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Ever since she became pregnant, her libido has been out of control! During pregnancy her vaginal lubrication, blood flow to the pelvic area and the sensitivity of her breasts and nipples increased. The problem is, her husband is afraid to harm the baby and refuses to have sex with her. The couple sits in the hospital, where another couple is waiting for their gynecologist to call them up. They strike up a conversation and the wife immediately starts talking about how horny she has been lately since she has gotten pregnant, but the other couple is just weirded out by this. However, the husband of the other girl seems to be okay with it and it doesn’t take much to lure him away from his wife for a quickie. The horny wife gets up to go to the bathroom and winks at the other guy to follow her. He gives an excuse and they go into an unoccupied ordinance where they can have some privacy. The dude is acting stupid asking her what she’s doing, but he already knows that what he is about to do is cheat on his other pregnant wife who is out there in the waiting room with her husband. She whips out his big dick and sucks on it like a nympho. She is pregnant and that causes her a high sex drive. She gets on top of him and starts riding him, covering her mouth so as to not make too much noise so they don’t alert the people in the waiting room. It seems that they’re successful, and their little fuck expedition goes off without a hitch. Watch her big breasts, her amazing tits, bounce as she rides him. She is grinding herself down onto him pushing him deeper into her, feeling his hot cock deep into her vagina.



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She walked slowly to the front door of her dad’s friend’s house. This petite blondie had a problem, she just realized she was pregnant and she was in dire need of some advice. She was afraid to tell her father about it and hoped he could help her out. They sat on the couch, and she told him the story of her latest hook-up, and how she got pregnant. He was shocked, and as much as he tried to help her, he didn’t know what to tell her. He sent her away pointing out how inappropriate it would have been. But the pregnant girl sneaked back into his house, sneaked into his bedroom and she took off all of her clothes and put on her white stockings. This pig-tailed blondie was naked on the bed, waiting for him to walk in and see her like that! She didn’t have to wait too long. When he saw her laying on the bed, with her legs spread as much as she could, he felt his cock stiffen in his pants. It takes a man with the strength of a saint to resist a young naked girl lying with her legs spread wide, caressing her sweet pussy and asking him to love her! Sexy long pigtails, skinny frame, long slim legs, tiny tits, a smooth pussy and a cute smile! The naked girl got on her knees on the bed, and she got closer to him. Her hand slipped to his pants, and he let her take off his pants and toy with his cock while she whispered in his ear. His cock was rock hard for her, and she bent over and wrapped her dirty little mouth around his shaft.



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Frank had problems at work lately and he was afraid his boss would fire him. One day his teen daughter came into his office and his boss was there. He offered his daughter to the boss, so she would keep the job. The boss didn’t mind to fuck that little slut. Frank went outside and waited behind the door till his boss cum in her stepdaughter. The slutty teen didn’t refuse much and she let the older man nail her. When Frank came back, his boss tucked his cock back into pants, grabbed the cardboard box and pushed it into Frank’s hands. ‘I told you, you’re fired.’ He said. ‘Just because you sell out your daughter, doesn’t mean you have a job.’ He took his anger out on his stepdaughter, who was lying fully naked on his desk with cum leaking out of her pussy. He came in her as well. After two steamy fucks with her dad and his boss, the girl realized she was pregnant. She was scared, it was hard but she told her mom all about what happened that day. Her mom got furious and she got mad at her and at her husband. When he got home, they had a fight. Mom was livid, though wasn’t on her daughter’s side. Ever since she had turned eighteen she had been acting like a complete slut. Frank was trying to convince it was her idea. Mom had seen how her daughter dressed, how she behaved around men. Frank did everything to make her believe that it was her fault. She just wanted to be a family again, she didn’t want him to go. He was kissing her body and removing her clothes gently. She was reluctant at first, but as soon as he started eating her pussy, she started to cool off. Frank wanted to do anything to have his wife stay with him, so he went for her ass as well. The wife was enjoying it so much, and her anger disappeared. She wanted his cock inside her, so he entered her wet pussy and started penetrating her. There is nothing better than intense make-up sex after a fight. His beautiful naked wife got on top of him to ride his stick. She didn’t care that he cheated on her with her daughter. When they were finished, Frank was feeling bad so he went to the daughter’s room to have a conversation with her.

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When this blonde found out that she was pregnant she just had to tell her stepdad. While her stepdad was thrilled to hear the news, it wasn’t because of the usual reason why a dad would be thrilled to hear that kind of thing. In fact, he was thrilled because the blonde is incredibly hot and he’s not blood-related to her, and it just so happens that he has always wanted to fuck a pregnant chick. It’s a huge fetish for him and the blonde babe came in wearing such a hot outfit that the old man couldn’t be stopped when seducing her. A little bit of striptease later, and the blonde turns out to be wearing some of the hottest lingerie that she owns. With such hot lingerie, it’s no wonder that the stepdad was head over heels for her. He always wanted to fuck her, cum in her, and now he could finally concentrate on that becoming a reality. He wanted to destroy her little pussy with his hard cock. He lied back and she went ahead and started gobbling up his cock. He just hoped that the wife wouldn’t come home and see him getting a blowjob from her daughter. He was on cloud nine however and couldn’t stop himself from going forward and going all the way. After the blowjob, it was time for him to show his stepdaughter what he was made of. He took her and spread her slim legs and slid her panties to the side so that the could start fucking her pink pussy immediately. His dick was so hard from the blowjob so the stepdaughter managed to feel every inch of his hard and throbbing manhood deep into her vagina. She was amazed at how big it was while being drilled hardcore, as it was even bigger than her boyfriend’s. He plowed her mercilessly and made her orgasm again and again on his meaty member. Then, he shot a potent load of cum deep inside her young cunt. She was still on her hands and knees with his white cum leaking out of her cunt when he pushed his cock into her and kept fucking her.

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The young brunette starts working as a sitter, and everything was perfect. His employer was this older guy that was always so nice to her, but she was wondering where his wife is. He always told her that she is currently working in Europe, but one day she found out the truth. His wife has died, and her last wish was for him to find another girl and impregnate her. She is startled, demanding to know what the hell is going on in this house? The man begins to tell her a sad story about how he and his wife had been trying to have a baby for years. Listening to him, she was touched and figured out she could help him. She always wanted to become mom and also money isn’t an issue for him, he just needs a womb. He slowly leads her upstairs and starts to undress her. His hands are sliding down her belly towards her pussy. The girl lays at the edge of the bed and lets the old man pull off her panties. He spreads her legs slowly and sees smooth, creamy thighs and a hairless pussy. She has never been with an older man before but once he starts eating her pussy, she is finally able to relax and enjoy the moment. He knows what to do, as no other man. Other guys she was with were by far better looking but had no idea how to give her pleasure. Her pussy juices start flowing like crazy. Now she finally understands why some younger women are in love with older men. They know how to treat them like queens, giving them explosive orgasms. He has sent kids to their relatives for a few days, meaning that this evening will be all about sex. She is already about to have her first orgasm before demonstrating her cock sucking abilities. He just lays on his back and lets her do the work. The pleasure of her mouth and tongue were so overwhelming. What they both figured out is that they love intense sex. She is sucking his shaft and even manages to deepthroat him.



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Millie has been married for a few months now, and the honeymoon phase is long since over. Both she and her husband are young, but she started to be more responsible. As such, they have started using condoms, which her husband absolutely hates. But hey, it’s either wear a condom or get no pussy at all. Millie’s stepsister Cherie came to stay with them after breaking up with her husband. Not only does he have to wear a condom, but is now getting cockblocked by this girl. One day, the elder sister overheard the two having sex. She stood next to the door, listening to her stepsister’s moans. She noticed that even after cumming, her brother-in-law didn’t look too happy. When she saw a condom carelessly tossed on the floor, she understood why. A bit later, the sexy MILF started to tease him by showing her cunt. She also playfully threw a packet of condoms on the floor and called him over to the kitchen. Cherie spread her legs and waited for him to put it in and fill up her cunt with sperm. In fact Cherie needed that sperm, she had been trying to get pregnant to no avail. Her husband couldn’t make her a baby, maybe her sister’s husband could! Like a man on a mission, he wanted to feel pussy without rubber around his dick again. In just a few pumps, he came inside her! His wife walked in and saw the two, but the first thing she did was suck the cum out of her stepsister’s pussy! Millie didn’t mind having her husband fuck her stepsister and wanted to help her to get pregnant. The girls went to blow him, to get him hard again. He would only be ready to go again if he saw them makeout. After that little event, the naked girls would fuck him day and night, no condoms, and no pills, letting him cum in their pussies and licking the sperm out of each other’s cunts.

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