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These two hot girls, Caprice And Valerie, truly define the phrase “ebony and ivory living together in harmony”. This interracial pairing is simply exquisite! Naked girls pose side by side, holding hands, the contrasts of their ebony and milky skins make them a true display of art in its most natural state. The sultry ebony doll moves behind the white one, one hand caressing her soft breasts while the other reaches unto her pubic area. The white model enjoys this and wishes to do the same to her ebony counterpart and soon their bodies are tightly fused together in an embrace as their lips softly collide. The beautiful black goddess lays down and the white girl lets her lips slide down her body, all the way to her heavenly buttocks, kissing them softly as her hands glide across her mocha hips and her white milky breasts caress her legs. Then she sits on her delicious brown butt, feeling the hotness of each other clashing in a blend of lust, arousal and expectation. The black girl takes command, turning her lover over and sinking her face between her breasts, spreading her legs wide open and rubbing her wet muff against her, almost as if she were penetrating her! If this is not art, than what is? (CLICK PHOTO TO OPEN GALLERY)



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    These to girls are divine. The contrast of skin colour makes it especially exotic. The photography is magnificent.

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