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Nude ballerina dancing in her shiny ballet pantyhose. Her beautiful tits shake and bounce so sexy while she dancing and standing on point. There’s lots of pussy exposing. Her long and slim legs and firm bum looks gorgeous while she dance. She is one of those rare beauties that is blessed not only with a beautiful face and smile, but the perfect body as well. Her body is built from her 13 year experience as a ballerina, with the bonus of full natural D cup breasts! After trying on some lingerie for us, she goes out to a park, and lets us see her perfect breasts out in the open, then teasing us upskirt and playing with herself. Warmed up enough, heading home to masturbate, with her own jelly toy.

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She likes penetration, and with the help of the toy, has a milky wet orgasm! With her hair up, we see a strong similarity to the actress Natalie Portman… see for yourself! Sleeping on the comfy bed, we take closeup peeks of her private parts, then let her play on the bed, and give us extreme closeups & all the good details, by spreading & stretching her private parts. She has some extremely long labia, so we watch her stretch & pull on them, making them 3 inches long! A must see for long labia lovers. Then its time for a breast massage with lotion, and we get all the hot angles on her full breasts, as she squeezes them hard… then some butt action as well.

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Turning herself on, she starts masturbating right on the bathroom counter, and has another orgasm with the help of a blue toy. We wanted to see her practice ballet, so with some music, she does some naked stretching & ballet … with only white stockings on. So sexy, so graceful. Outdoors, she starts chasing after rabbits, all naked, and we watch those full breasts bounce everywhere! Retiring to the bed, she has a harder masturbation session, taking a pink toy until she has one final orgasm. Finishing off with a sexy shower, we get to see that sexy body all naked one last time :) Nude ballerina, naked ballerina, nude ballet.



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