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So, this one day, I came over to my girlfriend’s house and we played video games. Just a normal day. Then, her amazing busty mom walks in and sits down. My gf had to make a phone call, so she got outside the room and left me with this staggering milf. As my gf left the room, the cougar came close to me and asked me to scratch her back, and while I did it her shirt fell off and her unbelievable round tits popped out. My cock was harder than ever before and I had to do something about it. She pushed my head hard against those knockers and there it began. I started licking those round things as my dick was ready to explode in my pants. I drooled all over her giant boobs and wanted to have my dick between those two so bad! I can see it in her eyes how badly she wants my young hard hot throbbing cock, so I got up, pulled my pants down and the girlfriend’s mom started to shove my cock deep into her mouth. This milf gives the most amazing blowjobs ever. All MILFs love young big cocks! You can’t argue with that! Her tongue served my dick so perfectly and she did all she could to make me crazy horny. I thought about how can I ever satisfy a bitch this horny, and how to satisfy a woman with as much experience as she has. After practically raping her throat with my penis, this cougar wanted to take the first step in our mutual journey to the lend of ecstasy. She got on top of me and started jumping on my dick with it entering her pussy! Oh, this milf knows all the tricks. After she made me just horny enough, she positioned my cock beneath her pussy and started to bounce up and down while screaming with the guiltiest pleasure. Her beautiful tits bounced around as I was fucking her hard from below. From the smile on her face, I see that I might actually have a chance with this woman. The sexy naked woman gets to her knees and wants to suck my dick again, to make it extra wet. I started fucking her throat so hard that she could have hardly breathed. She wanted to ride me again so she got on top of me and rode my erect dick with her arousing tits in front of my face. I licked her nipples while grabbing her round ass with my hands. I can see that she could ride my dick for hours while screaming really loud. I decided to boost her feeling by slapping her ass hard with my hands. From time to time, the slut pulls my dick out and shoves it deep down her throat, so hard that she can hardly breathe.



The bitch is now ready for another position and I don’t have much time before my gf comes back, I have to satisfy this cougar now! I bent her over and started fucking her really hard with her insatiable pussy. I reach out and grab her udder, squeezing her breasts hard. I’m fucking her cunt like a bull and push as hard as possible. Her ass looks all red and I enjoy slapping it very hard with my hands. She loves licking her fingers and then running into her pussy. I decided to fill her mouth with my cock once again. She starts gaging on it and I can see that she’s tired and on the verge of an orgasm. I wanted to finish her and finish her good. The horny mom started sucking on my balls as I was thinking about another position I could fuck her in. I decided to fuck in a very unusual position. The naked babe bent over and since I don’t weight much, I got on top of her and fucked her from behind with my legs in the air! We put out clothes back and my girlfriend came back, suspecting nothing!



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