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Despite the dorm being full the blonde can’t hide her sexual needs

College is a time for exploring, especially for young girls that finally have the freedom to be as sexual as they want to be. As the blonde student gets aroused, she quickly leads her partner back into her dorm to fool around in private. Unfortunately, her roommate is sleeping right next to her bed. That’s not enough to stop her from getting what she wants, so she quickly whips out his throbbing cock to get a taste of it. After tenderly sucking and licking every inch of his dick, her dripping wet pussy can’t wait any longer for penetration. Once she turns around her juicy booty is all he can see, so he eagerly spreads his legs and lets her slide herself onto him. The reverse cowgirl becomes intense, which causes her to start moaning uncontrollably. The loud smacking of their skin colliding wakes up her roomie, so the horny college couple swiftly leave the bedroom and let her rest for her exams. Seeing how the kitchen is empty, they head inside and she instantly drops to her knees to continue her blowjob. Within minutes they hear people coming in, so the horny college girl manages to hide beneath a desk whilst his manhood is still in her mouth. She eagerly continues sucking him off sneakily until everybody leaves, but it doesn’t take long for her to become impatient. Once she starts aching for more penetration, she grabs him by the hand and takes him to the living room, which is packed with other students.



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Krissy and Gaby have been friends for a long time. The girls like having girls’ nights out and getting their nails done. The other thing they have in common is that they both have stepbrothers, and both of them are in prison. Little do they know that the dynamic duo of stepbrothers broke out of jail the very same morning. They’re both wanted men, hunted by the police, but all they can think about is fucking. So they sneak into the living room behind the sofa where the girls are sitting. When they eventually reveal themselves, their step sisters are stunned but also glad to see them. Krissy hugs her stepbrother, giving him a wild erection. As he’s talking about his plans to avoid the police, his stepsister freaks out at his hard-on. The girls take pity on them and decide to help the guys and finally give them what they’ve been craving for so long! They rub their hot throbbing cocks with their soft hands. Then the guys ask them to take it to their mouth. The girls swap their stepbrothers and start sucking on their dicks. Gaby gets down on her knees for her bestfriend’s brother’s long dick. Krissy does the same. The boys have massive hard-ons, and the girls can’t wait them to cum. The problem the boys haven’t seen any women in years so the girls have to help them with their pussies. Gaby’s stepbrother fucks Krissy’s throat hard with his long thin dick. She gags and gasps for air, stopping to take a breather a few times. In the meantime, Gaby is getting her friend’s brother on the sofa. She mounts him and starts rubbing his dick on her clit and her asshole, trying to make him cum.



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My restful nap’s been interrupted, yet again, but this time seems different. I heard noises coming from downstairs, but I could have sworn I was home alone. As I walk down I’m shocked to see my stepdaughter Macy getting her little pussy eaten out by her school friend Krissy! I stand there looking at these two young lesbians licking their pussies! The girls try to put their clothes back on, but it’s too late since I’ve seen everything I needed to. Heavy discipline is in store, and I’m about to send Macy off to boarding school and get Krissy expelled for her actions. Their begging does nothing to change my mind, but what does is when the girls offer to be my slaves for a month. Seeing how luscious their bodies are, I can’t decline their deal and we make a quick pinky promise. First of all I make the girls keep licking their wet pussies. Watching the teen girls play with their little pussies has made my dick so hard! After telling them to strip fully naked, I hand them out maid outfits and order the girls to clean the whole house. Whenever my sexy maids bend over I can see their tight pussies poking out, and I can’t help but rub them with my fingers and slap their naked butts. I take my sweet time teasing them and caressing their juicy asses throughout the whole time it takes for them to clean the floor. Once they’re done they’re free to do as they want, but when I got into my room I saw them both waiting for me in my bed. The girls have got a new proposition for me, and I’m glad to hear them out.



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Relationships are tough, but his gorgeous stepmother’s not making things easier for him. While chatting with the girlfriend from his laptop, he’s constantly distracted by the milf’s huge tits and gets called out for it. Because she’s getting no action from his father, she’s loving the attention that the stepson is giving her. After getting caught ogling his stepmom’s tits when she joins the video chat, the dude find himself in the doghouse. As he goes upstairs to continue the call, he sees a glips of her nipple as she walks to the bathroom and makes an excuse to leave for a moment. As he peeps at her showering, his naked stepmom catches him and is in awe at the size of his black penis. The two get comfortable in the bedroom as the beautiful naked woman sucks her stepson’s massive cock and licks his balls with joy in her eyes. While the MILF crawls on top and begins to ride, he realizes his girlfriend’s still on the call and watching everything. Instead of stopping, the brunette just turns off the laptop and rushes back to bounce her juicy ass on his meat. He ensures his stepmom’s massive tits get sucked and her plump bum spanked whenever she thrusts herself on his shaft. Seeing her legs give up, he puts them on his shoulders and pounds her pink twat with all of his strength. After getting her juices on his rod, she eagerly goes down to have a taste and slobber on it. Now that he’s lubed up with her spit, he bends her over to make her cheeks red. The harder he thrusts, the louder her moans become, and the booty clapping starts to sting. Once his dick starts to pulsate, she jumps on her knees, and he covers her melons with every drop of his jizz. As they promise to keep this a secret, his dad walks into the room and chases him to teach him a lesson.

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