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Naked girls

Two hot girls Debbie White and Nikita take some time to admire each other on the balcony before moving into the bedroom to strip each other. The girls take a moment to rub their tits together and you have an excellent view of their puffy nipples flicking against each other. After panties come off Debbie and Nikita spend some time posing naked on the bed with their butts up in the air and then kissing. The girls are fully naked through the majority of this footage. Debbie lies on her back with her legs split super wide open at 90 degrees to her body giving Nikita excellent access to lick her pink pussy. We get in really close to examine her beautiful pink hole as Nikita’s tongue comes all the way out from Debbie’s pussy to her anus. Pussy and ass licking actions are really excellent with very deliberate and sensual tongue in anus licking. If you like pussy licking you’ll get plenty of that here. The latter portion of this clip is all ass licking with lots of gaping vagina accompanying it as Nikita holds Debbie’s pussy wide open the whole time. You ‘ll get a nice eyeful of open pussy and ass. Both naked girls look fantastic! (Click photo to see gallery!)



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