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This blonde babe is having the naughtiest fun with her roommates at their college dorm. The sexy co-eds are just wearing panties and socks while they sit on the floor and tease each other with their dildos and vibrators. It’s like a show and tell for grownups! The blonde has a big pink jelly dong and she is very eager to use it in front of her friends, she gets really turned on when they are watching her masturbate, which is pretty much every day of the week! One of her roomies, a naughty brunette, keeps texting her friend via her blackberry, telling them all the naughty stuff they are up to, probably inviting them over so they can have a hot sex orgy in the dorm room! Naked girls stick the dong to a wooden pole and the blonde bends over and assumes the doggy position so she can fuck herself with it while they watch and take pictures! Her dripping wet snatch slides in and out of the sex toy almost effortlessly while they cheer her on! They want her to finish fast so they can all go next!



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