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This dude doesn’t quite understand what’s going on when he finds his girlfriend in bed with his best friend. It’s not like they are doing anything, at least not yet, but it does look a tad bit suspicious. This dude always wanted to have a threesome with his girl, and she is willing, just with another guy! Fuck, a threesome is a threesome and this is his best friend, he rather they do it with him than with a total stranger! Girl sits between them and removes her top so each can play with one of her titties while they rub her wet muff over her shorts and they slowly start to get comfortable and naked together. She seems to enjoy sucking his best friend’s hard dick while he fingers her and soon he is pumping his girlfriend with cock while he watches her give his buddy a blow job. Since she is having such a great time with his best friend’s cock, the boyfriend decides to have a good time to, pulling his dick out of her pussy and into her asshole!



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  12. Justinsex | 29 December 2011, 04:50

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