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My new step father stretched my tiny little pussy while my mom slept on the same bed

While some girls freak out when they see their Mom in bed with a person after divorce, Chloe is thrilled. After Dad left, Mom has been hitting up bars like crazy. The last guy she brought back was some old, fat dude with a huge cock. Chloe woke up early to her Mom’s moans. She snuck up to her bedroom door and peeked in. Before giving them a scare, she wanted to play with herself for a bit. Watching her busty milfy Mom ride his monster dong made her excited. She flicked her nipples and teased her teen pussy, but stopped before she could cum. She went in and freaked them out. Mom was used to this. Chloe did it to mess with the guys. She went to the kitchen, and the man followed her to apologize for the awkward situation. Chloe loved the nervous ones. He was nice, but she needed to inspect his dick personally before he could continue dating her Mom. Before he could say anything, she yanked his boxers down and started to suck his dick. He was panicking, but the slut told him to relax and enjoy it. Just then, Mom walked in, but Chloe wouldn’t stop sucking. She decided not to finish him off and let him go. The next time he was at their house, Chloe went into the bedroom and blew him next to her Mom. If he was good enough for a second date, she needed to fuck him too. The blonde slut got on top of him and stuffed his dick into her young pussy. The feeling of her tight pussy being stretched by his massive cock made her body tremble as her body impaled itself on his mature dick. As if her Mom wasn’t sleeping beside them, she bounced up and down and moaned loudly. The more he complained, the faster the hot blonde teen went. The thrill of getting caught got her more excited. Finally she got what she wanted, her new step-father’s cum in her mouth. Little did the man know Chloe and her Mom do this with every guy.

My new stepmom helps me to lose my virginity

Mandy is a thoroughbred, curvy brunette in her late thirties. She was dating a divorced guy her age, and it got serious. At first, she was stopping by his place to fuck around. This is when she first met his son. The boy was always a bit hostile to his dad’s fuck mates, but Mandy is intent on becoming his mom. Well, stepmom, to be exact. She bumps into him in the kitchen. This blue-eyed short-haired brunette has a pair of small but succulent tities and a big ass stretched between a pair of hips that can kill. The sexy MILF approaches him, attempting to build up a relationship with him, but nothing seems to work. Mandy even does the thing that makes any late teenager cringe. She asks him if he has a girl in his life. Of course, he doesn’t want to talk about it. She runs her hand up and down his chest and tells him how stupid and inexperienced college girls are. And before you know it, her hand is down in his pants. She whips his young virgin dick out and jerks him off. The boy is shocked but loves this new sensation. He can see that Mandy’s mouth is beginning to water. Not a minute passes, and he’s in her mouth, balls-deep. MILF isn’t just showing the boy how a real woman sucks. She’s actually living out an old fantasy of hers.



She’s always wanted to take a boyish young man and treat all of his mommy issues, including the part where he has to feel accepted by her sexually. “Does mommy suck your cock good?” she asks. After a few minutes, she pulls her panties down, reveals her wet cunt, and straddles that dick. She has all the initiative, while the boy can just give his cock in shock. Stepmom’s big butt bounces on his young slender figure. His thick pubic hair is tickling her pussy lips and her clit. She’s really enjoying her mommy role, grinding on her stepson, and living out her fantasy. The dude is now running his hands all over her gorgeous body, squeezing her juicy ass and playing with her boobs. The beautiful naked woman starts moving faster, almost bouncing off the end of his cock before slamming her cunt back down around it. She shows the boy her asshole in reverse cowgirl, telling him she wants to give him everything like a stepmommy should. The young guy is inspired by this total acceptance so much that he takes the initiative. He fucks her in doggy, pounding against her big ass! She rocks back against him, grinding her big ass against him and driving his young hard dick inside of her. Then she wants her new stepson to fuck her in missionary. She keeps enjoying his dick until he pulls out and cums. Mandy likes how her new life is working out. They’ll have so much fun when Dad’s away.

Hot busty blonde finds a new boytoy to serve her

Age hasn’t killed this blonde bombshell’s libido. Now that she’s the CEO of a large company, she has a large disposal of men willing to do anything. One day, she spotted this broad-shouldered stud and told him to come for a private meeting. At her house, that is. She awaited in purple lingerie, and when he walked in, he knew what to do immediately. As the blonde MILF got comfortable on the couch, he went down to lick her pussy. The man artfully teased her clit with his tongue. His oral skills were definitely worthy of a raise. Being a good boss, our blonde knows how to reward her star workers. She takes off her bra and wraps her big tits around the guy’s enormous cock. Looking up at him with her blue eyes while giving him a titty fuck, he was in heaven. She gives the tip a quick lick and falls in love with the taste. Wanting more, the babe gives it a nice, wet blowjob. With the first exam passed, now comes the big test. She takes him to her bedroom and bends over. What a gorgeous babe! Hell, it should be a law that her big bubble butt was licked, spanked, and most importantly fucked on an hourly basis. The man grabs her wide hips and puts his dick in her moist hole. His soft but firm touch makes her squirm like a teenage girl. She likes to be in charge, so she pushes him onto the bed and gets on top. The hot naked blonde rides him with the experience only a woman of her age can have. Her massive ass bounces up and down the young man’s girthy member. Wanting to impress her, he smacks her butt and starts pounding her. She’s had many men, but this one was something else. She starts to moan as he goes faster and faster. To finish, the blonde gets on her back and takes a hot cumshot on her gorgeous breasts.

My wife hired a new au pair and it was a big mistake on her part

I heard some noise in the house and went downstairs to see what my wife was doing. But to my surprise, instead of her, I saw a teenage girl posing near the mirror. I stopped and decided to observe what was happening. She was taking out different lingerie from the bags and trying it on in front of the mirror, not forgetting to take selfies as well. The girl had an absolutely amazing body, a cute little ass, slender legs and flat tummy. I could see her naked ass through the almost transparent lingerie. I felt my dick began to harden. I had not seen such a sexy girl since my marriage. Suddenly, she turned around and saw me. As it turned out, my wife had hired a new au pair, and this girl, named Marie, was supposed to live with us. I can only say that it was a big mistake on her part. How could I say no when she offered up her tight teen pussy and perky little tits! Wasting no time she grabbed my dick with her small hands. She kissed the head over and over and it felt incredible! Her lips opened and she sucked me in! The feeling was unbelievable! My wife have never done anything like that. The girl made love with my cock and then she stood over me, pulled her pink lace panties to a side and lowered her pussy onto my dick. It slid inside her petite body. The feeling of her pussy was overwhelming. The skinny naked girl was bouncing up and down, slamming her clit hard against me. I pushed her on all fours and kept fucking that little cunt with all my might. I just, I, I felt like a real man again, after all the years of marriage and boring sex with my wife. The feeling of a young 18 year old pussy was driving me absolutely wild. The girl was about to swallow up ever drop of cum! With full mouth of sperm she just smiled at me and asked “Did you like that?”.

Horny housewife is having a hot lesbian day with her new maid

One day Jennifer sees her hubby holding their new maid Chloe around her waist. They were giggling and looking each other in the eyes. Jennifer got upset and invited a hot blonde maid into the kitchen. While the teen girl mopped the floor, the horny housewife noticed beautiful lines of maid’s womanhood through her tight pants. The MILF got so aroused with the girl’s ass wiggling around that she had to touch her large cleavage. Finally, Jennifer couldn’t resist the urge and pulled out her big titties. She sat on the kitchen counter and started masturbating her shaved snatch. Chloe just kept teasing Jennifer until Jennifer came with a loud gasp from her mouth. Jennifer stood up and ripped the maid’s hot pants, revealing her perfectly shaped ass and vagina. In no time, fingers were inserted into the young cunt. The teen babe then bends over the counter, allowing Jennifer’s tongue to reach the depths of her wet snatch. Two hotties were going around the house, and Jennifer would eat the young sweet cunt everywhere. When the lesbians reached the bedroom, Chloe started moaning loudly. Jennifer’s sizable ass was in a doggy position while she licked the maid’s taco passionately. Then it was Chloe’s turn to return the favor. She started by licking the MILF’s big nipples, and then her tongue met her vagina. Jennifer’s climax was so close as she moaned and shouted, “Omfg, I’m gonna cum”. To seal the deal, the little slut filled her wet pussy with a small dose of fingering. But the round is not over yet, and Jennifer puts her tongue all the way into the maid’s pink taco. The naked girl rides into another wet orgasm. The MILF saved her vibrator for the ending pleasure. She placed the vibrator between their wet snatches, and the naked girls rubbed against each other until a simultaneous climax.

French dance instructor teaches a teen babe and her fiance some new moves

Johnny has just proposed to Lacy. The two lovebirds are thrilled but still need to get a lot of stuff done before the wedding. First and foremost, they want to learn how to dance so that they can look perfect in their wedding video. The experienced Anissa is the best dance teacher around. Little did they know that this stunning brunette is a sexual maniac who loves young cocks and young pussies. The three met at her studio, and before you could say “Moulin Rouge”, Anissa’s mouth was on Johnny’s throbbing member. Lacy walks in on them, and the horny nympho jumps up, grabs her hair, and makes her get on her knees and suck her fiance! His cock balls deep in her mouth – this is what her response to his marriage proposal should had looked like! Johnny is amazed at how big of a slut Anissa is and pounds his girl’s throat while pinching her perfect boobs. He makes the girl stand up and puts his dick between her thighs while Anissa sucks the tip of his dick and licks Lacy’s pussy one after the other. Pretty soon, he pounds his bride on a chair from the back, and makes the hot naked babe ride him with her big ass. Both naked girls take turns cumming on his long hard dick. He lays his bride down and rams her in missionary, just as a husband should take his wife. Anissa grabs his ass, touches his asshole, and massages him with her tits. He loves this so much that he turns around and jumps on Anissa, taking her in missionary next. As the mischievous teacher slams her big boobs against his buttocks, he fucks her faster, looking into his future wife’s eyes. Two naked girls, two wet pussies, two asses and four boobies, the best engagement ever! He signals her to get her head down on Anissa’s stomach. He pulls out, and feeds Lacy his cum and Anissa’s sweet pussy juices by stuffing his dick in her mouth. The lesson is over, but they’ll come back tomorrow for another.

Having their naughty way with a new roommate is how two little sluts like to have fun

The dude just can’t get it up lately. When his roomies Molly and Jasmine catch on to this little problem, the girls have some fun tempting and teasing him. They are two super horny babes who love cocks. They chase the poor guy all over the house, trying to get ahold of his cock. Jasmine decides to tease him with her juicy boobies. It looks like it works, he is getting hard. But instead of fucking her tits and cumming all over them, he makes a sexy sandwich with her tits! Now when he is hard he can play with the other little slut. The sexy teen babe rubs his penis and his balls with her feet. This time he is rock hard and ready for a blowjob. Jasmine has a taste of his dick in the kitchen. It feels delicious! But Molly starts calling the poor guy from upstairs, and they have to stop. Once the guy is upstairs, in Molly’s bedroom, she closes the door and attracts his cock. It is still hard from Jasmine’s sucking. The teen slut takes it in her mouth, and she can feel Jasmine’s lipstick all over it! She is very pleased with the taste. But the guy is very horny now, so he can’t possibly settle down only with a blowjob. He grabs the girl and places her little pussy on his hard cock. Fucking her pussy while standing really surprised the girl, he is pounding balls deep into her, slapping his balls against her clit. Acrobatic sex lasts only until Molly’s sex drive pushes them into a cowgirl position. The horny girl wants to ride the hard cock, so she throws her roommate on the bed and jumps on his hard cock. Riding it as if she grew up on a farm, the girl surprises the unsuspecting man. Watching his hard cock going in and out of the delicious pussy is very pleasing. The skinny naked girl is moaning out loud the entire time because she wants Jasmine to hear everything. Her small nipples get hard while the intense orgasms rips her tight pussy apart. It is a sign for the guy, so he splashes cum all over that pussy.

Beautiful naked girl fucks a handsome handyman in her new villa

A beautiful teen babe Caprice just recently got her hands on a huge inheritance. She’s used to spending big digits on luxury homes, but what she’s even more used to is having a steady supply of big hard dicks around. She’s a little short on that at the moment. Sunbathing completely naked by the pool, she suddenly realizes that there is someone nearby. It’s a handyman from the maintenance company checking the roof. Is Caprice more embarrassed that she was caught sunbathing in the raw, or at her reaction? And is she more of an exhibitionist than she realized? Later she calls to the maintenance company and lies about having a problem in her mansion. She demands they send him over to her place. Before even getting to ask her what the problem is, the girl strips and gives him her sweet, inviting stare. He calls her crazy as she starts kissing him. The gorgeous naked girl takes off his working uniform. She takes away all of his tools except for one and takes him to the pool. Caprice gets him nice and wet with her mouth, sucking and licking his amazing big hard dick. Then the sexy girl gets on top of him as he’s lying down. She spreads her legs wide and rubs her wet pussy onto him. The guy enters her pussy and makes her ride his dick and cum all over his cock. After tossing her around on his dick in several positions, he plows her in missionary until he feels he’s close to cumming. The naked girl moans and wraps her legs around his waist, “Cum inside me!” she begs. Her legs are shaking while she uses them to pull him deep into her. He pours his load in her, she tenses and screams, “Ahhh! I’m cumming!” Hell yes!! Little Caprice with a creampie, it can’t get any better. She might be a little selfish, but she wants more cum, this time she wants him to cum in her mouth. She makes the working guy fuck her from behind until he empties his load inside her mouth. “Thank you for your services,” she says in a voice muffled by the cum. This babe is perhaps the most beautiful girl in the world. All the stars during the Oscars pale against her beauty.

Horny teen tries something kinky with her new BBC boyfriend and her busty stepmom

Violet just got a new black boyfriend. She finally decides to share her kinky side with him. With her stepmom fast asleep in the next room, the slutty teen gives her BBC boyfriend a late-night booty call. He rushes to her. After passionate kissing, she tells him that she is horny and that she wants him to take off his belt and then slap her booty with it! To show him she means business, she flashes her perfect ass to him. He gets excited when he realizes his girlfriend is going full commando. Feeling mesmerized by the sight of her juicy pussy staring him right in the face, he takes off his belt but is hesitant to whip her. He does it gently, but she wants it hard. The teen whore tells him to tie her hands behind her back, bend her over, and then go hardcore on her ass. After the first few attempts, the noise they make wakes up the girls’ stepmom in the next room. The MILF walks in on her stepdaughter getting whipped on her bare ass. It’s been a while since her cougar pussy has seen any action, so this sight gets her wet. Finally, she decides that she wants to get in on this fun, so she informs her stepdaughter that she will teach them how to properly have fun. The MILF takes them both to her room and immediately pushes her stepdaughter to her knees while taking the pants off her black boyfriend.



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Riding her boyfriend’s cock in her mom’s new car was a bad idea for the teen blonde

The naughty teen blonde with perky tits never wears panties, not even when she’s wearing a mini skirt. So when she discovered her stepmom’s new convertible in the garage, she just had to rub herself all over it. As with every other teenage girl, the cute blonde loves fast sports cars. So this car made her totally excited. In a few seconds her young pussy was gushing! She video called her boyfriend Jimmy, who rushed right over in time to see her squirt in the car. At one moment, he came to the garage and got all over the girl. The blonde teen whore sucked his cock with delight. But she needed to feel his cock buried deep inside her juicy cunt. She rode his dick in the car and when he was about to cum, his sperm ended up on the windshield! The stepmom saw everything and was pretty pissed off. She made the girl lick cum off of the windshield of her new car. Then she sent both of the teenagers to her bedroom. As a punishment, she orders her stepdaughter to suck his cock in front of her and very soon the MILF was between his legs sucking his balls as well. A naughty stepmom will teach the teenagers a lesson. She told her stepdaughter to ride him and squirt all over him! The teen babe was riding him hard, slamming her cunt down on him and squirting all over his cock. Then both women go down on the guy’s dick. Watching them licking and playing with it looks very tempting. Any man would sell his soul to be in this teenager’s place.



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Getting along with a new stepdad is never easy, but this naughty girl seems to be very good at it

Ever since her mom married a new husband, the naughty teen was wondering how big is his dick and what does it actually look like. One day, she decided to sneaked up to her parent’s bathroom to get a peek. Her stepdad was completely naked and getting ready to take a shower. Without taking her eyes off his beautiful penis, she crept closer and grabbed it with her hand! The stepdad was very surprised and wanted to kick her out. But the girl was persistent, and eventually she was sucking her stepdad’s big dick! Feeling the wild rush in her pussy, the girl was choking on a big cock. It was exhilarating! She never saw a cock that big before. She had to have it in her pussy! A moment later, the stepdad was slowly penetrating her pussy from behind. He didn’t want to fuck her hard, but the girl kept on asking for it. Her loud moans filled the bedroom, making the stepdad super horny. So eventually he decided to give the girl sex of her lifetime! He took her downstairs to the living room and placed the naughty teen on his dick. He wanted to go deep inside her pussy, punish the naughty girl and make her cum as many times as possible. He wanted to be the first man to make her pussy cum so much. He wanted the naughty teen to remember him for the rest of her life. And his plan worked. The teen babe had so much fun on that big hard dick that she didn’t want to get off! So the horny stepdad had to drag her into the sideways position. Her tight pussy was eating the hard dick and contracting simultaneously, and the mature man was very proud of himself. His huge cock was thrusting in and out of her at amazing speed. The sexy teen babe was getting her tight little pussy stretched out so good. She said that him cumming all over her face was the real ending she wanted.

Girl next door can’t wait to enjoy her new neighbor’s huge cock

Petite brunette Violet likes to be a model neighbor. Sure enough, she is at the door to greet me with some cookies. We chit-chat and eat the cookies with some milk. By accident, I spill some milk on her sweater and she surprises me by taking off her shirt and letting him see her young titties! Violet doesn’t want to put anything on anymore. She grabs my dick and says she knows all about me and how I like to rough girls up in bed. “Hey! I’m married now!”, I yell out. However, the teenage slut just says she’ll fuck my wife too. A certified freak! What else could I do but fulfill her desire? First, I feed her my huge cock. My schlong is in that throat as far as it can go. Compared to her, I’m a giant. Violet feels challenged but likes this game. She likes when I choke and slap her and impale her on my dick in the sidesaddle position. After a while, we move on to the cowgirl position. That dick reaches her uterus easily. The feeling drives me insane, so I pick her up by pressing down on her neck with both hands and shoving my dick in as far as possible. She can see the action alright, even as I stand up with her in this curled-up position. From my perspective, the petite girl looks like a toy as I plow her from the back. I pin her down on the bed again. This time we’re in doggy. Wasting no time I slam into her pussy with all his might. She accepts it like an obedient little slut. Her dirty talk and the feeling of her pussy spasming in orgasm on my shaft is enough to send me over the edge. Just as I’m about to cum, the naked girl gets on her knees and start sucking and milking me. You’ve got to love thy neighbor, right?

Horny busty redhead seduces her new roommate in the laundry room

You won’t want to miss this video if you are a fan of young, big, all natural tits! Scarlett really wants to impress her new roommate Alex with her big tits. She spills her smoothie down her shirt. He takes her to the laundry room to clean up. He is stunned she doesn’t mind him not only seeing her breasts but practicality touching them. Her tits are just perfect; perfect round areola, the nipple hard and pointing out, the skin around it so smooth. The firm, round shape of her tits is apparent and her slim waist only adds to the effect. As she removes her shirt, she sticks his face right in her gorgeous tits! Alex is surprised but immediately catches on and starts caressing and kissing her big tits. He licks her nipples like the horny young stud that he is. The busty redhead is obviously ready to fuck him, so she pulls his head up and kisses him. They enjoy one long French kiss after another as Scarlett takes her bottoms off. She’s butt naked now, rubbing on him, going down on him. Her mouth is watering for some cock, so she gets on her knees and takes his cock out. It’s bigger than she thought. She immediately tries to swallow it whole, choking and gagging on it. His naked roommate looks at him with his dick in her throat as she decides to stand up and give him her ass. He puts his thick cock inside her and fucks her from behind. Her tits bounce and flap about as he pounds her harder and harder. It gets so hard that it brings her to her knees and then into doggy. He makes this redhead twat taste her own pussy from his dick. It didn’t take much convincing. She turns and rides him as he’s lying on the floor. Her amazing tits flaying up and down. Her red-haired pussy bounces about as it takes more and more of his hard dick. He lays her on her side and fucks her in the sideways missionary position, enjoying the view of her big boobs. The naked girl screams and moans, and he just can’t keep his nut from busting. He pulls out at the last moment and cums all over her breasts.

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This New Year’s Eve party party hadn’t even started, and the guests were already all over each other. Jennifer is a shy girl who is left on her own after her friends ditch her. The horny sluts dance and grind increasingly aggressively in the background. When the clock strikes midnight it’s time to set this party off! The party’s hostess is on her knees, handling two dicks and shaking her tits. Her girlfriends are kissing and spreading their legs. Only one Jennifer stands alone, totally surprised about the whole situation. Tits, pussies and dicks come out and she can’t believe her eyes – she’s at a swingers’ party! She decides to leave but the hostess doesn’t let her. Instead, she introduces her to two big dicked gentlemen and takes them upstairs. The action moved from the orgy to the unsuspecting threesome. The view of two naked cocks turns this shy girl into a horny slut! She already has a firm grip on both dicks. She tries to swallow them both while her pussy is oozing juice. This brunette seems shy only on first glips. Now she’s already naked and begging for double penetration. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected a double penetration threesome at a party with two strangers, but apparently, it’s happening! So she just bends over and enjoys herself. She deliciously sucks one dick while another slowly penetrates her tight asshole. Her boyfriend is not into anal sex, so she rarely has it. The guy senses her anxiety and goes slowly. Watching his dick going inside the beautiful brunette is priceless. The look on her face says it all. Once the asshole was stretched enough and started to receive the big dick, the beautiful brunette just closed her eyes and set sail into the land of immense pleasure. The next thing she knew, there were two dicks in both her holes, drilling simultaneously. She was in the middle of a double-penetration sandwich! Having the time of her life, the beauty enjoyed strong orgasms.

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Ever since her new husband moved into their house, she have had the best sex of her life. They are completely comfortable fucking in front of her stepdaughter. The blonde girl loves watching her mommy get naughty with his big cock. The teen babe often felt incredibly turned on and wanted to join them, but she didn’t want to cross any boundaries. However, this new year’s eve, everything changed. Playing Jenga together, he took turns removing one block from a tower and licking the mom’s pussy! She got fully naked, lay on the floor and spread her legs for him to eat her out. The teen girl was invited to spend some quality, sexy time with the two of them as they waited for the clock to strike midnight. She was used to seeing her stepmom deep-throating that beautiful girthy cock, and now she will finally get an opportunity to put it in her mouth. The man of the house tried a double blowjob for the first time, and he was amazed by how good of a job the girls did. Both were very skilled at blowjobs, and he almost came prematurely. To avoid this, he told the naked girls to bend over so he could fuck them both from behind. While his wife loved doggy-style, he felt her stepdaughter had a better time when he penetrated her tight pussy. Seeing her big bubbly butt share as he was smashing her was hypnotizing. The MILF kept twerking her tushy. He took turns fucking both girls until they both screamed loudly. Then he tried eating their pussies before trying out the cowgirl position. As the blonde was riding his massive cock, the mom spread her legs and shoved lied on top of his face. To make the girls both happy, he had to cum over both of them equally. Seeing his wife share cum with her stepdaughter and kiss during new year’s made this party a smashing hit for all three of them.

New neighbor brings pie and is welcomed with a threesome

Because she’s new to the neighborhood, Aiden introduces herself to a friendly man down the street. She bakes a pie in hopes of surprising him with it. As he opens the door in his robe, she presents him with the fresh pie, but as she hands it over she can see his cock hanging out. He welcomes her inside where his wife Jesse is eagerly waiting to meet the blonde. They hit it off instantaneously, but Aiden can’t help but notice the sex toys that are scattered around the house. Although their openness weirds her out to nudity, she goes with the flow and follows them to the living room. As they chat, the couple gets handsy and Jesse gives her man a handjob. Things take a turn once she’s on her knees and blowing him right in front of Aiden’s face. The lust kicks in and she realizes she needs a good fuck. She joins Jesse in giving him a double blowjob! After sucking his schlong simultaneously, both naked girls take turns riding on his hard manhood. Their sweaty bodies become weak from the bouncing, so they sixty nine as he penetrates their tight pussies with joy. As if that wasn’t enough, his wife begins scissoring the quivering blonde while he plows her tiny throat with his meat. The friction of her sweet twat colliding with hers makes Jesse orgasm easily, so now it’s Aiden’s turn to cum. He picks up her frail body and spreads her legs to rail her whilst standing up. Intense penetration makes her squirt uncontrollably, and as he picks up the pace she pushes away from his grip and squirts all over their floor. Soon both naked girls squirt all over him. He’s at his limit so he swiftly fills up his wife’s mouth with his load, only for her to share it with her new neighbor.


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