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Watch what happens when three hot college girls were in one dorm room and no dicks around. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the wildest girls night in ever caught on tape, this latest DareDorm submission does not disappoint. College is a time for experimenting, especially for three beautiful girls, who already know about pussy licking, kissing, sucking and scissoring. They are not full lesbians, but they are now decided to try something new, babes decided to try threesome love. These girls from college in Alabama do more than just stripping, they are kissing and their naked tittes touch together. Naked girls show their yummy tits on camera, their nice butts, and then masturbates to each other. But my favorite part in this video, it’s like they do oral love. The scene with three naked girls, licking each other’s pussy, is amazing. Un-freakin-real, these girls are so sensual it is incredible. The girls take turns sucking each other’s clits while posing in doggy style on a dorm room bed. I guess lesbian threesome should be a standard requirement of all future freshmen girls.


Dare DormDare DormDare DormDare Dorm

These girls are so freaky that they even sent us their footage right from their cell phone. Where were these girls when I was in college I ask you? I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you download the ENTIRE video (Happy Lips.avi – 71:25 min) from the official site – DareDorm. Check out this wild lesbian sex, this is the hot and sexy video, guaranteed. Daredorm is the first adult site where you can make a great cash for submitting your own college porn. Dont forget to check out the past submissions from other colleges. These hot coeds will do everything in their power to win the 10?000$, stripping on camera, kissing, licking pussies, playing with a dildo, fucking and sucking together! Don’t forget, if you like making your own porn video with sexy neighbors from your college, you can send it to our site and win a cash.



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