Hot brunette gets naked in a car

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Car Jack. I was hitch hiking to Flag Staff yesterday and luckily some hot guy gave me a lift. he wasn’t going that far and I didn’t want to hitch hike all day so I “car jacked” him. Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do…right? We pulled off the road and when I unzipped his shorts I unleashed the thickest cock I ever saw! this monster was full of hot cum and i milked out every drop. I normally don’t do this with strangers but I had to have a taste…I couldn’t resist! He gave me a ride the whole way and when he dropped me off I let him finger my pussy. I made out on that deal!

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  3. Isaiah | 01 April 2014, 22:26

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  13. Brad | 31 July 2008, 01:06

    Dear Hot Brunette! I’d love to get car jacked by you!!! I have always had this fantasy about picking up a beautiful woman hitchhiking. After we talk awhile, we start to feel good about each other. She moves closer to me on the front seat and starts caressing my thigh while I drive. I get hard, and then she unzips my pants and pulls out my hard cock and firmly grips it with her hand feeling it throb there in her hand. Then she begins gently stroking my dick while whispering these really incredible erotic things in my ear. She tells me that she can make me feel so good, better than any other woman in the world! She continues to work my cock with her beautiful hand, stroking harder and harder, and I have the most wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach! It is a funny kind of feeling, but it feels so good! It feels really great! I am barely able to keep the car going in a straight line! She finally gets me to jack-off really hard! So hard, in fact, that my cum shoots straight up and splatters on the inside of the front windshield on the driver’s side. It dribbles down the windshield, and she grips the steering wheel with her other hand to keep the car on the road. Hot brunette, are you this woman who will get naked in my car and give me the best handjob in the world while I try to drive!

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