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Blonde teen Lena loves her vegies. 23 year old Lena is a total first timer, who wanted to shoot in porn for fun. And she had a good time doing it on camera. She loves showing off her sexy body and of course she loves masturbating, especially using the unusual items, such as cucumber. At first, she posed for us, showing her bald pussy and nice tittes, then wearing her colorfull dress with no panties, she sat on a chair and began to masturbate. Soon, she took a cucumber and stuffed it deep. See how she fucks her tiny pussy with a cucumber, not forgeting to rub her sensitive clit with the other hand. Now get your face in there and thoroughly inspect that vegetable that’s sticking out of her pussy. You get the perfect view of her lips bulging around cucumber as it slides up and down her clean flawless slit. She repeatedly pushes the cucumber right out while using no hands, just her vagina muscles. Teen girl masturbates with a natural dildo for a while and then she buries it deep up her pussy pushing it all the way in until it completely disappears. Lena had to go home from this shoot with a cucumber up her vagina. ;)


FTV Lena

Don’t forget to download the whole entire movie. Lena loves showing off her sexy body in public, so she flashes her goods completely naked on a very busy street! Also she masturbates in front of the mirror, using her fingers and then a couple of cucumbers to a strong orgasm. We get some awesome close up views of her sweet pussy. There’s tons of beautiful pussy tease as she plays with her clit for quite a while spreading her pussy open. Lena talks to you quite a bit during this scene. Pretty entertaining stuff if you like listening to a girl talking about her pussy and ass. Finally she ends up, showing us her naturally athletic form, she does yoga for us, slowly stripping down until its all done in the nude.



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