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Wearing the same outfit at the Halloween party turns into a threesome

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My girlfriend going to a Halloween party with cum all over her face

Violet and her boyfriend are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. As she is still putting her Halloween costume on, he quickly disguises himself and surprises her with a dildo in his hand. They soon find themselves in the middle of a little chase. He pushes her on the couch, reaches to her crotch, pulls her panties aside and slams the toy deep into her cunt with one hard thrust! He begins to fuck her like that. To his surprise, his girlfriend starts to moan and cum all over the dildo! He can’t believe she’s doing it with a stranger! From there it is time for the real deal to come out. So he pulls his cock out and she quickly begins choking and sucking on it. Then she jumps on his cock and starts to ride him hard and fast. Her perky titties are bouncing in front of his face! He is now pounding so hard and fast that his balls slap against her anus with loud slaps! He grabs her ass with both hands, picking her up and fucking her while standing. His cock is pounding in and out into his girlfriend’s deliciously juiced cunt. He is fucking her as best he can. From there, her tight hole is penetrated in several different positions, spreading her pussy to the max with his cock. He sucks on her breast and she sucks on his balls. His hot girlfriend goes down on the floor on all fours with her juicy ass in the air, like a bitch. She pushes her ass back harder against him and he feels her pussy quivering around his cock. He keeps destroying her cunt before cumming all over her face and her tits!

Halloween dress-up turning into vicious pussy and ass ramming

I’ve always enjoyed watching my adorable girlfriend get ready for parties. The way she walked around looking for a dress to impress me was a huge turn-on. This time, we were getting ready for a Halloween party, and she dressed up as a black cat. I embraced the concept for one simple reason: the black knee-highs made the slutty chick look dang hot, and the cat ears spiced up the already hot outfit. While she was applying her makeup, I approached her from behind. The dress was too small and too short, barely concealing the belle’s flamboyant backside. I discovered a micro thong underneath, emphasizing the brunette’s round buttocks. I moved my hand across the white fabric, slowly moving it to the side to look at my favorite cunt. It was pink and shaved, and it was ideal for banging. The folds in her skin were delicate, her pussy was tidy, her outer lips plump and creamy. My cock was rock hard, and I whipped it out of my pants, slowly inserting inside the bald twat while my girlfriend continued to look in the mirror. During the doggy style railing session, I noticed my girlfriend’s dazzling eyes rolling in delight. She shifted her hips to meet my dick, heightening the excitement. The tattooed sweetheart knelt in front of me, chomping on my dong. Her big fake eyelashes batted as she struggled to get the entire length of my tool in her mouth. We entered the bedroom, where my sexy girlfriend continued to worship my big cock with a sloppy blowjob. She turned her cute ass to me one more time after she had made the shaft all wet and hard. I fucked the narrow cooch in a doggy style, watching my dong vanish inside the humid hole.



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Petite blonde celebrates Halloween with multiple orgasms

My new girlfriend, Kiara, is such a cumslut. She is a petite blonde with superb ass and perky boobs, rocking the nerdy look with oversized glasses. I wanted to make her feel special for Halloween, and I knew her favorite treat was my sweet cock. I invited her over, and she appeared wearing an orange skirt and a cute top, and I could see she was ready to go hardcore. Her tiny thong was also reddish, but she soon got rid of it. Her top was on the floor too, and she was wearing orange stockings only. I followed her around the house and saw her entering the bedroom. When I walked inside, I caught the petite blondie masturbating with a vibrator. She rubbed her moist clit with the purple toy, bringing herself to the verge of an orgasm. Dressed goofy, wearing a funny wig, I knew then and there that the shaved cooch needed my attention. In a matter of seconds, my head was between the slender legs, and my tongue worked the swollen button. My blonde girlfriend gave me a naughty gaze through her glasses, and I could feel she loved the way I worshipped her bald vagina. My naked girl got up and began sucking my cock. It was huge compared to her head, but she blew it, trying to fit my fat cock in her little mouth. Her small boobies and a tight ass gave me an incredible boner, and the way she gorged on my pecker made me wanna split her pussy hard and deep. The tiny girl rode my dong reverse cowgirl style. I held her hips to help her maintain the balance, and she soon came all over my shaft.



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Swapping sisters after playing an ouija board game on Halloween

Two studs are trying to hook up and swap their slutty stepsisters for Halloween. Things start to get weird once the lads bring home an ouija board and use it for seduction. The first one to go wild is a busty tart dressed as a police officer. The spirits are suggesting the girls to flash their tits. Soon the spirits are suggesting a full-on sex party, and everyone is game. The babe dressed as a police officer begins sucking the dude’s cock right next to her brother. The view of his sister giving a blowjob gets him horny too and he pulls his dick out for the other girl. The nerdy teen is also on her knees, wrapping her cute lips around the man’s lengthy cock. The game continues, and two hunks and two ladies get fully naked now. Both naked girls are busy worshipping dongs as the spit drips to the floor. Curly and slender girl is more sensual, while a curvy hoe gives her best to feel the dick hitting the back of her throat. The aroused chicks lie on their back and enjoy hardcore missionary-style ramming. Both cunts are fully bald and welcome study peckers inside with great enthusiasm. The hotties moan in unison, enjoying the kinky stepsister swap game. The girls don’t forget to lick each other’s cunts too. In the meantime, the curly brunette gets railed doggy style. Nerdy chick’s turn for ultimate joy – the voluptuous bimbo works on her clit while a shaft fucks her naughty fuckbox. Soon enough, a powerful orgasm hits her body, and her slim figure shakes uncontrollably. Doggy-style pummeling is next for both girls. They grab the cushions while studs destroy their tight cunnies from behind, slowly turning their moans into wild screams. The ladies look into each other’s eyes while cumming hard, feeling their pussies tighten around the meaty dongs. Now fully satisfied, two naked girls rush to their knees, tasting their pussy juices on long shafts. They smile while huge loads hit their faces and pouty lips. With some help from the ghastly ghouls and otherworldly specters, this will be the best Halloween ever.

Tiny blonde babe dressed as a Pikachu for Halloween is nailed balls deep and creampied multiple times

Halloween is the favorite time of the year for a young blonde. This time she dressed up as a sexy Pokemon as she is bouncing her bubble ass and showing her tits, knowing that she’ll be fucked. The anticipation is driving her mad, so she has to something about it. As her man is still not around, she uses a vibrator to stimulate her pussy that is already dripping wet. Pussy juices are already running wild as she plays with her snatch sticking fingers inside of it. But now that her lover is home, the horny teen girl focuses her attention on his needs. Her goal is simple – make him hard and ready to penetrate her and cum in her as many times as she wants. His shaft is already solid, but once he fucks her skull, it gets even bigger. Teen blonde is gagging but also smiling, as, for her, rough throat fucking is the proof of love! Her pretty face is already messy as she finally goes into the doggy style position and asks him to destroy it with his king-size boner. She loves every second, as you can tell by her smiling face. As he is banging her mercilessly, teen slut feels the pain but is also encouraging him to continue. What she learned a long time ago is that a good whore won’t ever beg a guy to stop fucking her. So many boys were inside of her with their throbbing shafts, and while this one is the largest so far, that is only another reason to let him deep inside of her. Her pussy juices are running wild once again, but now they are combined with his cum for a total mess. She loves the feeling of his cum inside her body, feel it leak out of her vagina and drip down her crack, hot and sticky. A creampie is her fetish, but the good thing about her lover is that he can cum more than once. As he releases his load, his schlong is still hard as a rock and ready to continue penetrating her. It’s not easy to find someone like him, as he continues to drill her snatch, cum inside her more and more, filling her pussy with so much cum!



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Two Halloween maids got two creampies

My sexy blonde girlfriend has a very special surprise in store for me when I come back home from work. Turns out her cute brunette friend and her decided to dress up as sexy Halloween maids and go treat or tricking on my cock this year! The girls look so fucking hot in their sexy maid outfits, with fishnet stockings and high heels. She tells me she wants me to cum all over both of them as many times as I want! Now that’s a real Halloween treat! The girls put on a little show to get me in the mood, 69ing each other! The naked babe lick and finger bang each other’s dripping wet pussies and then start tribbing, rubbing their cunts together. My girl juggles her big tits in her hands while scissoring her best friend before letting her suck on my balls and make her way up my hard cock. They suck and stroke it together, my girl eating my fat dick while her cute friend licks my balls. I put her friend on her back, spread her legs and fuck her in missionary position with my girlfriend watching us fuck. It gets me so turned on, I blow my load inside the brunette’s cunt and I can see my hot cum oozing from her slit. What a beautiful creampie! With my cock lubed with my own spunk, I put my girlfriend down on her hands and knees and fuck her pussy doggy style from behind, ready to blow a second load of hot cum inside her and leave her with a sticky creampie dripping between her thighs. I kept fucking her horny friend and cumming in her cunt. When my girlfriend saw that creampie leaking out of the girl’s cunt she began to lick it out. I watch her friend letting her creampie drip all over my girlfriend’s big tits and I keep filling the girls with cum until my balls are dry!

It’s Halloween day and this sexy teen is ready to get some treats and turn tricks!

It’s finally Halloween day, and this sexy teen is ready to get some candy. She puts on her sexy little costume and hits the streets, ready to fill her basket with treats and perform as many tricks as she is asked to! When this guy sees her knocking on his door, he carves an extra hole in this pumpkin for his dick, then tells her to reach inside it for her candy! When the girl looks inside and see’s her treat, she’s overjoyed! It’s her favorite, a big fat dick filled with cream! She accepts his invitation to come in so she can get on her knees, sucking and stroking that big throbbing erection. She pulls his cock out of the pumpkin and shoves it in her mouth. She is massaging his balls with her small hands as his cock is so deep in her mouth it is starting to gag her. The teen slut deep throats his cock on all fours while he rubs and finger fucks her dripping wet cunt. He takes her to the couch and makes her choke and gag on his sausage, drooling all over his balls. The hot young girl strips down to her sexy stockings and high heels and straddles herself on top, thrusts her hips down on top of him, impaling her little pussy deeper and deeper onto his fat cock in reverse cowgirl position. The lucky gut holds onto her firmly, sliding the tiny girl down further, inch by inch, her hands are clasped around that tiny waist. She massages her we cunt and plays with her clit while bouncing up and down his meat pole and he lies flat on his back on the floor so the naked girl can continue riding him in reverse cowgirl, showing him her juicy bubble butt. Her tight little asshole seems to wink and swell when she rides his dick hard and fast. He fucks her doggie style from behind like a dirty little slut and she makes that ass bounce like crazy, placing herself sideways so he can continue plowing her pussy. Her ass cheeks are so gorgeous and wide and soft and perfectly round. He slams her young pussy all over his living room until he’s ready to cum, splattering lots of hot and sticky cum all over her ass, her tits and her open mouth! Don’t miss this amazing Halloween porn video and more videos with young sexy teen!

Busty, big-assed babe has fun playing dress-up on Halloween and getting hot anal!

This breathtaking, busty, big assed brunette babe is having fun playing dress-up on Halloween. This year, she’s dressing up as a foxy girl, wearing fluffy fox ears and leg warmers, high heels and a delicious foxy tail butt plug inserted in her tight butthole, with a white thong and bra. Her outfit turns her on so much that she starts playing with her wet clam while twerking her juicy bubble butt on the kitchen floor as her boyfriend comes back home from work and finds his foxy girlfriend waiting for him. What a treat! Just one look at this horny bitch will go you into beast mode! He grabs his girlfriend’s giant tits and starts munching on her puffy nipples, getting behind her while groping and fondling her meaty fun bags. She presses her hot naked body against his, rubbing her juicy bubble butt against his crotch, feeling his bulge digging into the crack of her ass while he pushes her tits to her face so she can lick and suck on her own nipples. I absolutely love this woman. Face, tits, pussy, ass and personality, she is the total package. He puts his hot girlfriend down on her hands and knees, pulling her thong down her thighs and ramming his hard dick deep inside her gushing cunt, fucking her doggie style from behind. With her foxy butt plug in her ass, the sensation of being fucked by her boyfriend is super intense. She has to clench hard not to make herself cum, no matter how bad she wants to. She pulls him towards her by his necktie, passionately kissing and pushing her tongue into his mouth while she feels his hands squeezing her big tits like ripe grapefruits filled with juice. He slaps her sexy ass, pulling the foxy butt plug from her butt hole, now a gaping fuck hole just waiting to be filled by his rock hard cock. He teases her with the butt plug, inserting it in and out up her butt while she spreads her ass cheeks wide open for him. She grabs his hard cock, sucking and stroking it, deep throating it all the way down to the base until she chokes on it like a dirty slut. He holds her by her hair and fucks her mouth, then places his cock between her big tits and fucks them too. The slut wants to suck his balls and lick his scrotum, and even his asshole! Then he fucks her big tits again, spreads her legs wide open over the couch and eats her out, lapping up her pussy with his tongue. Npw he pushes his dick deep inside her gaping asshole and he finger fucks her until he makes her cum, squirting all over the couch! He continues pounding her anally and making her gush like a fucking garden hose. She moans and groans while he fucks her pussy and asshole with primal passion. She is screaming as she squirts all over herself again and again, having vaginal and anal orgasms. Feeling his huge cock inside her asshole, stretching it out, making her squirt over and over, really turns this fucking bitch on. You can hear his balls slapping her big ass as he pounds this bitch. Her tits are bouncing and slapping each other, and the babe has another anal orgasm, screaming loudly. You would sell your house for a chance to fuck that ass and have her squirt in your mouth. What a body! Don’t miss all anal scenes, tittyfuck, rimjob, twerking and anal creampie at the end! After fucking every single hole in her body he’s ready to blow his load, spray lots of hot and sticky cum all over her big luscious tits! After twenty minutes of hardcore anal action he shoots his sticky deep into her ass!



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My fun Halloween prank on my GF and her friend lead to fucking them both

My girlfriend, a hot brunette, and her best friend, a beautiful blonde, like to spend Halloween night watching scary movies together, so I decided to prank them, I just wasn’t expecting my fun Halloween prank on the girls to lead to fucking her best friend and then them both together! Not that I’m complaining! While they were absorbed in the movie, I put on a scary clown mask and sneaked up behind them! I scared the girls so much, they dropped their drinks all over their clothes! My girlfriend was really pissed and so was her best friend and before I knew it I was totally tied up in yellow police tape! I guess these girls had retaliation on their minds, and I well deserved it! What I didn’t know was just how sexy my punishment would turn out to be! My girlfriend took out her top, followed by her best friend, wow, her tits were sensational! The naked girls started having hot lesbian sex, my girl spread her legs and her friend started licking her pussy and clit! I had never seen my girlfriend making out with another girl. I thought I would cum just by watching two naked girls kissing, fingering and licking each other’s pussies. Good thing interrupting their slumber party lead to such lesbian fun! But when my girlfriend’s friend suggested I should fuck her, my girl got upset. Fortunately, I caught up with her sexy friend in the bathroom, where she was sitting in the toilet seat wearing nothing but a blue towel covering her hot naked body, and she was still quite interested in sucking and stroking my big hard cock on the spot! She was so hungry for my cock! She open her mouth wide and fucked my dick with it, gobbling the cock head greedily. The slut even sucked my big balls and then straddled herself on top and rode my cock in the bathroom floor! I was freaking out. The view of her juicy ass cheeks and the sensation of her pussy lips sliding up and down my cock was unreal! This was the first time I had fucked a booty that size! I bent her over the toilet seat, fucking her wet pussy from behind I slammed the girl in missionary while she sat on the toilet seat. She got back on top of my cock and rode me, bouncing up and down on my huge cock thrashing wildly and I was bucking my hips every time she slid down. She rode me until I was ready to blow my load all over her big tits. Trick-or-treat, bitch!

Two beautiful lesbians get aroused watching a scary movie so they try cunnilingus

Blake will forever remember what she did last Halloween. Since she recently became single once again, she invited her best friend Skye to join her in a scary movie marathon. The two girls would have a slumber party, eat popcorn and watch scary movies on TV. They are snuggled and ready to begin. Blake is a big scaredy-cat, and whenever there is a jump scare, she grabs Skye and gets behind her. Sky had a crush on her best friend for the longest time but never had the courage to admit it. At one moment, the power goes out, and Black is scared out of her mind, so she hides in her friend’s lap. As she is reassured that everything will be all right, the girls exchange a weird look. Skye decides to go for it and gives her best friend a long sensual kiss. Once she sees her feelings are mutual, she continues to caress and hug Blake. Two girls started taking each other clothes. Once Blake’s boobs pop out, her lesbian friend starts rubbing them gently and kissing her nipples. Big natural tits mmm! Once she heard the moans of pleasure, she continued putting pressure on them while running her fingers across her pink pussy. She notices it is very wet, so she starts licking it. Eating her friend’s pussy feels fantastic for both of them, and soon two beautiful naked girls exchange roles. Scissoring made them both moans loudly as they were nearing a mutual orgasm. Their sweaty bodies kept rubbing against each other until both girls came with a loud scream. Blake had never felt this good in her life, so she went in for another round. She wanted to experience giving oral sex and realized she was good at cunnilingus. This completely changed their relationship for the better. 2 voluptuous women! 4 natural boobs! 4 unbelievable nipples! 4 delicious pussies! OMFG!

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Guy with a scary mask railing a sexy Latina hardcore

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