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Instead of working, this horny guy is downloading some porn to his laptop while at the office. He should know better, but since he’s never got caught, he’s thrown caution to the wind and now he’s going to pay the price! His boss, a stunning brunette babe with a smoking hot body and huge bangers, walks in on him and no matter how hard he tries, he’s unable to close all the pages full of porn, much less conceal the boner peeking through his pants! He’s totally embarrassed and trying to come up with lame ass excuses so she doesn’t fire his ass on the spot, but the sexy babe is more interested in taking advantage of the situation and giving her employee’s dick a good taste. She takes him back to her place, pulls his pants down and makes him lie across the bed, stroking his huge dick while she sucks his shaved balls and scrotum. She slobbers all over his shaft while he man handles her big bubble shaped boobs and takes off her clothes. Watch that dirty, filthy big titted naked girl slapping her own face with her employee’s huge sausage!



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