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This guy can’t believe his luck! It’s his first day at work after completing a course to become a professional masseuse and his first client is a beautiful blonde bombshell that wants a full body rub with hot oil! Briana Blair strips down to her panties and sits back on the massage chair so he can rub warm oil all over her belly, big breasts and long legs. He can see her nipples getting hard and her panties getting soaked with pussy juice, and her grunts and moans let him know this babe wants more than just a rub down! Briana makes a full split as he massages closer and closer to her pussy, no mixed signals here, buddy! He removes her panties and pulls down his pants and she smiles at the site of his hard cock, spreading her legs in an open invitation for him to fuck her dripping wet pussy! She fucks her real hard and watches her oiled up body squirm and contort as she takes that huge dick all the way in! He turns her over and accommodates her on the massage chair so he can bang her from behind, the view of her perfect bubble shaped butt with his dick stuffed in between her butt cheeks makes him blow his load inside her!



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