Anal bottle masturbation

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At first we see cute teen stripping off her shirt. She massages and caress her naked boobies and masturbates her tiny pussy through her panty. The second half of this clip is a long anal bottle masturbation. Lying back with her legs up in the air naked girl slaps and rubs the bottle neck on her anus for a little while before stuffing it inside her ass. She masturbates with the bottle in several positions including squatting on top of it with her pussy and ass humping up and down the length of the bottle neck. Teen finishes it off lying doggy style thrusting the bottle in her anus with enthusiasm. When she takes the bottle out you can see her open anus close up.


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  2. rick | 04 April 2009, 17:59

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  3. Constantinos | 03 April 2009, 10:37

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