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Accompanied by her hot brunette roommate, this sexy blonde vixen is getting her hair done at the local hair salon. She just loves the way the beautiful hairdresser plays with her soft hair; it is really getting her in the mood for some wild lesbian sex! The naughty brunette gets the message and sugar talks the hairdresser into having a threesome with them, crossing her fingers so the voluptuous gal agrees! The hairdresser guides the girls to the back of the shop so she can wash the blonde’s hair, while the brunette gets down on her knees and splits her friend’s legs wide open, playing with her dripping wet cunt while the hairdresser enjoys the view and gets herself ready to join them! The brunette lifts the blonde’s top and exposes her sexy titties and hard nipples, she wants to lick, kiss, bite and grope them as hard as she can, this sultry lesbian threesome is making her so wet! It is hard for the hairdresser to concentrate with the hot lesbian action taking place right in front of her eyes. Soon all girls are totally naked and the blonde enjoys getting her pussy eaten out by her brunette friend and her tight and delicious asshole rimmed by the hairdresser.


We Live Together

The naked girls turn the beauty salon into a dyke hangout, which will definitely bring in more business! If you are into the hottest lesbian dolls and you would love to discover what happens when sexy girls with lesbian inclinations decide to live together, you definitely have to check out all the hardcore videos and pictures in this amazing all lesbian website, We Live Together!



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