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If you don’t know Codi Bryant, you’ve been sticking your head under the ground or have been in a coma, because this sultry, black bimbo with a stunning body, meaty ass and big mocha boobs always stands out in a crowd. Here she is posing by the pool in a tiny red two piece swimsuit leaving very little to imagination. The bottom of the suit slip down her ass, showing off her delicious butt cheeks and part of her ass crack, delicious! The ebony doll pours baby oil all over her bumper and spreads it generously on her body, leaving her satin mocha skin glistening with oil. She strips for the cameras and wiggles that ass; you have to watch it shaking like fresh jello as she gets ready for a big, hard cock to fuck all her black holes! Reality Kings is an awesome network that gives you exclusive access to the best sites, girls and niches in the industry! You get 29 websites with your membership, each own with a theme of its own, so no matter what type of porn you like, you will get your fill one way or the other!



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