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Here’s a nice amateur footage for pee lover. In this brief scene you see teen girl in the bathroom, at first rubing her pussy while sitting on the toilet with her legs wide open, and then peeing on the floor. She decides to show you how a girl can pee standing up. This girl definitely likes to masturbate, she rubs her pussy so good, pees, then rubs again. You get a great vantage point as she spreads her pussy with two hands, right in your face and pees full force. Don’t look too close, she might squirt you in the face! Her young little body and her teen pussy with a nice little trickle of pussy juice makes my heart go faster. To hear the hissing sound from the piss coming out, is so hot. I don’t know why this girl has posted her private video at WatchMyGF, or it was her EX boyfriend? You can personally download this full video, link below, and find out what’s what.


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