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Victoria masturbates using a little pink vibrator in a beautiful sunny outdoor set. Babe lowered her white bra under her tits to reveal her nice tits. She leans back, with her knees over the arms of the couch and fucks herself with a screw shaped rubber dildo which seems to sink into her pussy quite easily. Victoria uses a pink vibrator on her pussy, first with the vibrator deep inside her and then rubbing it over her sensitive clit. She must’ve liked the ribs on the dildo because she sometimes gets it deep up her pussy and seems to be genuinely loving it. Look as twitches and quivers her beautiful body and how to quiver her legs when she has an orgasm. Naked girl gets quite intense as she quivers to a strong orgasm and then she gets all giggly and smiley after that.


FTV Victoria

Victoria has a couple of orgasms with the dildo up her pussy and you get the great view of the whole thing. This gorgeous babe has a wonderful body, a cute face with beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair and she is so hot and sexy. Download the full movie with Victoria and watch as she flashes her breasts and gives us upskirt shots, doing some shopping. After fiddling with her pussy and spreading it for a while she pumps her pussy with a dildo. She fucks herself hard in the kitchen with a very long vibrator and huge glass dildo, giving us wonderful closeups of her pussy and anus. Blonde ends up fingering her pussy on the bed, stretching her labia for better view of her vagina. Ending up with another strong orgasm, she’s quite satisfied.



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