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  1. Kany | 04 June 2011, 06:19

    U cute

  2. james | 15 September 2009, 23:40

    she doesnt need a vibrator she can uses my dick any day

  3. Jesse | 12 September 2009, 12:19

    thats hot but why do that while she is asleep jus take her on a date say some really sweet stuff tell her how preety she is and she will prob wanna hav sex with u

  4. allen | 11 September 2009, 07:25

    If i were there i would fucked her

  5. ron | 10 September 2009, 21:43

    i love her

  6. benjamin | 08 September 2009, 02:54

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  7. Micheal | 07 September 2009, 10:57