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Ever since his girlfriend moved in with some of her super hot friends, things have been a bit awkward in the relationship. This guy is not sure what exactly is going on, but he intends to find out. In his last visit to the girls’ place, he installed a spy cam so he could check out what went on while the girls were alone, and boy, was he thrilled with the results! His girlfriend and two of her roomies are cleaning out the closet, checking out different outfits and stuff and eventually they begin goofing around. You know, the usual innocent stuff. Nothing wrong in that, right? The girls are playing around with a rubber pole, but their game starts getting quite a bit suggestive. The girls were already down to their panties and tops, all of them looking so fine and sexy. Shaking their butts, touching each other. It was just a matter of minutes for them to start stripping naked and making out. Watching his girlfriend getting naked and going lesbian on her roommates, this guy could only imagine what his friends would say when he told them. They probably wouldn’t believe him, good thing he was getting all that raw, kinky footage on tape!


Girlfriends Porn

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