Three naked girls by the pool

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Horny sluts Alyssa and Sammie absolutely love getting their pussies licked and getting their tight butts fingered. Hot lesbians invited her unsuspecting sexy friend Kiara Dinae to seduce her in the pool. Three girls start by swimming, then they strip out of their suits, and start touching and kissing Kiara’s wet pussy right here, by the pool. Then the three took turn eating and fingering each other’s pussies and anuses. These lesbian movie will have you rock solid for a while. What could be hotter than a bunch of naked girls having lesbian sex? Kiara lying back with her knees up and her spread ass right over your face, gets her wet pussy eating. Sammie licks her clit, vigorously fucks her butthole with her fuck finger, pulls her pussy lips with her mouth, while Alyssa is busy with her nipples. At the end of this clip Kiara and Sammie licks Alyssa’s pretty ass together, when she’s on her knees. Don’t forget to download the entire movie and see what happened next. Anyway, get the hottest lesbian porn on the net, right here at the official “We Live Together” site. Get the full movie of “Sexy Swimmers”.



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