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One more great video for fisting lovers. In this fisting action, two hot girls Natalie and Kirsten play with each other’s pussy. Natalie is a supercute blonde with a beautiful smile, and a strong desire for masturbation and plays with girls. Thank Natalie for introducing her bisexual friend Kirsten today. Like old friends, they start to enjoy each others company quite a bit more. So girls do what any pair of best girlfriends would do, fondle each other’s pink twats. Horny babe Kirsten wants to show you something. She wants to demonstrate you the expansion of her hole. Kirsten wants to be fisted, and so Natalie slowly works her fingers and then her entire hand in her vagina until it gone deep past the wrist! She begins to move her hand into her hole faster and faster, fucking her really nice. Her position lying on her side with legs together, gives you a great closeup view of Kirsten’s private parts, while Natalie uses her hand. Kirsten squeezes her hand inside her vagina, and she like it. Both naked girls has sexy bodies with nice butts and tight bald pussies. They both adore the female body and love each other deeply. Finally hard fisting turns crazier when she tries to double fist Kirsten, and therefore I recommend to download this entire movie.



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