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When his girlfriend told him to surprise her in bed, he knew exactly she wanted to go a step further in them sex life. This naughty couple already went out several times and they already talked about anal sex but none of them expected they would enjoy a wild anal action that night. Little by little, they moved on to a anal sex. Teen lovers were teasing each other with dirty talks when the guy realized that he simply could not stop as his cock was very hard. Of course, the dude did not waste any time and very soon they were kissing and petting each other. When he undressed the chick, he felt that her pussy was so wet and her asshole was so tight that they simply had to be stuffed with a dick. He thanked his cute young girlfriend with a passionate pussy fuck and then with his skilled tongue made her take his cock into her tight virgin butthole, and then she easily agreed to ride his dick with her asshole. She is so, sweet, isn’t she? She just kept moaning and groaning, her eyes closed and her ass moving in rhythm with his dick. This insatiable dick knows what he should doing – fuck, fuck and fuck her tight anus in all positions, and finally shoot cum on her ass! To their mutual surprise, everything was great and they both reached total anal satisfaction. It was the beginning of a new anal era in their relationship. Real teen amateur couples go backdoor for the first time ever! For every teen couple a time comes when a guy first reaches for a tiny little hole right below his girlfriend’s vagina. Exploring this new pleasure territory is so arousing that it seems like his cock just craves to get inside. Words can’t describe the special feeling you get when you fuck your beautiful girlfriend in the ass for the very first time. Luckily, we had our first anal experience captured on cam and what a fuck it was!



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  1. charlotte loves to sex | 04 March 2011, 01:48

    i just did like that yesterday and its worse than that

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    one hot ass gal

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