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Bridgette B has a stunning body, with amazing big tits, nice ass, and she fucks like a champ, and I’m pretty sure most men would like to fuck her as soon as possible and not once. Im telling you gringos, this blonde babe is gorgeous. This clip is great entertainment for big tits lovers and lovers of hot babes. There’s a little bit of everything here including sexy lingerie, stockings, incredible blowjob and hardcore fucking. She’s always happy to spread her legs for her big cocked boss. And her boss absolutely had no objections to having sex with her. Bridgette sucks and squeezes his big cock in her mouth, slapping his cock against her tongue and licking his cockhead. Blonde babe is totally into it, from giving him a blowjob. After showing of her cock sucking skill she stands up, leans over the desk and craves to feel his hard throbbing cock in her wet pussy. But at first, her boss licks her ass, kissing her ass crack and thrusting his tongue in her anus. And then thrusted his big cock into her completely hot and wet pussy. You get a spectacular low angle view at her big tits, shaking back and forth and wobbling from each his stroke from behind. He fucks her really incredibly well and she moans louder and louder as he pushes his dick deep inside her twat. Reality Kings brings you the very best reality porn, loaded with hot and sexy babes filmed in HD, over 28 web sites, each with a different reality and gonzo themes so you never get bored!



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  1. Lobos | 26 April 2013, 07:43

    Hey ash send me a pic I’m intrigue my email is [email protected] thanx hope to hear from you.

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