves them both. Haley takes all of her clothes off, lays Jayden on the table, and grinds her pussy against hers while squatting! Their hard clits are rubbing against each other. Their pussy lips are pressed firmly against each other. It is almost as if they are kissing as well. Two naked girls cum after only one minute in this position. The two pussies open up and grab each other as the girls scissor like crazy. Haley cums again and wants Jayden to eat her cum. So, she sits on her face. The redhead laps up all of Haley’s juices. She seems very thirsty, and Haley knows just how to quench her thirst. She doesn’t stop until Jayden smells exactly like her. She laughs and bites her pussy-flavored lips. Enjoy these two naked girls on her pool table devouring each other’s pussies in a 69 position! Two hot nymphs licking away and bumping uglies on a pool table covered with cash.

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Blonde Alexis is in her last year of high school, far from her hometown. She rents a small apartment with a roommate, the young brunette coed Zuzu. Zuzu is like a sister figure to her. She can be mean sometimes, but she takes care of her sweet little Alexis. Recently, Alexis has been under a lot of stress after all these exams. The only way she can relieve some of that stress is through masturbation. In the past couple of days, she started fingering her asshole, stretching it, smelling, and even tasting her finger afterward. Today, she bought a remote-controlled buttplug. She gets on the couch, sucks on the toy, and lets it vibrate on her clit. Before sticking it in her asshole, she toys her pussy with it first. It feels amazing in both holes. Just as she starts massaging her asshole, Zuzu walks in and interrupts her. Alexis covers herself with a blanket and pretends to be resting. Her roommate finds the remote and turns it way up. She notices a change on little Mrs. Crystal’s face. The girl is in heaven. She starts rubbing herself as the blanket falls away. Zuzu sees her gaping asshole and a pussy that’s about to squirt. She squirts right smack in her face and mouth! Alexis kisses Zuzu and makes her taste that sweet pussy before eventually handing over her asshole. Zuzu fingers, stretches, and fucks it with a dildo of her own. The girl cums many times over before eventually returning the favor. The naked girls end up masturbating their assholes one next to another. They even team up and double fuck a dual-sided dildo with their holes like two little anal sluts should. Zuzu whispers to Alexis that she can masturbate and gape her holes in front of her any day. She won’t mind.

Two sexy lesbians lose their lingerie and ride each other’s faces

How could there be no God when such wonderfully beautiful creations having sex with each other? These two lesbian honey babes called Kendall and Kylie were just made for each other. The girls look amazing in their sexy black lingerie and they look even better fully naked. Their hands caressing each other’s bodies, their perky titties and sweet little pussies. Lips are being kissed and licked by tongues. Lips are being sucked, and tongues are being sucked. Tongues are rubbing together. Kylie goes down on her sweet little Kendall, taking her panties off and eating her shaved pussy. She gently fondles her hard hard clit as she fingers the wet lips of her pussy. The juices drip down her chin as she tongues that hole with all her strength. Kendall returns the favor soon enough. The fur tingles Kylie’s asshole as she winds and grinds on her lover’s tongue. The site is spectacular. Kendall really knows what she’s doing. Then Kayden takes control as she bounces her pussy in Kendall’s face! Devilishly, she rotates her hips, rubbing her wet pussy lips all over her face. The beautiful naked babe grinds her entire vaginal opening; the lips, the piss hole, the clit, all over her mouth and chin. What a beautiful lesbian face sitting scene! The naked girls both get sex drunk and start eating each other in sixty-nine. Both cum in each other’s mouths, and not just once. Their lips and faces are wet with each other’s pussy juices. Both naked girls take a breather while kissing and touching each other’s breasts. Soon enough, they’re at it again. They start scissoring. Kylie’s trimmed pussy and Kendal’s bald little twat. Oh, the sweet sounds these two young cunts make. It’s pure heaven! Kendall’s face gets all wrinkled up. She’s getting close, and Kylie can feel it. She grinds her vulva as hard as she can on Kendall’s clit, listening to her girl’s breathing, edging her on and on. Her lover cums hard, and her entire body quivers. She shakes and even squirts a bit. Her girlfriend is quick to lick all of that cum up.

Gardener uses his huge dick to turn these two lesbians straight

Despite being in a lesbian relationship, Scarlit and Maddy get quite competitive when it comes to gaming. As the girls lay side by side in the living room and game, they try to do whatever it takes to distract one another. Just when Maddy is about to win Scarlit yanks off her shorts and starts eating her wet white pussy passionately. Things get heated as the lesbians wrap their arms around each other and kiss viciously while stripping off their tight clothes. Once their stunning bodies were fully exposed the naked girls couldn’t help but want to scissor vigorously. As they started grinding their sweet slits began twitching, but the sound of the doorbell ringing unfortunately ruined all of their naughty fun. The black cutie quickly rushes to the door to investigate and it turns out that the gardener was supposed to come and work. She lets him inside and he goes to the backyard to finish up the job. Scarlit looks around the living room and notices her girlfriend’s not around, so rather than wait for her to return she grabs her VR headset to fool around some more. After putting on some raunchy porn she begins rubbing her clit and moaning out loud, which alerts the gardener in the backyard. He slowly walks into the room and stares at the naughty naked girl.



As he pulls out his hard throbbing cock he puts it in her hand, so she jolts back and throws off her VR headset only to see his veiny manhood staring at her. Without wasting a moment the horny lesbo starts sucking on the fat penis and stretching out her throat with it. Deepthroating gets her sopping wet, so she pushes him onto the sofa to ride his dick in cowgirl and satisfy her own needs. The intense drilling doesn’t last long as they hear Maddy’s footsteps in the distance. Although they tried to hide, they were unsuccessful and were swiftly caught red-handed. Despite being angry because she cheated, the brunette is in the mood as well and wants a piece of his hot dick for herself. She throws her girlfriend to the side and takes her place on top of his huge rod. The naked girls stare into each other’s eyes as they rub their clits and use his meat for pleasure, but he’s not going to let them do all the work. As he gets up the hotties get into a 69 position and he starts thrusting them in doggy style and missionary joyfully. Between changing positions she lets the lesbians lick off their own juices from the tip and goes right back to the hardcore pounding. Two naked girls scissor with his hot dick between their wet cunts! The girls even lick his asshole. Although they’re extremely tight, he dicks them down until they both experience a shivering orgasm and he gets to bust.

Two squirting lesbians convert Mormon to the cult of sex

Lesbian girlfriends Brandy and Valerica were having some fun in bed. Two hot naked girls were licking their wet cunts, riding each other’s faces and scissoring! Just as it started to get good, they heard a knock on the door. Valerica put on some clothes to check who it was. To her displeasure, it was just another missionary spouting some nonsense. As she goes to close the door, the cheeky Mormon shows some balls and stops her. This made her rethink, so she invited him inside. The lad stutters like a madman, obviously stunned by her beauty. She cuts his speech short by going under the table and unzipping his pants. The Lord blessed him with a hefty member, one that she needed to taste. The sexy lesbian slut starts to blow him, and even though he protests, he doesn’t push her away. She goes up and down his shaft, slurping and moaning all the time. Still naked, the other lesbian goes out to check where the hell her girlfriend is. Valerica sneaks away, while the dorky Mormon has a heart attack after seeing Brandy’s massive tits. She spots his erect cock and instinctively gets down on her knees. She then decides to pop his cherry doggy style. After seeing her fuck him for a bit, Valerica comes out. Two naked girls take him to the couch for the main course. He was a virgin a few minutes ago, and now he’s sucking on titties and fucking two crazy sluts. The girls take turns riding his schlong and making him eat their pussies. Slowly, he takes charge and vigorously pounds away. He must have a gift, as he’s able to make them squirt over and over again. Two squirting lesbians get on their knees so he can give them a large, creamy facial! He came to spread the word of the Lord but only managed to spread his seed.

Would you like to be in the middle of these four naked lesbians?

Due to their busy schedule, Kenna and April didn’t have opportunities to spend time with one another. Luckily, the two friends set up a double date at Kenna’s house where they plan to introduce each other to their new girlfriends. The moment Emma and Kenzie walk in, they find out they were dating in the past. Although it’s a bit awkward at first, the girls leave the two to catch up, but instead of chatting they get busy kissing. It doesn’t take long for them to be caught, but instead of being angry at them for cheating, the girls take the opportunity to all have a great lesbian foursome together. Without wasting any time, all four naked girls cuddle up on the couch and passionately make out to get things going. As the four lesbies feel naughtier, they start caressing each other’s soft pussies with lust in their eyes. Once everyone’s nude, they end up licking their juicy tits until they eventually go down on all fours to taste their clits. Rather than intertwining their bodies together, they decide to individually satisfy themselves until everyone is completely drenched and exhausted. Pussy eating quickly leads to ass licking and fingering, which they’ve been aching to try out. Once the naked girls decide who to scissors with, they eagerly spread their legs and start thrusting relentlessly. The feeling of their quivering clits colliding as they watch the other couple do the same swiftly pushes them over the edge. Their moans become incredibly loud but the lesbians don’t care as they’re so close to reaching climax. After the four naked girls stop shivering from the intense tribbing orgasm, they huddle up on the couch and joyfully kiss before ending the foursome. Best lesbian foursome of the year so far! Only thing that would have made this better is if I could have been in the middle of these four naked lesbians! Absolutely fucking incredible!

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Jasmine, Jazlyn and Jessica are all nursing students who live together. Blonde Jazlyn is in her room one morning having sex with her boyfriend, when she realizes she’s late for an exam! He takes too long to cum in her and the girl quickly runs to her exam, leaving her hard boyfriend with blue balls. With her out of the way, her horny roommates move on the unsuspecting dude. It doesn’t take long for a two sexy babes to seduce a guy with blue balls. The girls jerk him off until he’s milked into a medical cup! That’s when Jazlyn comes back into the room and catches the sluts in the act! She straps on a big, squirting dildo and decides to teach Jasmine and Jessica a lesson in anatomy they’ll never forget! She pulls their nurse trouser and slams the dildo balls deep into their lesbian cunts! She literally fucks them both from behind! Jazlyn never knew what it is like to make a woman cum so hard. Not before long, the lesbians exchange the strap-on among each other and moan out loud. It is so fun to watch three naked girls in a group activity with a strap-on. They look totally fuckable. Jazlyn is particularly turned on. Her pussy is dripping wet and she just wants to be fucked with that big rod too. Her roommate is drilling her pussy from behind and driving her crazy. She doesn’t have so much passion and excitement with her boyfriend. This sex toy is exactly what the girls needed. Once her orgasms are over, she lies on her back and the girls begin to rub their clits hard against her thighs. Look like it is a triple scissoring! Who needs a dick when the girls can bring each other to a mind blowing orgasm with their tongues and clits!

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Using tennis as a disguise to find a hot instructor was just what these two horny lesbians, Serene and Cassie, wanted. The very moment the gorgeous brunette Spencer came into their home, the two lesbians started quietly arguing over who gets to have her first. She was completely oblivious to the situation that she got herself into and just continued with the regular lesson as usual. Although things started off somewhat normal, she was quickly interested as to why the girls were constantly bending over, showing off their perfect bodies, and getting touchy-feely with her. That’s when it all made sense, so she confronted the two beautiful girls in a very calm manner. Instead of blowing the two girls off, she explains how she’s never had such hot students that want to seduce her. The second the lesbians heard that, Serene and Cassie knew where things were going. After flirting for a few more moments, the three lesbians make their way to the sofa where they can be a lot more comfortable and naughty. Without hesitation, they start kissing her and taking off her clothes in hopes of making her perfect pussy sopping wet. Before taking off her panties, they strip their tennis shorts off to expose their fat asses to the brunette, who eagerly gives them a passionate squeeze. As their tennis instructor’s legs start spreading out, Serene’s body instinctively bends over to get a taste of her wet twat. Whilst she’s on her knees eating her out, Cassie’s focused on sitting on the instructor’s face to have her clit licked. Before they knew it, the lustful chicks had gotten so close that their pussies were practically touching each other.



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Nowadays all girls say they are lesbians or bisexuals. It is a trend so they just go with it. But only a handful of girls can actually say they really know how to enjoy lesbian sex. These two naughty blondes are among them. Their skill is unmatching as they please each other in an abandoned warehouse. The sexy blonde is licking her girlfriend’s pussy with delight. Her wiggling tongue is teasing the girl’s clitoris and making her moan out loud. Lick all the way from the bottom of her sweet lips up to the top and then again as the tip of her tongue brushes lightly against her little button. The whole warehouse echoes and it only adds to the overall excitement. Her girlfriend can’t help eating her pussy out as well. Licking deeply, chasing her juices, drinking her in. We are admiring the beautiful naked girls take turns licking their sweet pussies! The girls are determined to make each other cum. And they want to do it over and over again. The teen lesbians go through several different positions as they want as much pleasure as they can get. Interestingly enough, there is no penetration involved. No fingering, no dildoing, nothing. Just a pure lesbian licking, face siting and scissoring. They start bucking, fucking, rubbing, banging their clits against each other. Their beautiful bodies tremble from one orgasm after another as they work on pleasing each other. Eventually, they end up on a piano. The busty lesbian is bent over it and getting some pretty good action from behind. The skinny blonde is teasing her swollen clitoris. Pussy juices are dripping from the girl’s face as she can’t stop screaming and moaning. Her girlfriend hit the G spot and it sounds like she hit the jackpot! This lesbian action is incredible and genuine. It is very arousing. There is no way these two hot naked girls could fake lesbian emotions.

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Whenever her man is away, Clara has her bestie come over for some lesbian shenanigans. As soon as Mina arrives, the two Asian hotties begin kissing and teasing each other’s bodies. Their luscious bodies are craving more than just a touch, so the naked girls take turns eating out their fannies. Soon their wet pussies are kissing. While the naked girls are eagerly scissoring one another, Clara’s boyfriend suddenly arrives and they scramble. Luckily, her friend manages to hide and he doesn’t suspect a thing. Seeing how his girlfriend isn’t even ready to leave, he urges her to hurry up and lounges on her bed. While doing so, Mina’s lustful mind can’t stop thinking about her friend, so she sneakily licks her clit until she squirts in her mouth. After the shivering orgasm, Clara leaves the room, leaving her girlfriend’s aching body alone with her boyfriend. Unable to contain her lust, the slutty lesbian slowly sticks out her bare booty in hopes of making him think it’s Clara’s. He falls for the bait easily and heads on over to dick her down. As he pounds her quivering pussy he takes a closer look at her and sees who it really is, but it’s too late for him to stop. Just as she’s about to orgasm from being railed, his girl catches them in the act. Despite being angry, she can’t help but get wet, so she throws her man to the bed and the threesome begins. Without hesitation, the naked girls start slobbering on his cock whilst rubbing their twats ever so gently. He takes turns dicking down their wet pussies in every position imaginable. After stretching out the hotties and making them cum multiple times, his huge schlong is at its limit. The moment he starts wanking, the naked girls get on their knees and make sure to play with his load.

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