Black Pussy

Misty does a quick strip tease in the living room to reveal her perfect smooth chocolate skin. Her tight butt cheeks have a very firm yet bouncy jiggle as she slaps them. In the front view you get a very nice view of of clitoris as she pulls back on her hood. She talks to you about her “bunny” throughout this clip. In the close up inside views you can see she has a nuvaring inside her black pussy. There’s a little bit of laughing during the inside views with some flexing of her pussy muscles making her cervix and vagina walls move. You see her both lying on her back and later on her knees with her gaping vagina in the air. It’s doubtful that there’s any real orgasm here but she does develop a nice glob of creamy pussy juice in her vaginal opening.



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  1. Anonymous | 22 February 2011, 05:35

    I a white guy with a black girlfrend an i am sooo lucky

  2. piya | 06 June 2010, 02:52

    kiss me dear

  3. madie | 14 March 2010, 09:36

    u need 2 do a close up on it!!!

  4. les adey | 27 August 2009, 07:54

    Niiiiccceee, but is that all ??