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A striking, young, tall brunette had too much going on in her life. Depressed and tired, she found herself unable to even muster up the energy to have sex with her husband. A colleague suggested she visit a clinic indicating a friend of his was practically reborn after a procedure. She scheduled a meeting and, before she knew what was happening, everything was over, and she woke up with more energy than ever. What this hottie didn’t realize was that she ended up being cloned, but that’s a story for another day. The significant side effect of it all was that she got extremely horny. The beauty rushed home and laid on the bed, waiting for her man wearing her sexy lingerie. The moment he came, she jumped on him, and, just seconds later, she was pulling his pants down and pulling his already rock hard boner out. Without wasting any more time, she placed those luscious lips on the shaft and started slobbering all over it with passion. His cock was soon all slippery from her saliva spilling all over as she moaned in pleasure and horniness while sucking him off. Unable to contain herself, hot babe quickly removed her bra, moved those thin panties to the side, and sat on his member, impaling herself balls deep right off the bat. Her supple breasts jiggled left and right, and her bubbly ass bounced seductively as she was being hammered from underneath. Having ridden him vigorously like a slutty cowgirl, she started switching things up. First, she placed his schlong between her tits, giving him a killer boobjob before hopping back on it, this time in reverse cowgirl. From there on out, they were just picking the pace and going wild. Her snatch was dripping all over as she was being rammed relentlessly. She kept screaming from all the orgasms before he finally plastered her breasts in loads of jizz. She soon finds out that sharing her life with a clone, however, proves more complicated than either could have anticipated.

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