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College town cuties

Without a doubt, I think Jordan is one of my hottest girls. I took her down from the site for a few mths then after thinking about it, decided to put her back up. She came in to do some modeling and she got turned on, so she did a masturbation scene. Not only is she on my site, she’s on several other sites out there… doing alot more than she’s done for me. She’s 21, 5’4, 34c and she’s got a great fat ass… which I LOVE! She’s got that “innocent” look, but don’t believe it. She’s just like the rest of the girls out there. Have fun with her videos.



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  1. ed | 22 August 2015, 14:28

    Kumar is dilusional. We don’t treat women that way in America.
    Nathan, Bernado, you are right; grow up.
    Adiatya (“they, looking cute? I want ot fuck all of them?) Your lauguage skills are pathetic. iqbal (sic, or are you not capable?) 85% of men like pussy. Do you work for a living? Like, actually have to interact with people? Ram ? (yammy? for real, do you think that’s a word in American English?) kham: you’re just an egotistical ass, women are people , too

  2. kham | 30 January 2013, 15:31

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  4. Ram | 01 December 2011, 04:35

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  5. wuri gystra | 20 November 2011, 14:33

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