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There’s some really outstanding footage for pussy lovers and lovers of pussy fisting. Kirsten lies back on the floor with her legs spread wide and has a nice fist masturbation session. Kirsten frequently talks to you while she completely buries her entire hand all the way up inside her pussy. Then she turns to pose, and continues to stuff her pussy, lying on her side. I love her perfect figure especially in the hips and ass and thighs. She fists harder and faster, and actually gets off on it. Her position lying on her side is quite spectacular with her vagina thrust out in the open. Hot girl wraps her hands around behind her ass to spread her pussy wide open for inspection. I am almost lost for words now, she gapes for us, shocks us further by giving some excellent views up her hole, so you can see it all inside. We get extreme closeups of her clit, vagina walls and all the way to her cervix. Enjoy this sexy girl, she’s doing fisting on camera for the first time ever, and exclusive here. It’s not so much like masturbation but more just pussy fisting and spreading. I particularly love the scene when Kirsten exposed her gaping twat to the world, simply amazing. We watch this very sexy girl, a total First Timer, flashing her bare pussy and her breasts, taking her panties off for you in public, fingering herself, masturbating with vibrator and fist.



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