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This MILF is really unhappy about her son’s hair choice. In fact, she’s really pissed about it and wants to get rid of it. Just as she took some scissors and went in to cut his hair, the teenager told her that he’ll do anything if she doesn’t do that. The MILF is interested in this offer and she reveals her hot naked body which she was hiding under that white bathrobe. The step son is amazed by her amazingly huge tits and he knows that he has to do a favor for her. He gets on his knees as the naked woman sits on the bathroom counter and she spreads her legs wide open, revealing her shaved cunt to him. He gets to go near her tight beautiful pussy and he is immediately seduced by it. It has the most amazing look to it and he immediately starts gorging on it. He eats it out like a madman while his mom enjoys every second of it. The stepson then starts licking her clit as well as her pussy and the mom gets even hornier from this action. She wants to change up positions so the naked woman bends over the sink counter and the son starts eating her out from behind, licking up then down the entire length of her ass crack, playing with her asshole. He loves the refreshing taste of his stepmoms pussy and he can’t get enough of it. He sucks her pussy juice out and plays with it in his mouth while he keeps licking her pussy and ass. After that the MILF feels like she should repay him, so she gets on her knees in front of him. She’s been sucking cocks for many years so she knows exactly how to handle a big cock in her mouth. She licks the tip and then starts sucking on it like a complete whore. The naked babe goes on for a long while her son feels pleasure during every second of it. He then shoves her head as deep as possible and chokes her with his cock. We can see the look on her face slowly fainting before finally being allowed to breathe again. The sex-starved woman deepthroats him again and then she gets up on the counter so that he can fuck her. He takes her by the legs and shoves it inside and fucks her. He then puts her in a doggy position and fucks her from the back while pounding her with the force of his thrusts. He fills her up to the brim of her pussy with cum.



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