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Christmas is a very special time of the year, and these three super hot blonde girls understand that it is not about the gifts and the material stuff, it’s all about love and boy, are thy in a loving mood tonight! The sexy girls gather around the chimney and the Christmas tree, anxious to open up their presents. The first gift is a beautiful purple strap-on dildo, and I don’t think the girls need to open many more after this, as they begin kissing and making out in gratitude. While two of naked girls lock lips tenderly, the other one straps on the sex toy and gets ready to test it out on the tight ass or slippery snatch of any of her beautiful roommates. One of the girls drips saliva over her roommate’s open asshole, lubing it up so it can receive that huge dildo! The threesome kicks into high gear as she gets butt fucked in doggy position in front of the chimney; if Santa drops in he is in for a treat much sweeter than milk and cookies! Girls in video: Bree Daniels, Chloe Lynn, Sammie Rhodes.



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