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When Alexis heard that her daughter was bringing her boyfriend over, she did what any mom would do. She prepared a small meal, cleaned the house, made everything comfortable for the pair, and so on. Nothing could prepare her for what came next. The guy turned out to be a tall, athletic stud with something to prove. What was that exactly? Well, that he could fuck his girlfriend’s mom. It’s that simple. The minute he walked in, a horny MILF went over to hug him, and he grabbed her ass as hard as he could. Alexis was only a tad surprised and much more, well, turned on. After giving them what they needed, she went to her personal bathroom and masturbated that mature pussy until it gushed out with cum and squirt. Lo and behold, her daughter’s boyfriend was around the corner with his cock ready and waiting. What was a mom to do? The mommy got on her knees and sucked on his knob until it was ready to burst – and did it ever. He nutted into her mouth so hard she could hardly keep it in. At that moment, her annoying daughter interrupted them. The guy was quick to hide until the danger was over. While the MILF was helping him hide in the shower and distracting her daughter, the cheeky guy ripped her bottoms open and put his cock in her asshole. He fucked her from the back like some maniac. As soon as his girlfriend left, the dude got out of the shower and started fucking her naked mother all over her little bathroom. The site was just amazing. Her huge boobs were rocking up and down and back and forth while she working on his cock better than any teen girl. They took turns being dominant and riding each other. Finally, he pulled out and made the hot naked woman kneel for his dick. He filled her mouth again. This time, that was it. However, Alexis still wanted more. That’s why, today, she can’t wait for the pair to visit her again.

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School rumors spread like wildfire, and after everyone spreads gossip about Vanna Bardot’s lustful deeds, she’s in trouble. Since her reputation is already ruined, she has to think of some drastic changes. Suddenly, she realizes that instead of denying anything, she should embrace being called the biggest slut in school. As she prepares to go to class, she puts on the sluttiest outfit imaginable and walks by her mom Alexis and her husband. Seeing her stepdaughter dressed like a complete whore enrages her, but instead of arguing constantly, she lets her man do the talking. As soon as she leaves, the stepdad takes a good look at her body and can’t help but get rock-hard from seeing her in a short skirt. Although his wife’s still in the house, he decides to discipline her like the slut that she is, so he pushes her down to her knees. He watches with joy as Vanna unzips his pants and begins rubbing his throbbing cock with her gentle little hands. Her mouth opens up instinctively, and the little slut slides his manhood deep inside to get a good taste of her stepdaddy’s dick. Unfortunately, they hear Alexis returning to the kitchen, but instead of stopping, she hides beneath the counter and continues to blow him while she does the dishes. Her blowjob quickly turns into deepthroating, and luckily her mother doesn’t notice anything wrong. Once she leaves, he eagerly spreads her legs to get a good taste of his stepdaughter’s shivering pussy.



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Blonde Alexis is in her last year of high school, far from her hometown. She rents a small apartment with a roommate, the young brunette coed Zuzu. Zuzu is like a sister figure to her. She can be mean sometimes, but she takes care of her sweet little Alexis. Recently, Alexis has been under a lot of stress after all these exams. The only way she can relieve some of that stress is through masturbation. In the past couple of days, she started fingering her asshole, stretching it, smelling, and even tasting her finger afterward. Today, she bought a remote-controlled buttplug. She gets on the couch, sucks on the toy, and lets it vibrate on her clit. Before sticking it in her asshole, she toys her pussy with it first. It feels amazing in both holes. Just as she starts massaging her asshole, Zuzu walks in and interrupts her. Alexis covers herself with a blanket and pretends to be resting. Her roommate finds the remote and turns it way up. She notices a change on little Mrs. Crystal’s face. The girl is in heaven. She starts rubbing herself as the blanket falls away. Zuzu sees her gaping asshole and a pussy that’s about to squirt. She squirts right smack in her face and mouth! Alexis kisses Zuzu and makes her taste that sweet pussy before eventually handing over her asshole. Zuzu fingers, stretches, and fucks it with a dildo of her own. The girl cums many times over before eventually returning the favor. The naked girls end up masturbating their assholes one next to another. They even team up and double fuck a dual-sided dildo with their holes like two little anal sluts should. Zuzu whispers to Alexis that she can masturbate and gape her holes in front of her any day. She won’t mind.

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She has been living with her stepmom, and they have a great relationship. But their perfect ‘mom and daughter’ relationship is tested after the stepmom’s new boyfriend moved in. The man keeps doing inappropriate things, flirting with the teen girl behind her stepmother’s back. One day, she is sucking his balls while stroking his erect dick. Swallowing every inch of his dong makes him moan with pleasure. The girl licks his penis and slaps it against her cute young titties. The man is ready to squirt his semen all over her face and her titties but her stepmom returns home earlier than they thought. She is angry at him for seducing her stepdaughter. Stepmom decides to prove that she can fuck as younger girls can, if not even better. First, she places her stepdaughter between his legs to let her gag on his dick. Now she is going to try it herself. Takes a hard dick out of her stepdaughter’s mouth and shows her cougar blowjob skills. The blonde MILF is furiously stripping down all of her clothes. Her black muff and enormous melons are aimed right into his face. She squeezes his big dong with her jugs and starts tit- fucking that prick. When the naked girls got comfortable on the bed, stepmom taught the younger one how to swallow a whole package. The MILF held his dong to help her stepdaughter insert cock better into the young cunt. Stepmom is also riding the dick herself so that he can compare the difference between the two pussies. While stepmom is impaling herself on an erect prick, stepdaughter is fucking his face. The naked girls both moan with joy. He is getting fucked with young pussy in his mouth and mature on his dick. Both girls rode him like crazy while stroking each other’s clit. At one point, stepmom started to squirt all over the bedroom.

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