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If you’ve been waiting for a dorm sex video, look no further than DareDorm next film. These two best friends decided to shoot their own sex video in their dorm room! Two naked college girls and one guy, what could be better? Unbearably turned on, one girl pulls down beau’s pants and greedily wraps her warm lips around his erect cock and begins to give him the blowjob on camera. Then he swings her hips around to eat her out in a delectable 69. All the while her best friend continues to shoot them on her camera. My favorite part of there amateur video, is when one of the girls moans with such obvious pleasure as she’s being fucked by the guy, while her friend sitting near on the bed watches them. Their dorm sex video it’s a must-see for any lover of college girls and amateur sex videos. The naughty college coeds said him that the video would be just for them, but they quickly upload it to DareDorm: They say college is the time to be at your naughtiest and my sexy roommates and I are making it happen every day and every night in our dorm room, the most popular one at Campus, bitch! We even film our outrageous sex parties and upload them to the web so all our friends and their friends can check them out, jerk off to them and maybe consider participating in the next one! We love getting naked and teasing the hot guys we invite over, stripping them naked and pulling down on their slips and boxers to unveil their huge, rock hard cocks! Tonight I’m filming one of my roommates, a sultry brunette, as she smokes a big pole in a 69, getting her sweet snatch eaten out by her lover in turn! She hops on his dick and rides him hard, grinding her ass and twat against his crotch and pressing her tits against his chest, so fucking hot, college fucking! This guy is fucking her so good, I can’t wait for my turn in front of the cameras with him, looking at my sexy roommate masturbate as she watches us fuck as hard and nasty as she did with him a few minutes before me!


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Dare Dorm makes all your wet college co-ed fantasies cum true as their cameras take you deep inside the hottest, naughtiest and raunchiest college dorm room sex parties and wild orgies! See sexy amateur college girls strip naked, suck dick, fuck and get jizz all over their faces and bodies in amateur hardcore action! Regular updates with new scenes, guys and girls will keep you at the edge of your seat and make you want to enroll back on Campus! Don’t miss real submitted dorm room footage from real college girls!

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Naked girls, hot naked college girls in a wild dorm room sex orgy! What could be better?! This is one more user submitted dorm room footage from real students! What do we have in this dorm room sex orgy? Four naked girls and three guys fucking together on one bunk bed while their friends watch. These hot girls are crazy! They are willing to get completely naked, kiss each other while the guys watch, give them a head, get eaten out, get fucked, and whatever else they can think so. Fortunately for us we got this amateur video from one of the guys: Check me out, I was like the biggest loser geek in high school, but now that I’m living in a dorm in College, I’m like an amateur porn star, man! Getting my dick sucked by two beautiful college coeds is like a normal day for me now, but I still enjoy the fuck out of it! The girls in college want to experiment and my dick seems to be the perfect experiment for them, lol! I let these two naked girls stroke and suck my cock and take turns licking my balls too! Their lips are so nice, and their pussies are perfect! Two girls licking my cock, so hot! The rest of my friends are having a blast too, fucking hot girls and making them suck their cocks, the girls even let us film this shit and take pictures, College definitely rules! While one of my friends are fucking a sexy blonde doggy style on the second floor of the bunk bed, my girls climb on my dick and my face! After riding on my cock and face they turn to a doggy style position and ask me fuck them hard one by one. We have these amazing dorm room sex orgies almost every day, it’s incredible that we can get any studying done at all! The chicks are open to everything and anything, they love switching partners and dicks, having hot lesbian sex in front of us and taking all the cum we can give them in their faces and bodies!


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You can find more sex orgies at DareDorm! Watch all these crazy college orgies right now! These hot girls do incredible things on camera. Fucking with guys, daily lesbian orgies with roommates, group masturbation, naked orgies outdoors… it’s all the main part of their college life. Don’t miss the latest videos at the site, full length and in unrivaled 1080p Full HD. See the hottest college girls having wild sex orgies!

Fucking a couple of hot college coeds at the dorm party

Here is one more dorm sex video with a couple of naked girls! Fucking a couple of hot college coeds at the dorm party! As you know college is a time for sexual experimentation. Yes, I confess to being a virgin when I entered college, but thanks to the naughty college coeds that live down the hall in the dorm, that’s ancient history! Just the other day they hosted a party and it usually starts with dancing and shit, but after a couple of hours, everybody starts taking off their clothes and fucking like crazy! These two girls, a hot blonde and her friend guided me to one of the beds and while the blonde sucked my dick and licked on my shaved balls, the friend sat between us and watched. She spread her legs so I could rub her naked pussy while I got head from the blonde, who at the same time was getting her tight bubble ass spanked hard by another coed! Some naked girl shoved her pussy up my face and I ate her out before turning back to the blonde and fucking her as hard as I could! I fucked her in every possible position I could come up with while she licked her friend’s pussy, you know how fucking hot it is to bang two naked girls together. It’s so hot to bang a chick while she’s giving you a hot lesbian show to watch while you’re doing her, right? Then these girls lay back on the bed with their knees up and with their heads hovering over the edge of the bed and opened their mouths for sucking. Guys that were around were looking at us, laughing, clapping and videotaping. At the end I cummed onto belly of one of the girls and her friend began to lick out my jizz! Just look after that they began kissing!!!


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These two hot coeds began to get naked and jumped on top of one of the guys to get the threesome going! I hope you will like this amateur video. Don’t forget to check out some of DareDorm recent updates! See the hottest real college girls having wild sex parties in their dorm rooms by the link above! Witness the hottest, sexiest dorm sex parties, romps and orgies, with amateur girls stripping naked, licking pussies and getting fucked by their roommates!

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Hey girls and boys, today I have something special for you – Dorm Room Group Sex! Just watch this amateur video of hot college girls getting fucked together on the dorm room’s bunk beds. This guy caught sex party on camera and wrote: Banging all my hot college co-eds in a dorm room group sex party! Yes, I got into College to study film, but I never ever imagined I’d be practicing my skills filming my classmates having group sex in the dorm room! The co-ed girls down the hall are all studying Psychology and, man, they are freaky bitches! They love to experiment and get off having hot lesbian sex in bed while I filmed them! The girls pair off and take turns fingering and licking each other’s pussies and finally invite me to join them! My cock is as hard as a rock by now and hey, maybe I end up being a porn director and porn star after I graduate with all the experience I’m getting with my dorm mates! One of naked girls starts sucking my dick while I hand the camera chores to another guy and the rest of the college jocks from my dorm room join in with the girls for one bitch ass crazy college fuck fest! College girls are sucking dick, taking it up the ass and fucking, and whoever is left without a partner just sits back, watches and masturbates! I bang my girl doggy style while the rest of her friends make out with her and wait for their turn, man, college is crazy fucking good! Just look at these girls, they fuck like mad! They licking pussy to each other while their classmates fucks them together side by side. Most of all I liked the ending of his video – two college girls lick one cock till he reward them with hot fountain of jizz!



Don’t forget to download more dorm room group sex parties at DareDorm. College is the best time of life to enjoy sex, and when you visit Dare Dorm, you can tell that the naughty co-eds and freshmen in these College Campuses know how to have a good time! Witness the hottest, sexiest college dorm sex parties, romps and orgies, with hot college students stripping naked, sucking dick and taking it up their pussy and ass like it’s the end of the semester! These girls love getting caught on tape and exposed on the web as cum hungry, cock loving, pussy munching college sluts! These girls got $10’000! Are you in a dorm? Do you need money? Don’t waste any time and shoot your own porn video with your roommates.

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Girls and boys, today I have one more great amateur video for you! Just check out these desirable college naked girls in their dorm room. This chick is having a hard time in college, all her dorm roommates are getting laid and she is getting no action at all. She has sunk so low that, while the girls are out partying, she is masturbating on the couch with the electric toothbrush! Even worst, this naked girl forgot to lock the door and her friends almost walk in on her. Still, they suspect something is off and they decide to mount a little kinky dorm party, girls only, so their roommate can see that even though she isn’t getting any cock, she can still get loads of pussy! The girls start playing dress up with their kinkiest clothes and lingerie, taking pictures and you know, shit starts to happen. She confesses her electric toothbrush affair but the girls are not judgmental at all and they invite her to join them in a circle on the rug, where she will get to play with each and every one of them, and of course, they will all get to play with her… and maybe with her electric toothbrush too! Don’t miss this video if you are into watching amateur sex tapes with hot naked girls! Almost forgot, you can check out more videos like this at DareDorm, the site where I took this video. Daredorm takes you behind the scenes of the most renowned and famous College Campuses and into the dorm rooms, so you can find out what really goes on behind closed doors and in the hallways when these naughty co-eds take off all their clothes and get it on! The wildest college frat parties and dorm room sex orgies come to live in front of your eyes, with hot and naked college girls fucking, sucking dick, masturbating, having hot lesbian sex and enjoying all the kinky sex that can only be learned and experienced in college! Tons of college chicks and campus XXX flicks to check out and enjoy!

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Naughty college co-eds get wild and raunchy in their dorm room. Cute brunette is taking some pictures with her best friends on Campus while they chillax in their dorm room after a fancy party. They have all been hot so the inhibitions are running low and the libido is running high! The girls get very close for more pictures and start making faces that quickly go from funny and cute to sexy and flirtatious. Daringly, the brunette flashes a boob and that’s when this party gets fucking started! The rest of the dorm joins in and everybody starts taking off their clothes and having sex! A blonde spreads her legs and lets her lesbian friend eat out her snatch while everybody watches and snaps pictures. Another naked girl sucks her casual friend’s hard cock and lets him fuck her from behind while her friend does the same in the bed across hers with another random guy; and the hottest thing is that it’s all happening within the confines of this small dorm room and in front of the rest of the guys and gals! Naked girls are really hot fucking on the dorm room’s bunk beds. The girls are getting fucked hard by the guys side by side in bed. Three couples fucking at the same time, while the rest of the party kept going in the back.

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Sexy college co-eds host a wild sex party in their dorm room! This sexy blonde co-ed and her dorm mates are having a little party tonight. You know, a little bit of music, a little bit of flirting and lots of hot, kinky sex! The fun is making the sexy girls uninhibited, they are teasing each other, bouncing on their beds, flashing their titties, you know, sweet and innocent stuff! After a while it seems like the girls are getting bored, and what better way to liven up a party than by inviting the guys from down the end of the corridor? As soon as the dudes join the party it gets banging, with everybody getting naked and getting it on! Naked girls have lesbian sex with each other, fingering and licking their young wet pussies, and of course the guys are treated to complimentary handjobs and blowjobs before hopping into bed with the girls and fucking their wet holes out! The guys are getting humped by the girls side by side in bed and just kicking back and enjoying themselves as naked girls play with each other and offer them a lesbian peep show! This party is going to last until the crack of dawn! These girls got $10’000! Do you live in a dorm? Do you need money? Don’t waste any time and shoot your own porn video with your roommates. This could be sex with your girlfriend, or threesome fuck with a couple of girls, or lesbian sex between college co-eds! Shoot your homemade video and get cash. The craziest stuff happens in College and the girls and guys just want to party, get naked and fuck. When you join Dare Dorm you are taken behind the walls and doors of dorm rooms from all over, and you get to see what happens when these college co-eds go wild! These naughty babes do anything on a dare, stripping naked, masturbating, having hot lesbian sex, sucking dick, playing with dildos and taking dick up their butts and pussies until they are covered in hot cum! The action never stops in the dorms and you get to be part of it!

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The guys and girls in this college love hanging out in the dorm rooms, they are always having parties, playing dares, dancing, getting naked and fucking! These are all the things you are supposed to do when you are in college after all, right? The hot co-eds are already in several different stages of undress, some in their lingerie, some in their panties, others are already butt naked and ready to suck some cock, eat some pussy and get all their wet, tight fuck holes pounded, plowed, drilled and filled to the brim with hot cum! When the game of dare is over (or they are all too horny to keep playing), things get kinky and hot. This blonde babe strokes her man’s meat on the top bunk bed while below her, one dude gets a double blowjob and another one is also getting his dick orally pleasured. The blonde on the top bunk bed is already on top of her man and riding him and their fuck fever soon catches unto the lower bunk. Everybody will get to fuck and cum in this dorm party.

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I’ve never seen a game of titty pong before in my life, but I guess that’s just some of the games these crazy college girls come up with nowadays. It actually looks fun, maybe it’s because there are sexy college co-eds taking off their clothes and showing their titties in the process! The girls are good at their game (yeah, they may be losing, but they’re getting naked and that makes them winners in my book) and the guys are getting pretty turned on! Naked girls don’t mind showing off their tight college bodies, juicy butts and firm titties, dancing together and even making out, because they know lesbian fantasies turn their college lovers on and make their cocks so hard, just the way they like them when they are ready to suck dick and fuck hard! Soon naked girls are getting laid all over the dorm room, on top of the bunks bed and even over the titty pong table! Check it out and enjoy!

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After watching this amazing video at Dare Dorm, I can only think of one thing. Where the hell were these sexy girls when I was in college? Meet these sexy girls Janes and Evelyn! It happens to be Janes birthday, and she just told her sexy friend that she has never been with a guy before. Her girlfriend offered to do it today right in their dorm room. But Janes asked her to do her doggy style with a strap-on at first! It seems her best friend liked the idea. Both girls get naked in front of the camera and Jane’s friend puts on the strap-on dildo. Then she begins to fuck her best friend doggy style! It is unbelievable how hot these two naked girls are! After dildo fucking the girls decided to find the handsome guy for the Jane’s first time. Once they found the guy, they started without wasting any time. Janes is the spunky short haired brunette sitting on the right with her adorable white sundress and Evelyn is the sexy blonde co-ed to the left. Between them is Chad, who is their best friend and always hangs out with them in their dorm room. Janes pulls down the top of her dress and exposes her juicy tits and Evelyn starts playing with them and sucking on her nipples. Soon he gets a huge boner alright, and the blonde sucks down on it and climbs on top, it hardly fits her tight pussy! Check out as these naked girls suck his huge cock at the same time! The girls were very surprise to see that this dude is packing in a major way. Almost to big, one girl said, almost. Chad grabs her juicy little tight butt and pushes her against him and then it’s Jane’s turn to suck that delicious black dick while her friend fucks her with a strap-on cock. That was probably a birthday she will never forget! The craziest stuff happens in College and the girls and guys just want to party, drink, get naked and fuck! When you join Dare Dorm you are taken behind the walls and doors of dorm rooms from all over, and you get to see what happens when these college co-eds go wild! These naughty babes do anything on a dare, stripping naked, masturbating, having hot lesbian sex, sucking dick, playing with dildos and taking dick up their butts and pussies until they are covered in hot cum! The action never stops in the dorms and you get to be part of it!

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These girls left home virgins but they will be returning total bitches once they are done with college! All they do all day long is sit around their dorm room, having sex with their boyfriends and college buddies! There goes all that hard earned savings their parents invested to make one a doctor and the other a lawyer, looks like what they’ll be is pornstars instead! The boys are rubbing their backs because the girls are just too damn tired from so much partying, fucking; but their hands are wandering and the co-eds know what this means! The guys are rock hard and the girls haven’t slurped a fresh dick in like 5 or 6 hours, so it’s time to catch up on all the whoring! One of the girls, a curly haired blonde airhead, gets fucked hard by her stud in her bed, while the other couple prefers a nice steamy round of mutual masturbation, just to see who makes who cum the first! I wonder if these co-eds are planning to use this amateur sex footage they are filming as part of their thesis!

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This lucky stud gets an invitation from his sexy brunette co-ed who lives down the hall to pay her a visit in her dorm room. When he gets there he realizes a couple of things, her roommate has a camcorder in her hands and the brunette looks pretty horny, all great signs! He invites her to sit on his lap and make out with him while her buddy films it all and she quickly hops on top, her tight jeans sliding down her butt to reveal a kinky thing. Seeing that this dorm room party is about to get hot, he calls up his buddy and takes control of the camera while the sexy brunette makes out with her roomie! In no time, the girls are all naked and forming couples with the guys so they can fuck and film each other. The sexy brunette co-ed slut takes quite a hardcore pussy pounding and everything gets caught on tape, you know, for posterity! This is the type of footage that can make you realize all the fun you missed out on for skipping college!

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This group of sexy college co-eds are in the dorm bathroom, getting all pretty and sexy for their guys. Moments later we catch up with them in the dorm room, where a party is going on and it is jumping! The girls are dancing, having a great time, checking out the guys and letting the guys check them out too! The party gets them in the mood for dick and hot sex, the naughty girls start taking off all their clothes to the beat of the music, pulling down their stud’s pants and releasing their rock hard cocks so they can suck their dicks and balls while they spread their legs and show them their dripping wet snatches! “Fuck me, baby!” “Fuck me hard!” The lucky guys just can’t believe how hot this party got, they see naked girls everywhere, sucking dick and riding cock, begging their lovers to fuck them harder and harder, having hot lesbian sex with the other co-eds and fighting over who gets the first cumshot all over her face and titties! The girls don’t stop, there are just too many hot guys to fuck and hard dicks to suck, they keep taking turns and jumping from one cock to the next, only stopping for some hot pussy licking and anal rimming when one of their co-eds get in the way!


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The ladies restroom is a great place to kick back and chat, since there is almost always so much going on at the dorm rooms. These girls were just brushing their teeth when the conversation shifted from studies and social life to sex! One of the girls seems worried that her titties are too small, pulling her top up to show the rest of the girls. Another one of the girls follows suit and show off her bazongas, which are quite meatier than her friend’s! Feeling the need to lift their self-esteem, the girls head back to the dorm room, where the guys are also kicking back and having some beers. They want to know their opinion on their bodies and the guys are more than glad to check them out naked! A couple is already fucking away underneath the covers, that’s just how they roll in this dorm room! Luckily somebody brought in a camcorder to get all the raw and steamy footage on tape and pass it on to future generations (or current ones too!). Watching their roommates fucking gets the rest of the girls turned on, giving the other lucky dude in the room a hot, shared handjob, stroking his dick until he’s ready to blow his load all over himself!


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These girls are reckless and this clip is just a small preview of all the hot XXX stuff that goes on at the dorm! You just won’t believe all the XXX fucking, hardcore cock sucking, pussy pounding, masturbation, group sex and kinky stuff that goes down at the Dare Dorm until you sign up and check out all the videos and pictures in their huge members area! Real user submitted co-ed porn just for you! Click thumb to watch more user submitted college dorm videos!

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These three beautiful college co-eds invite some male friends over to their dorm room for a little private party that gets out of hand real fast, as they get naked and start filming everything that is going on! They made up their own disguises, but everybody is pretty much almost naked or scantily clad at best, and let fun take away the few inhibitions they may have left. There is a sexy blonde babe with a bra made out of duct tape and parking cones, a sexy short haired babe in bikini, fluffy ears hair band and roller skates and a smoking hot brunette doll with long black curly bangs, these guys are so fucking lucky to get to party with these hot up co-eds! One of the guys gets naked and starts eating out the juicy snatch on the curly haired doll while the short haired skater girl sucks his big dick with gusto. The curly haired bimbo closes her eyes, moaning and grunting, rubbing her body against the wall and passing her hands all over her naked body while her snatch gets licked and sucked. Another guys joins them, so both girls can suck dick and ride cock together. The curly haired bitch has a tight ass, while her friends bubble shaped buns jiggle like jelly as they rock her man’s huge dick!


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This is a real party! Dare Dorm is one wicked site, loaded with the hottest college co-eds showing us what life on Campus is really all about! You get high definition videos and images, filled with incredible sex orgies, group sex, threesomes, lots of fucking, cock sucking, lesbian action and sex toys galore as these naughty college girls go wild!

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Whoever said that college was all hard work and studying must have been a real dork and never got to hang out with these beautiful co-eds! This sexy blonde and her brunette roommate have figured out the best way to pay for their college loans, inviting all their horny dorm friends to check them out as they get naked and put up their very own sex show! Hey, they must be marketing students, because they really know how to market their oily, wet, nude bodies! The brunette wraps her legs and arms around her friend’s slippery body as they turn their dorm into a slip and slide. They invited other gals and guys over to enjoy the fun and see who has the courage to get naked and join the naughty girls while everything gets caught on tape. As more naked hotties join the party, things just seem to get better and better! Naked girls are having fun, they are also feeling very horny and it will not be long before they give in to their desires and start eating out some pussy and sucking hard cock, letting the roomies fuck their brains out and fill their throats with plenty of cum juice! Indeed, soon the girls are down on their knees and slobbering dick, they really get into it and you can tell they are all cock sucking pros!


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