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Just look at those gorgeous naked girls that are making out on the bed. Who will remain indifferent to those tempting kitties? Sandra Shine and Sophie Moon are making a video in exchange for a place to stay at Mike’s apartment. These sluts are not interested in paying their rent in cash. Sandra and Sophie quickly understand what the price is to stay at Mikes. No problem if hot euro babes don’t have the money, Mike offers them the room in exchange for a good fucking. Amateur lesbian video is also accepted. These ladies know how to please and excite. Sophie gets a good pussy licking in this clip. The main portion of this video is all about Sophie’s flawless ass getting an extensive tongue-bath from Sandra. First Sandra licks Sophie while she stands doggy style, then she gets down under her pussy to eat her out, finally Sandra turns over for some full service pussy licking treatment from underneath. She sticks her tingling tongue deep inside Sophie’s twat and also in her anus. There’s a nice combination of ass and pussy licking and clit fiddling all at the same time. These naked girls love to play lesbian. In the last part naked girls fuck their twats together with dildos.



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