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A tiny gamer girl takes a break from streaming video games to have fun in her bedroom. Interacting with her chatroom made her horny! Not wanting to wait for his boyfriend, this little slut shuts down her monitor and takes out her favorite sex toy. She was already dressed provocatively for her stream and felt really attractive, wearing her stockings, gloves, and a choker. She didn’t need any lube since her young shaved pussy was already dripping wet. Her pink lips were eagerly anticipating getting penetrated. The tiny blonde shoves the glass toy deep inside her plump pussy. She doesn’t put down her streaming headphones as she masturbates as she likes to fantasize about her entire chat room watching her as she gets her fingers wet. She moans loudly and has a massive orgasm that makes her petite body shiver. Not long after, her boyfriend arrives. They haven’t been dating long, so she is still surprised every time she sees his massive hog. The tiny girl takes her time admiring it from afar and starts to tease him by licking the head seductively. Deep throating, it seems like a mission impossible, but she is willing to try. So, she grabs him with one hand and then sucks it to get some saliva on it. Her best efforts were not enough because she couldn’t get more than half of it down her throat.



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