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  1. suresh | 23 December 2015, 09:15

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  3. Samreen Haq | 16 November 2014, 01:07

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  10. Km.Urvashi Saxena | 12 March 2014, 12:10

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  11. km.Nazma Khatoon | 25 February 2014, 08:32

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  14. km.zakia ali | 16 December 2013, 05:23

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  18. shubha | 22 June 2013, 00:34

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  19. shubha | 15 June 2013, 18:44

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  20. Km.urvashi Saxena. | 15 June 2013, 12:53

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  21. shubha | 14 June 2013, 19:02

    Why dont u show Hindu girls and Muslim guys fucking story or video. Pl Pl Pl I love reading such stories. Miss Shubha

  22. km.Reshma Singh | 27 February 2013, 04:29

    She is right, every one thought and think herself not for others, but I am also loving cut penis, as my boyfriend is my class mate whose penis is cut and by cast he is muslim, you know I am not going to marry with him, but for fun and pleasure I am engaged with him till mairrage, his cut cock is in good shafe and seize, neat, clean and smell free and no risk of any HIV etc. and also also hard and strong,i like hard not soft.

  23. km.Radha patel. | 26 February 2013, 11:26

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  24. km.nazma Khan | 26 February 2013, 10:55

    you know every girls who is unmarried but have physical relatuons with their boyfriend or married girl wants hard with her boyfriend or husband, she does not want soft and loose at any stage.

  25. km.Zakia Ali. | 24 February 2013, 10:46

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  26. km.Urvashi Saxena. | 24 February 2013, 05:27

    I think being a young and unmairied girl, that not only I but all girls and married womens love and like hard snake they does not want shoft.

  27. km.Nazma khan | 09 February 2013, 02:45

    Yes she is right, every girls do it with her boyfriend similarly married girls also do it with her husband tools for their pleasure, it is the moral duty of female parters to co-operate in his sex act which is prepared for herself also.

  28. Radha Patel | 08 February 2013, 11:29

    I have gone through the comments of loving sister, Shaira bano, yes she is right, I had also premarital relations with my boy friend by the way he is muslim and after mairrage my hide relations is with him, as my husband is not strong sex fighter as my boy friend, his penis is curve 30% which is do not feel pleasure , I want straight, my boyfriend cut penis is still straight and forceful.

  29. Radha Patel | 08 February 2013, 11:25

    Yes Sister alisha is right, no doubt all age group of female wants to play with male cock and as and when it is errected she smile and feel pleasure now this is ready for my pussy.

  30. Radha Patel | 08 February 2013, 11:23

    See your boy friend penis or hubby penis and play with it, when it is errect, surely you feel pleasure saying yes it is ready for sex.

  31. Km.Reshma Singh | 06 February 2013, 11:23

    yes she is right and I also agree with her view. i also wants that my friend tightly grabed my body in his arms after my climax and wants that his penis may remain in side of me unless it is not too loose and comeout automatically from my vigina.

  32. km.Nazma khan | 30 January 2013, 02:56

    Yes it is true every womens want sexual pleasure with her boyfriend or husband when she is nude on bed and also in their arms for sex purposes, every womens want hard not shaft.

  33. Km.Sujata Chaudhery. | 29 January 2013, 03:44

    yes my views is the same as sister Nazma, some girls or womens frequently exposed their body parts without any aim and object, only for attention and attractions. She knows that women or girls are not peices of meat they are wounderful,beautiful being with who to connect , if you donot think this way then sex teachings are not for them.

  34. Km.Sujata Chaudhery. | 29 January 2013, 03:40

    yes it is true not only you but every one prefer straight, and also they does not shoft, but like hard when it is in side.

  35. Km.Sujata Chaudhery. | 29 January 2013, 03:37

    yes she is right.

  36. Km.Sujata Chaudhery. | 29 January 2013, 03:34

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  37. km.Nazma khan | 26 January 2013, 04:08

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  38. Km.Zakia Ali. | 18 January 2013, 03:56

    Yes my sister Alisha Ali is right, it is depend on girls to girls what she wants and what she like. You know my boyfriend ‘s penis is uncut i.e. natural one, but I love and like into my sweet mouth and also in my vigina. I am pleased with his penis act when it is in my choot.

  39. Km.Zakia Ali. | 18 January 2013, 03:48

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  40. Alisha Ali(km) | 16 January 2013, 04:50

    Yes Also in the views of dear sister Reshma”s. because sex is an indivial issue and liking or disliking ispurely our issues and one is right to interven in this matter.

  41. Km. Reshma Singh | 08 January 2013, 03:53

    Yes she is right.It is individul issues.Some womens like cut cock because it is neat,clean,smell & bacterial free and also looks nice in shape and sezie and durable in restroom i.e. in vigina at the time of intercourse,and some womens like small and uncut,therefore all these relate to womens to womens not to male.I know when I offeed nude body for sex, I have to bear with the situations whether it is long or small thin or fat.But I prefer cut for enjoyments before mairrage and I also like to put it in our sweet mouth for sucing and drinking his hot cum as vitman and also enjoy everyinch of his penis pleasure.

  42. Km. Reshma Singh | 08 January 2013, 03:47

    Yes I agree with the views of comments by km.Alisha, I know when male feel sex itching he himself do handjob and feel cool like womens\girls do the fingering in toilt or bathroom when she feel sex itching in her breast or nipples. etc.etc….

  43. Km.Alisha Ali | 05 January 2013, 04:07

    I think if you have more sex itching, your hand is sufficent, please take help of your hand and feel cool.

  44. Km.Alisha Ali | 05 January 2013, 04:04

    I think it is your job and it is also indivial matter of an girl what she wants and which shape and seize she wants in her rest room.Please search ig tool which is perectly perpect for your rest room which is inbetween your legs.

  45. Km.Alisha Ali | 05 January 2013, 03:58

    I think being a girl that it depends on girl to girl or women to womens some like hard\strong and long and some girls fear with long,strong and thik penis in side of her rest home,similarly some male wants tight cunt hole and also love and like small breast and does not like big and loose breast, it is depend on males to males,but I think both are in need of vigina and penis for their sexual fulfilment either they are married or unmarried,they wants chnges in the sex mater.

  46. Km.Reshma Singh | 30 December 2012, 09:10

    I think its depend girls to girls, some one like big and some like average, it is individual issues, but I like big and cut.

  47. Km.Reshma Singh | 30 December 2012, 09:07

    If you are too sexy or feeling sex ,it is better to go in toilet and play himself with your cock, when some cream \cum come out u automatically feel cool.

  48. Malufu Lukungu | 13 December 2012, 10:14

    It is very good to play sex and if your playing you feel like so sober and if there is a space you can join me to that conpany

  49. Km.Zakia ali | 10 December 2012, 11:08

    i think not my dear sexy sister wants hard and long cock in side of her.but all womens like hard and strong and thick cock in side of her either she is young of mature .Male wants tight pussy similarly womens want tight act who activates her G-spot during intercourse.

  50. Km.Zakia ali | 10 December 2012, 11:01

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  51. Sujata Chaudhery | 05 December 2012, 03:11

    I think this is foolisness typeof talk. Every womens wants sexual pleasure either it is by cut cock or natural cock,However it depends on the choice of girls.This is her individual choice. I know some muslim womens love and like natural cock in their mouth-as-well -as in her muslim choot,why because the wants it and feel sexual pleasure after intercourse.There is no doubts every womens whois on the earth whose viginal tube is tested by male penis, they wants strong,long,thick and hard cock in her cunt girls or womens likea loose penis or a male who se errections is too poor and get early climax just entering his penis in her choot\vigiana andno any movement inside of it,Our rest room i.e. choot is not a plac e where a man penis go and take rest without any movements in side of her.

  52. Anonymous | 03 December 2012, 22:57

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  53. Anonymous | 03 December 2012, 17:09

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  54. Alisha Ali | 02 December 2012, 11:01

    I think not only young and unmarried girls wants sexual pleasure with their boyfriends, but married and mature womens also wants hard, strong,thick and long and durable cock in their choot at the time of intercourse.Some mature womens wants 2-3 trips sex at a single time on bed then she get climax.I know it that my one know auntee who is mother of 3 kids but she is hungery and her hide relations is with my cusion who is young and hardly his age is 19yrs.old.I know this fact and some time my auntee share me and say when he fucked me I feel pleasure as his land is tight and thick and take moretime in her choot,Her husband is tired after one time.but she daily take his loose penis does in her choot and when he went , she call my cusion and enjoy in noon time at their home.

  55. Alisha Ali | 02 December 2012, 10:53

    yes i agreed with the views of my sister.she is right, not I but all young and college going girls accept something with their boyfriends as their physcial relations with them is free and she does not wants anything with him. But it is also true that everything is not possible to meet with pairents expences ,therefore ,we put our demands or requirement before them either in shape of kinds or any other,they do it gladly and some time they voluntery offer valuable gifts in the shape of jewellery.theyknow about my body parts and also about the garments specially bra and inner garments i.e. penty etc. always buy by them and knows the quality which we girls wear.Some time I also purchases shirts and jeens paint for him which I like is fit for him.I think this is not new for any girls he enjoy with my body as my husband than why nt we girls enjoy with their pocket as my husband pocket.

  56. Shaira Banoo | 30 November 2012, 11:07

    i thinks she is right, I agree with her vews, and knows that all womens wants sexual pleasure wih their partners specially she love and like hard thick strong and long cock in her restroom and wants to sleep it in her hole.Generally colleage girls are more crazzy for straiht cock, I know i as my some clas mate tell me during the course of sex talk and behaviours of their friends on sex bed. College girls who are student and living in Hostel making sex are just for fun and meet their high-fy standard of living and expenses from the money of her fucker boyfriend who gladly meet their all types of expenses one her one call. In hostel every girls have net on their mobile and also in lap, they saw nude xxx film ,blufilm and porn film and next day she wants with their friends to do it as in he fiml her fucker doing with the girls. Thy do not feel any shy in sex ual talk ,and feel pleasue.

  57. Km.Alisha Ali | 24 November 2012, 10:49

    You know every one love and like to see a nude girls, and their hidden eyes always focus on her breast and cunt hole

  58. Km.Alisha Ali | 24 November 2012, 10:45

    I think it is not my feeling in alone, every young girls or matured married womens who had mother of 3-4 kids wants straight,thicker ,longer and durable land in her choot at the time of her choot ki-chudai.You a unmarried girls showed her chut and chuchi to their boyfriends only for pleasure of choot through long,strong,thicker aand retainable land in her boor\choot\pussy\cunt hole,she does not want any loose,curve,bent or banana type land in their wet and hot choot and sweet mouth.

  59. Km.Alisha Ali | 24 November 2012, 10:37

    Yes I am also in view of other girls who commented earlier about cock.I think every girls who had physcial relations with any male before mairrage,wants thicker,harder ,longer and durable bonless sex stick in side of her,but they prefer straight,because she wants to suck it,I dislike bent and curve cock.

  60. Shaira Banoo | 23 November 2012, 10:35

    I also like straight,thick and hard cock,I do not like curve, bent or Banana type cock.

  61. Shaira Banoo | 23 November 2012, 10:33

    Yes I agree with the view of dear sister Pooja. You know I had for or five girl friends and all are my collegage mate and non is virgin and their hide relations with their boyfriends.we share each of them after sex and all are said in one voice that we wants thick,long strong and hard cock in their cunt hols ,but non were like bent or curve cock in their hole including mouth hole. Fortunatly we all are cut cock lovers,3-girls belonged to hindu family and they tell that after mairage I will take the pleasure of my would be husband”s cock which is uncut, but not sure whether it is straight or bent or curve, anyhow what is I have to bear it because it is legal land for their choot presented them in a gathering of society.i.e.through mairrage.

  62. Shaira Banoo | 23 November 2012, 10:25

    yes I think it is true that a women or girl ask for true Love and appreciation” they usually also ask for great sex to my experience, women or girls get more pleaure from a big penis all other thing being the same,but lover or fucker must be behave like a gentlemen on the sex bed and they do not roughly uses our body parts treated as plastic is true a young girl or women who is going to enjoy her honeymoon night they were very roughly used by their husband or friends treated as doll.when both are new for each of them

  63. Nazma Khan | 21 November 2012, 11:50

    I think if anyone approach in proper way,it is not imposible to fulfil his requirements.Female is always hungery withmale company.

  64. Nazma Khan | 21 November 2012, 11:49

    I think if anyone approach in proper it is not imposible to fulfil his requirements.Female is always hungery withmale company.

  65. Nazma Khan | 20 November 2012, 04:39

    Yes I also like straight cock.My feeling is the same as my sister Pooja Sharma.But if my would be husband land\tool is curve than I have to bear or adjust according to the situations

  66. Nazma Khan | 20 November 2012, 04:23

    I am college girl and my hide relations is with my class mate.I know being a girl that when she undressed before her boyfriends or husband she feel pleasure as her opposite partner play with their nude sexy body parts, it is possible when we are fully nude and introduces our body parts tomy loving cock owner.only offering choot for entery of penis is not pleasureable game.No pros will allow to his customers to see them ias fully nude, she simply offer her chuchi and choot, after fucking ,she charged her sex fees and say god by.,therfore ,nudity before the boyfriend or husband is a good and healthy way for a womens or girls.This is my own feelings other girls or veiw may be not tally with us.But all are hungery to see male cock with their own eyes and also play with it before inserting in their choot.

  67. Anonymous | 18 November 2012, 12:26

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  68. Pooja Sharma | 18 November 2012, 04:37

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