Blonde teen gets naked in the shopping mall aisle

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It’s hard for me to believe that it’s this girl’s first time in front of the video camera; Kourtney is definitely a natural at this! This tall, leggy blonde teen in a sexy white dress was just waiting on a bench in an empty shopping mall, waiting for all her favorite stores to open up. Well, it looks like the only things opening up right now will be her long legs! Whoa, this girl is not wearing any panties underneath her white dress! Kourtney says it’s so her panty doesn’t show under her dress, but I think she does this on purpose so she can flash the guys at the mall and make them get horny! Naughty blonde babe! Not happy with just flashing us her snatch, tight ass and tits, she takes her dare a step further, stripping naked in the empty shopping center aisle! Man, what a fucking hot body, even hotter due to the fact that she’s left on her fuck-me heels! Our beautiful naked first timer takes a stroll down the corridor, checking out the closed doors and hoping they open soon, but not before she gets a chance to slip back into her clothes!



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