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It’s Friday night and the girls at the dorm are getting pretty bored. They have been studying hard all week and now it’s time to party hard! They have just finished doing the laundry and tidying up, and as a spontaneous pillow fight breaks out, some of the girls start taking off their clothes! It’s all innocent fun between the girls, isn’t it? When the fight is over, the girls are already totally naked and ready to make peace… and make out too! A dildo tied up to a wooden pole becomes their next target, as the sexy co-eds take turns inserting it up their shaved twats and puckered little assholes, guided by the expert, soft and skillful hands of their roommates, who take every chance they get to caress, rub and massage their friend’s tight butt and juicy snatch! All the action is getting captured on tape, courtesy of the one of the girls, who owns a camcorder and wants to have footage available to tease the guys with later on! The four naked girls stand in front of the mirror and practice some divine group masturbation. They finger and rub their dripping wet pussies in perfect synchronization! You can hear them moaning, grunting and panting as their fingers dig deep inside their wet cunts and stimulate their swollen clits, competing to see who is the first dirty slut to cum hard and which one can hold her orgasm until the very last minute!


DareDorm Video

Their poor parents, spending thousands of dollars on their education, when all these sluts are doing is having fun and fucking all day long, it’s very hard to believe that they are studying in the University. But, however, these girls are very sexy and they are always ready to fuck with their neighbors, suck cock and lick pussies. How fun was your college life? Did you party hard, drink a lot and enjoyed hardcore sex orgies with your college friends and co-eds? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy sexy college babes sucking, fucking, masturbating and going full lesbo at Dare Dorm!



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