Naked Girls Badminton

Don’t expect too much graphic inthecrack style pussy and ass ogling in this video. This is simply about the three girls, Lexa, Kala and Caprice, having some fun trying to play badminton. There’s definitely no professional badminton playing in this video as the girls have trouble putting three hits together but they have lots of fun giggling at their attempts. They have a few pauses from the badminton to strip each other off and show off their bodies. This is perhaps a concept that works much better in pictures than in video as the pictures for this set are really amazing while the video has it’s pros and cons. Most of their posing has similar poses all in unison giving a nice comparison of assets. The scenic background in this set is quite stunning. Truly amazing bodies in a beautiful setting. What an incredible start to the New Year! (CLICK PHOTO TO OPEN GALLERY)



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